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    Dreamscape Account

    Not to flame or anything but you'll never get anywhere close to $800.
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    Ikov needs update

    Please fix. @JKetelaar
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    Zenyte RSPS

    Server name: Zenyte Server URL: https://zenyte.com Direct client URL: https://zenyte-launcher.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/com/zenyte/client/launcher/0.6.0/launcher-0.6.0.jar Average amount of playing: 350+ A good reason to add it: This server is new and has massive potential. 400 players online as I type this, on day 2 of server launch. Tons of content, could very easily sell Zenyte GP for IRL cash. Would definitely be worth adding to the BDN.
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    Our official Slack channel

    Hi all! You can now join our official Slack channel using the following link: https://join.slack.com/t/parabot/shared_invite/enQtNjI3MjE0MDgzODMxLTI5MzFkMDhjZjAxMDcxYWJjZDg2ZTI1MzViMjAxNzZhNWJiZGRlODA2MjFiMDEwOTlhYmMwMjlmMWVkMWNjZTM Join all kinds of discussions, progress reports and news on our Slack, stay updated with the latest! Yours faithfully, The Parabot Team
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