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  2. gunman83

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    Hi emma great script. Although the new update is very buggy. I got an ext donor account and I start the script at the ext zone. It cuts fine for the first inv, but then teles to ::wc and continues from there. Kindly fix
  3. Yesterday
  4. TheTouchOfDeath

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    Atm I have extreme and after the 1st inventory it goes to regular ::wc and starts there for me. Its very strange because I restarted the script and the first 5 times it went to wc the next time it seems to be banking and continuing at the extreme donator location. Eventually it still goes back to ::wc, im not sure if im doing something wrong.
  5. EmmaStone

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    Version 2.0 has been released! Please report any bugs if you find any! Changelog:
  6. Last week
  7. rooler222

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    Can you please add edz mystics to this would be great thanks!
  8. Maikul

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    I hope you're still around @EmmaStone, but I would like to know how to actually cancel the teleport to the Mystic Zone, since I would like to cut those trees at the Sponsor Zone + ::bank option, or if this can be an option, thank you 🙂
  9. anon5689


    When will PkHonor be updated? Will it ever be updated? Could someone explain the process of how these rsps bots work when a rsps has an update?
  10. anon5689

    PKH is out of date.

    How does it get "hooked" and how can we speed this process up?
  11. LonePaladin


  12. Atex

    [OSWar] aFisher

    aFisher for OSWar An AIO fishing bot that fishes at ::skilling Script features: - Fishes all spots at ::skilling - Power levelling - Auto progress through fish when levelling - Auto tp's to ::skilling and withdraws tools from bank Set-up: - Buy the necessary supplies and tools you need from the shop and have them in your bank/inventory The script does the rest! Enjoy!
  13. Atex

    Wont Load

    1) Make sure it's java 7 or 8! 2) Are you perhaps running a vpn that might be blocked? Also is there any console output? Run it in a cmd window and see what it says when it gets stuck: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5774970/run-jar-file-in-command-prompt
  14. anon5689

    Pkhonor outdated.

    When I try to login to pkhonor it says there is a new version of the game to close the window and retry, when will this be fixed?
  15. maize4799

    buying pkhonor gold

    need only 20b pkh for 5m osrs gold
  16. Bembek5

    Wont Load

    same problem. got 64 bit java. won't load.
  17. rspsbotterjesse

    Wont Load

    Updated to latest java, i run 64-bit and i get the "Loading client! This wont take long!" 15minutes later still loading
  18. fearlessdeath

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    wondering if this supports sponsor zone yet?
  19. Atex

    Wont Load

  20. gottygolly

    Wont Load

    I updated to the newest version of Java but it still won't load, any tips? The client seems to be lagging really bad while it tries to load.
  21. seifhd

    [RELEASE] New Parabot release (V2.6.4)

  22. seifhd

    Sponsor and vip ranks!

  23. LonePaladin

    Wont Load

    i got it to work thank you
  24. Granty

    Wont Load

    Update java to version 8 it worked for me
  25. LonePaladin

    Wont Load

    i also need help on this
  26. Granty

    Wont Load

    hi my dreamscape keeps getting stuck at the last bit off loading up. Ive clearned the parabot cache and everthing but just get stuck and wont load no further? help please ^-^
  27. Earlier
  28. like title says that as well as banking with it would be nice addition
  29. Ilgovskis

    SPAWNPK GOLD 250b+!

    Rs07 GP 1M- 2,5B Spawnpk Gold
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