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  3. dead23de34

    npc ids

    Hi, the npc id debugger is not working for me. There's no CMD which shows up to show me the IDs. Could someone help me?
  4. Worth over $3000! But i'll sell it for much less! Once you buy this youre immediately the best player in the game, Lets make a deal while you can! @autumncrown
  5. 1st when it says that you have to delete the cache from the parabot folder and 2nd the parabot client hasn't been updated yet so its not working.. sorry man
  6. igiveup


    anyone play on BlissScape do not see it on any of the lists of servers, plus none of the servers seem to be working for me.
  7. igiveup

    not working?

    it keeps telling me ( client has been updated please restart and update your client ) I have already a few times just not working.
  8. Last week
  9. Just added more rare items to increase the value of this deal! Get it while you can!
  10. 1. If I purchase VIP, does IKOV bot currently work? (12/9/19) 2. What is the current ban rate? 3. I have a hand trained account with decent stats and $100 donated, would you recommend botting this account?
  11. Banker141

    Soulplay not loading

    How did you Fix may i ask? I'm stuck on loading title at 9% constantly.
  12. Jimt

    Anti-Ban Bot

    @Lord @EmmaStone @Milette @JKetelaar @oauth I was just checking back to see if the alarm feature when staff memebers are detected could be added to parabot. Or a feature that stops your bot immediately when staff is detected. Since we ruled out the auto log out system, if you design parabot to stop any running script if staff is detected, that could potentially prevent bans. Please let me know what you think about it.
  13. @EmmaStone @Lord this Mystic Cutter bot needs updating because itno longer teleports to the ::Wc area after all the trees have been cut, like it used to. Everything else with it works fine. It banks, cuts, and teleports into the mystic area without any issue, but it freezes up when it has to teleport out of the mystic area after the trees are depleted. Please inform us when this is resolved. Thank you. @JKetelaar @Milette @oauth
  14. @autumncrown No buyer has been found yet. Get in touch with me on friday and we'll see what can be done. @Breadsword If you look at this webpage: https://dreamscape317.net/store/store.php?id=54 you will see that several of the items that i have are worth well over $100 on their own. For example, the Ak47 Asiimov is $250, and thats just a fraction of all the things i have. What else can you offer.
  15. Giyu

    Soulplay not loading

    it's been like this for 10 minuts. The client hasn't crashed or anything and SoulPLAY is literally the only reason I want this bot... I only bot on Soulplay so will there ever be a fix? Fixed, for some reason 64bit Java wasn't installed
  16. Earlier
  17. Have you found a buyer? I'm interested but payday isn't until Friday so if it's still around then maybe we can make this happen 🙂
  18. okay seems good for me now. I dont feel like anyone did anything and it began working. Maybe im mistaken though.
  19. this please update the bot to the latest client of dreamscape
  20. Ayyyy sorry for the confusion to start. This type of stuff is not easy without a background in exactly that, coding/programming or other fairly complicated tasks. Computers are not very forgiving, so all it takes is like... an erroneous space (not sure how java reacts to blank space, other languages wont tolerate improper white space) or one capital letters difference to break everything. Good luck on your parabotting experience. Btw there are resources on here that can help you run your parabot client locally, which allows you open parabot and have the command prompt in the background. With that you have so much more access to debugging options. So for instance NPC ID's, or Entity ID's, Raw action data etc. It is another slightly tricky thing for the uninitiated (not implying I am initiated to any degree) but its worth doing. I will find a link or explain it myself if you'd like.
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