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  2. Pretty woman too. My wife used to hunt with me. I really liked that. Can you post another picture of your dog? That one has got me snow blind.
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  4. Does anyone know how to bypass roatpkz voting cooldown?
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  7. I replaced a drive in an old LS and I need to update the firmware getting E06 error All the links I have found for this seem to have been broken. How do I accomplish an update now. Thanks
  8. Well it finally happened...After thousand of rounds, I got a baffle strike and a slight bulge to the tube on my Advanced Armament Ti-Rant 9 suppressor. AAC is now out of business and Remington was handling their service until they went into bankruptcy. Anyone have any recommendation on who to send the can to for inspection and if possible repair?
  9. will buy any scripts all i can think is like wooducutting mahoganys and making planks, or farming herbs or even just mixing potions including extremes and overloads has to be real simple doesnt need to solve random events
  10. i did think its just outdated doesnt work anymore
  11. Hello How do I post a banner with photos in my signature? What is the standard size?? My hubby is a graphic/web designer and will make me one Thx Sarah
  12. Pinnacle


    I have spoke with Jeroen briefly about this he said it would be a good idea... Nothing set in stone
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