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Parabot - Bot for Ikov, DreamScape, SoulPlay, RuneWild, and more
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Ueax Ueax 04/23/2016 Middlemanned for me on PkHonor, went smoothly. Would use again Minhaj308 Minhaj308
fatboy fatboy 04/22/2016 great buyer, quick and easy mollymoo64 mollymoo64
mollymoo64 mollymoo64 04/22/2016 Sold a good amount of gp to him. Thx for going first fatboy fatboy
gilley gilley 03/27/2016 Sold some Pkhonor gold, was quick and easy thanks mate. purplehaze purplehaze
Simon x Simon x 03/17/2016 Bought some PKHonor tickets off him, thanks man! purplehaze purplehaze
cyanic cyanic 03/15/2016 very quick, easy any cheap would buy again any day. JakeParker JakeParker
Lord Lord 03/15/2016 MM Another trade good stuff cyanic cyanic
cyanic cyanic 03/05/2016 Wonderful seller. Communicative and patient with working around time frame for purchase and trade. Friendly. Trade itself went quick and smooth. Recommended seller. Pakyakkistan Pakyakkistan
El_Maestro El_Maestro 03/04/2016 MM'd my trade of osrs for runique bradbailey21 bradbailey21
bradbailey21 bradbailey21 03/04/2016 sold runique for osrs IkovMateee IkovMateee
IkovMateee IkovMateee 03/04/2016 Traded OSRS for Runique bradbailey21 bradbailey21
monib33 monib33 03/03/2016 He is legit lolgfsir lolgfsir
Lord Lord 03/02/2016 Mm confirmed cyanic cyanic
jewqu jewqu 03/02/2016 Sold him some runique for paypal, quick and easy, thanks for the trade! purplehaze purplehaze
Lord Lord 03/02/2016 MMed a runique to paypal trade, thanks mate purplehaze purplehaze
jacakeus jacakeus 03/01/2016 Scammed for 1b Runique purplehaze purplehaze
markplatt markplatt 12/14/2015 Sold him 120b. He gave me the money right after I traded him the Gold. Very trustworthy. beanz222 beanz222
benosborne benosborne 12/02/2015 Excellent seller! Highly recomend coinss coinss
Rb44 Rb44 10/24/2015 Quick, fast, went first and bought 10b Justin5344 Justin5344
Rb44 Rb44 10/24/2015 got me 40b quick and easy would buy again for sure. leroygreagor leroygreagor
Sysm Sysm 10/15/2015 Bought 5b went smooth as always best gold seller around by far Slabo Slabo
Sysm Sysm 10/11/2015 bought 2b went very smooth and fast definatly suggest using him Slabo Slabo
Sysm Sysm 10/11/2015 Bought 12b great guy, very friendly and proffesional ;) danigiesen1 danigiesen1
fatboy fatboy 10/08/2015 Was really fast, only took like 2 minutes. I would recommend trading with him, if you need to buy PKH gold! ex5n43 ex5n43
Indications Indications 10/05/2015 Swapped his 07 for ikov. Sysm Sysm

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