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Parabot - Bot for Ikov, DreamScape, SoulPlay, RuneWild, and more
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Sysm Sysm 10/05/2015 Sold me 1.5B ikov gp :) Indications Indications
Lohh Lohh 10/04/2015 Solt him 15b good buyer will sell again! Sysm Sysm
Sysm Sysm 10/04/2015 Bought 15B I went first. Fast and easy. Ty Lohh Lohh
jman123 jman123 10/04/2015 Did account training for me smooth deal thanks :D Sysm Sysm
Sysm Sysm 10/04/2015 finished 92 fish and cook on pkh smooth and well looking forward to more deals jman123 jman123
BattleScapeGp123 BattleScapeGp123 10/04/2015 Paid him to lv my account very smooth trade. Sysm Sysm
Sysm Sysm 10/04/2015 Got him some levels on PKH, was paid for it fast :) BattleScapeGp123 BattleScapeGp123
Sysm Sysm 10/03/2015 bought 30b ikov took like 5mins! legit sadman sadman
Sysm Sysm 09/29/2015 Very smooth fast transaction, very trusted will be using again , did a 07/Ikov swap went great thank you Sysm. iphone99 iphone99
Sysm Sysm 09/29/2015 super nice , smooth fast transaction, very trusted. pleasure doing business swapped rs07 for ikov ,will look forward to business in the future iphone99 iphone99
Sysm Sysm 09/28/2015 Bought 80B of him, went smooth and easy antho454 antho454
Sysm Sysm 09/27/2015 bought 20b ikov fast and reliable sadman sadman
Sysm Sysm 09/27/2015 Bought 25b on ikov and everything went super smooth! antho454 antho454
fatboy fatboy 09/20/2015 Bought 13b pkhonor! very quick and no problems at all! definitely going to get more from him again! repairman repairman
Signature Signature 09/19/2015 bought 12.5b ikov money with 81m rs3 gp , totally legit . thanks! geoff2be geoff2be
Sysm Sysm 09/18/2015 Really fast transaction , I went first and sure will buy again from him. zo6 zo6
Sysm Sysm 09/14/2015 Bought 6B ikov gp, everything went smooth and will definitely use him in the future if necessary. :) Welowa Welowa
braxton899 braxton899 09/08/2015 Bought 1B ikov from him Sysm Sysm
Sysm Sysm 09/08/2015 Sold 1b ikov for 1.4$ paypal quick i went fist, would recommend this guy braxton899 braxton899
Ueax Ueax 09/07/2015 BRILLIANT service, would reccomend anyday, was fast and efficient! thanks ever so much :) usedtobot usedtobot
Lord Lord 09/04/2015 Huge vouch for Lord. MM'ed an account trade for me. jordanjor2 jordanjor2
Lord Lord 09/04/2015 MM'd for me :) shaheet shaheet
Ueax Ueax 09/01/2015 MM'd ikov account trade for OSGP, went very smoothly great MM would recommend to anyone. foebotting foebotting
Ueax Ueax 09/01/2015 Very trusted user, helped me with mming an account. orgie orgie
Lord Lord 08/31/2015 MM'd for me, went great :D purplehaze purplehaze

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