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Parabot - Bot for Ikov, DreamScape, SoulPlay, RuneWild, and more
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 04/23/2015 bought 200b pkh thanks for the big trust :) kristian600 kristian600
kristian600 kristian600 04/23/2015 I recommend 100% honest person :) kiluss kiluss
kristian600 kristian600 04/23/2015 Another deal done, great guy to work with as always - vouch PkHSalesman PkHSalesman
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 04/23/2015 bought 120b pkh fast and smooth as always :) kristian600 kristian600
kristian600 kristian600 04/22/2015 Sold him bulk, good deal once again PkHSalesman PkHSalesman
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 04/22/2015 bought bulk, fast and smooth as always :) kristian600 kristian600
Lord Lord 04/21/2015 Lord was great at helping me add a script to my Parabot through Github!! :) 5/5 Fang0267 Fang0267
Fuckeoc69 Fuckeoc69 04/21/2015 very nice seller toniethebeat toniethebeat
iEatApplez iEatApplez 04/20/2015 Bought ikov gp from this user went very smoothly. Thanks For The Gold :D. MythicalPro MythicalPro
MythicalPro MythicalPro 04/20/2015 MMed for Him Wishy Wishy
MythicalPro MythicalPro 04/20/2015 Bought 10B from me! Thanks :) iEatApplez iEatApplez
Wishy Wishy 04/20/2015 Wishy mmed the trade and it went very smoothy. Thanks For MMing! MythicalPro MythicalPro
iEatApplez iEatApplez 04/20/2015 MMed for Him Wishy Wishy
Wishy Wishy 04/20/2015 MM'd for me! Thanks! iEatApplez iEatApplez
GodsMusic GodsMusic 04/20/2015 Sold him some Pkh! Botterino Botterino
Botterino Botterino 04/20/2015 Very Fast and reliable :D GodsMusic GodsMusic
Empathy Empathy 04/19/2015 Bought a Script! Fast & Easy A++ Honoe Honoe
mcd208 mcd208 04/19/2015 sold me 4b ikov. fast and easy! nimby nimby
nimby nimby 04/19/2015 Sold gold to him, quickly and smoothly mcd208 mcd208
Vayne Vayne 04/18/2015 Good SSGP flash sell - went flawless, thanks for your 30min patience :) Berszerkr Berszerkr
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 04/18/2015 Very Quick, and Smooth, didn't even need a MM. Recommend :). MarkieHolloway96 MarkieHolloway96
BlackPhat BlackPhat 04/18/2015 Bought 12b Ikov, without MM. Went fine, thanks. HelenKeller HelenKeller
MarkieHolloway96 MarkieHolloway96 04/17/2015 Vouch - bought off me, good guy to work with :) PkHSalesman PkHSalesman
Botterino Botterino 04/17/2015 Vouch - MM'd for me, went smooth knows what he's doing PkHSalesman PkHSalesman
PkHSalesman PkHSalesman 04/17/2015 Very nice guy, sold me 45b, quick and easy! Highly Recommend :). MarkieHolloway96 MarkieHolloway96

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