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  2. Nisujahu


    ~200+ players average and no scripts? Atleast make a thieving one, because after 75 thieving, thieving gem stall is one of the best moneymakers after staking, riskfighting or bossing. Even better than regular PvMing since its constant money. I've never coded myself, but I guess the hardest part would be the random event that will tell u a 3 digit number that you have to enter yourself.
  3. Thank you! The correct link is https://join.slack.com/t/parabot/shared_invite/enQtNjI3MjE0MDgzODMxLTI5MzFkMDhjZjAxMDcxYWJjZDg2ZTI1MzViMjAxNzZhNWJiZGRlODA2MjFiMDEwOTlhYmMwMjlmMWVkMWNjZTM
  4. You might have been digging around for clues about our big summer update, but we’ve been up to some digging of cheap rs gold our own. This week: the Digsite update, wiki integration, and a very generous offer. Dig site Update After years of bureaucracy, the Varrock Dig Site has finally received its second round of funding and is now looking substantially snazzier. The whole area has received a visual upgrade, including new NPC models. We’ve also been able to make a few quality of life improvements in the area: The globetrotter outfit now teleports you directly to a certain underground clue if you have completed Dig Site quest, not just to the winch. The player character will no longer sink into the ground around the site. The winches on the surface now properly match up with the relative positions of the caves below. There is now a tool cupboard in the exam centre to replace any tools students or workmen might have misplaced. The Dig Site quest has also been improved: Hint boxes have been added to the quest. Digging spots can now just be clicked on (no more "Use tool on soil" with a tiny click zone). All hand-ins are now handled via left click interactions (no need to "Use item on NPC", though these still work). The role of the curator has been replaced with a new NPC - Seth Minas - to keep students on-site throughout the quest. Cups of tea will now spawn in one of the new buildings in this area. Groundskeeping work means that there are now fewer bushes to search for lost objects. You can now carry multiple panning trays and fill them all up before having to check them. If you try to pan with only full panning trays in your inventory, you will automatically check and empty one of your full panning trays first. Pickpocketing is now the default option (for members) on Varrock Dig Site workmen. The components of the chemical compound used in the quest can now all be found in the caves to better make use of this area. Ammonium nitrate and nitroglycerine are now identified on pickup, and do not have to be taken to archaeological expert Terry Balando (though he is still able to identify any unidentified items you might still have lying around). Leather boots and gloves are no longer required to dig at archaeological grids. You will still need the relevant qualification and tools. Examiners will now provide the appropriate tools for each qualification, in an attempt to reduce theft on-site. The Dig Site quest journal has been updated to reflect the changes made to the area. Please don't disturb the various students, workers, examiners, researchers or professors during this crucial time. They're all very busy planning how to spend their new budgets... Wiki Integration In September last year, we partnered with rs.wiki to bring you all the information you could possibly need about the world of RuneScape. Today is the next big step in that partnership. We’re very excited to announce that all 45,577 articles on the RuneScape Wiki can now be searched from within the game. How to Search the Wiki Open Chat Type: /wiki [search term] Press Enter As one of the best F2P MMORPGs, RS can be played on both desktop and mobile. And there are two versions of this game, including RS3 and OSRS. Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates. In the meantime, since 2007, RSorder has been offering various kinds of RS products with 24 hours online support all the time.
  5. ivanbor


    Ive purchased VIP and a $1 agility bot and within 15 minutes i was IP banned from ikov..... i was wondering if theres anyway i could be refunded.... i didnt know they were that lockdown on bots. they didnt come find me and ask if i was there they mustve been able to track it somehow //:
  6. all you have to do is click on the first log and it will work properly. if you're having problems or anything use https://parabot.slack.com although im not sure if thats the right invite link i'm sure @JKetelaar can correct me.
  7. ivanbor


    i bought a $1 agility bot for ikov, all it does it teleport you to gnome agility and then do nothing. i want a refund for it.
  8. I dont see where to buy VIP to get the ikov bot
  9. Yesterday
  10. little 1 hour & 3 hour proggy's 0 bans
  11. Will test this script once I am home.
  12. Jadsbutt

    LordKilling Pro

    I have this same problem with my script. https://gyazo.com/e9f697ae0f3c9955f1a6849db793653d Problem with the api maybe?
  13. as soon as walking is fixed i will add floors 2 & 3 and also update floor 1 to use walking instead of having to move using objects, been running it for 20+ hours now without a ban
  14. xscatta

    LordKilling Pro

    stops working after a while on dreamscape, 10 seconds to a few minutes maximum. java.lang.NullPointerException at org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.NpcDef.getId(NpcDef.java:42) at org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.NpcDef.getId(NpcDef.java:21) at org.parabot.farrelltech.lordkillingpro.strategies.dreamscape.AttackDS$1.accept(AttackDS.java:26) at org.parabot.farrelltech.lordkillingpro.strategies.dreamscape.AttackDS$1.accept(AttackDS.java:22) at org.rev317.min.api.methods.Npcs.getNpcs(Npcs.java:55) at org.rev317.min.api.methods.Npcs.getNearest(Npcs.java:112) at org.parabot.farrelltech.lordkillingpro.strategies.dreamscape.AttackDS.activate(AttackDS.java:22) at org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.StrategyWorker.execute(Frameworks.java:54) at org.parabot.environment.scripts.Script.run(Script.java:118) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  15. it's the bot, not the script. Facts.
  16. Well I was able to bot on a vm for about 5 minutes before getting banned on agility lol.
  17. Thanks, should make one for floor 2 & 3 if able. Would be great! Will check this script once i'm home to see if another account would be banned or not.
  18. I don't think it is the stalls either, I was watching my account the entire time and had no random question missed nor seen a staff member around. It was just automatically DC'd and I use macros for theive stalls in dzone and there with the same clicks and go afk's for hours. I'm sure it's not a coincidence. But it could be.
  19. Yes I am. Is there a way to fix this?
  20. Probably thieving, I have 11 accounts banned from those gross stalls. the mods watch the stalls like a hawk.
  21. IDung This is currently in beta, Walking is broken on ikov at the moment but the script *SHOULD* work flawlessly. Completes floor 1 repeatedly for dung xp and tokens Requirements: Start the script at dungeoneering with nothing in your inventory Have the normal prayerbook enabled (this script uses protect from magic) Have atleast 50 range (uses the magic shortbow and safespot) Turn auto retaliate off ToDo List: Support floor 2 (not currently possible due to walking being broken Fix progress report (not currently possible due to message listener being broken) Link to script - http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/script.php?s=1000177-IDung
  22. im running scripts 24/7 without any issues, which scripts are you guys using ?
  23. Yeah I agree bro, definitley needs to be looked into.
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