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Parabot - Bot for Ikov, DreamScape, SoulPlay, RuneWild, and more
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
morandy24 morandy24 05/05/2015 scammer scriptss scriptss
dell dell 05/05/2015 great, easy to deal with Dubz4 Dubz4
kristian600 kristian600 05/04/2015 bought 90b, was quick and easy, will deffinatly buy again from you haywardx7 haywardx7
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 05/03/2015 Vouch - Good Seller :). MarkieHolloway96 MarkieHolloway96
kristian600 kristian600 05/02/2015 He was fast and great Thatscool Thatscool
Botterino Botterino 05/01/2015 a nice guy,quick trade,and really goods deals +9999 MR EXORCISM MR EXORCISM
Domantas1 Domantas1 04/29/2015 good seller gave the cash karllebel911 karllebel911
karllebel911 karllebel911 04/29/2015 Trade was quick , he went first Domantas1 Domantas1
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 04/29/2015 bought 30b and as always fast and easy! :) haywardx7 haywardx7
Botterino Botterino 04/29/2015 Smooth service, will for sure use again! eastfrance eastfrance
Notifyed Notifyed 04/29/2015 Smooth, trusted service. Will use again. eastfrance eastfrance
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 04/27/2015 bought 40b second time buying! quick and easy as usual :) haywardx7 haywardx7
Botterino Botterino 04/26/2015 Thx for selling me 300k roatz aswell as lending 300k! will give back! Berszerkr Berszerkr
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 04/25/2015 great service! fast and easy! trustworthy! haywardx7 haywardx7
feelmercy feelmercy 04/25/2015 Sold him Deviouspk legit guy. Notifyed Notifyed
feelmercy feelmercy 04/25/2015 Sold him artero :P Botterino Botterino
Notifyed Notifyed 04/25/2015 sold me artero pk , great deal. Trusted and legit. I went first feelmercy feelmercy
Botterino Botterino 04/25/2015 bought artero gp off user . Great deal . Very trusted and legit feelmercy feelmercy
kristian600 kristian600 04/25/2015 Sold him more :) PkHSalesman PkHSalesman
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 04/25/2015 bought another 50b! kristian600 kristian600
kristian600 kristian600 04/25/2015 total fucking scammer!, just kidding great guy and great seller all the time dell dell
kristian600 kristian600 04/25/2015 Sold MORE to this guy, great business partner! ;) PkHSalesman PkHSalesman
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 04/25/2015 bought another 300b off this guy, thanks for being business partners! ;) kristian600 kristian600
mojganrahim mojganrahim 04/23/2015 Great service! Fast, Reliable, and Trustworthy. Ster Ster
kristian600 kristian600 04/23/2015 One MORE deal done, great guy to work with as always - vouch PkHSalesman PkHSalesman

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