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Parabot - Bot for Ikov, DreamScape, SoulPlay, RuneWild, and more
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
scriptss scriptss 08/30/2015 Bought 10b ikov off scriptss. Legit feelmercy feelmercy
Lord Lord 08/30/2015 Used Lord as a MM for a ikov deal. Great , easy and quick. Thanks feelmercy feelmercy
agrodon agrodon 08/28/2015 Good seller, I recommend him :) safari9982 safari9982
N t l N t l 08/28/2015 GREAT SELLER TRUSTED safari9982 safari9982
Lord Lord 08/28/2015 GREAT MIDDLE MAN! VOUCHES! safari9982 safari9982
Lord Lord 08/27/2015 Lord is my nigga. He MM'd a trade between me and ahmed shaheet shaheet
Lord Lord 08/27/2015 Sold some RSPS Gp and it was quick and easy. Ahmed19 Ahmed19
Ueax Ueax 08/27/2015 I went first bought 07 account for PP and ikov B, Very nice guy! Would do business with him again. 10/10 Lord Lord
Lord Lord 08/27/2015 Sold him my RS07 account he paid me first via paypal then i provided full information then the rest of the trade was handed over. Happy to say it went fast and smooth and will deal with lord in the future again. 10/10. Ueax Ueax
agrodon agrodon 08/27/2015 I was the MM for a $14 for 7B trade went smooth A+++ Lord Lord
Lord Lord 08/27/2015 MMed 7b ikov for $14. Ezpz. agrodon agrodon
N t l N t l 08/27/2015 I was MM for a trade of his Lord Lord
Lord Lord 08/27/2015 MMed a 27b ikovgp trade, went smooth Thanks N t l N t l
Ueax Ueax 08/27/2015 i went first and he paid straight away, excellent service, very fast and a decent guy to speak to 10/10 turm turm
Goldmember Goldmember 08/25/2015 Scammed me 44M RS3 For Ikov GP Then deleted me on skype. Ueax Ueax
Ueax Ueax 08/23/2015 Bought 4b legit guy went smooth n ez killah killah
Ueax Ueax 08/22/2015 Was really fast and efficient got the job done really quickly, especially when it was my first trade ever aswell. Really trustworthy guy, I would recommend trading with him ex5n43 ex5n43
Ueax Ueax 08/21/2015 We made a trade (rsgp-ikov gp) it went smooth A+++++ There was no available MM and we asked support is we can do trade and he said yes :=) nipslipzz nipslipzz
Minimal Minimal 08/18/2015 Had a lot of problems at first with his product stupidly on my side i should have contacted him sooner instead of sitting being annoyed. I then commented on his forum for him to contact me right away back in a private message helping me out and reassuring me and also telling me that he is fixing it. Props to him for the efforts, Thank you. Ueax Ueax
flaxbotftw flaxbotftw 08/15/2015 Bought a product from him, went smoothly. N t l N t l
N t l N t l 08/15/2015 Bought from him with no middle man, I went first seller was very helpful and was extremely fast on delivery. Will be using him again in future, Bought 5B Ikov and it was also cheap!!! Ueax Ueax
N t l N t l 08/15/2015 player went first and bought my product smoothly without any problems flaxbotftw flaxbotftw
Wishy Wishy 08/15/2015 Sold Gold for H1Z1 dylanboutin dylanboutin
borntopk borntopk 05/06/2015 Sold gold. Went quick and safe! JKetelaar JKetelaar
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 05/05/2015 great seller, fast and easy as usual, very trust worthy haywardx7 haywardx7

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