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  2. Eskoh

    Ikov Bot? New here

    It is only available to VIP members, however I've purchased such rank...the bots here don't seem to work...
  3. So I've paid for VIP with the sole intention of using the IKOV bot. For a week now the bot has not been available, conststantly says "Ikov has been update, reload the client", a few members and posts have already said "It will be updated", a week though and nothing so requesting refund please. Also for that matter, a few of the others servers do not work eithher
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  5. last login lord = 9july GG parabot
  6. Hey I just registerd , is there no ikov bot?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Got a bit of 07 gold laying around. Disc: Science4991#5346
  9. ill buy if you still got it. sent my disc in pm
  10. No, we made some progress in some free time but haven't committed to completing and releasing it.
  11. Last week
  12. will it ever be free? im a slave in my grandfathers basement he lets me out at times to push his car when hes out of gasoline.
  13. creamynigger


  14. purplehaze


    no lol rip $7
  15. Eskoh


    Apologies in advance if there is a post about this that I am unaware of, So I just purchased VIP, loaded up IKOV to be faced with "Ikov has been updated, please reload the client" Is this being worked on?
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  17. Eskoh


    does anyone know a fix on runewild not loading up in parabot? unable to update cache...acache11.zip?
  18. I will be pushing an update for this today!
  19. Please can you confirm this is working?
  20. Current Rate From 14m/b To $11.99 Payment Methods Cash App/07 Exchange options TRADE/STAKE !IF YOU BUY 200M+ From Us You will Receive 30min Max main staker for FREE! Contact Us: Discord: BigGpCasino#7403 [Copy/paste it to add me on Discord] Always ask for pm! Wish to Sell your 07? Add us on Discord/Skype and ask for current rates ! Additional information: We are not responsible for any bans during or after the trade It is possible to negotiate for the price when buying in larger amounts. Regular sellers buyers are value
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