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  4. Kozs


    I feel that Good times on this forum
  5. Earlier
  6. Botterino


    This still brings me back memories.
  7. hollowify


    Just wondering if the team is going to look into adding support for the new RSPS Zaros which is owned by Ikov's "David". I know this website was thriving on Ikov's release and I don't doubt this will be the second wave of subscribers to bot on Zaros (I already know 3 more people willing). I personally assume that this release will be the same if not bigger than Ikov's release due to Rot and Tata's community vowing to play, there's also always a market for gold on these servers in the early stages and that will add to demand of bots, bearing in mind that the same bot detection's that were used on Ikov will be the same if not ramped up. Anyway if any admins have further information on this I would be glad. Thanks for your time lads and I look forward to hearing back. 🙂
  8. Any update on the pk honor bot? You seem to be the only one working on it which is a shame because they isn't another bot that supports pkhonor
  9. BrianPoice

    multi pking

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  10. kaycee

    Dreamscape update

    Hey guys, when will the dreamscape bot be updated? Can't play it now...
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