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    Dreamscape Updated!

    Deleted cache and the scripts started working, all good fam<3 Thanks for your work
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    DS is outdate

    I havent gone, I have changed jobs and been on vacation. Dreamscape is now updated. Thank you for your patience
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    Dreamscape Arcade bot

    He's not talking about you. He's telling you not to mind @Gotcrabz because he bitches constantly. Edit: After looking at all of his posts, that seems to be his entire purpose on this forum. ?
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    Dreamscape Arcade bot

    Im not bitching in the slightest bit. im telling these inpatient little boys that it takes time to get this shit rolling. how about you gtfo little boy.
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    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    Yeah they dont allow that many haha! yes and that fact dreamscape client takes an awful lot of memory to run as well.
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    [Server Updated] Dreamscape

    Thanks mate, Will be looking i to updating a few things on my scripts :)