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    Hey guys! I just started using parabot but I am sad that it has almost been a week since I have been able to use it for dreamscape 😞 Was going to pay for some scripts but probably wont now because Im not paying for something I cant use a lot of the time.
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    Ive noticed a real turn of the community here in the last year or so. "leave me alone" "ill get too it". First off. SOMEONE needs to be making posts to keep people updated, i havent used or been using parabot in a long time. however every time i do come back its still not updated, or waiting to updated again with you guessed it, no page saying. Get a forums mod to cleanup forums and post updates/ posts when bot is not working. i would also like to point out that "its a hobby not a job" mentality only works if you don't charge for your scripts. which well, you do. (i own 2 of them) -im not upset as idc, im just throwing it out there. second point, every other client updates within 24-48 hrs, all osrs bots, competitors bots ALL of them.
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    Great work thank you
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    LordKilling Pro

    After this most recent update the npc list is no longer generating for dreamscape when you use the get/refresh button @Lord
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    Lots of work needs to be dealt with regarding the new update. @Lord please advise us of any progress. Thank you
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    Still awaiting a parabot update for dreamscape version 25.4. Attention all staff, please notify us on this thread when the update is complete. Thank you
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    Thanks again @cyber321 for yet another one of your famously unhelpful remarks 👍
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    Same here 😂 love this bot
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    Dreamscape Updated. Parabot Update Required

    kid @cyber321 unless you have something helpful to say about finding a solution, don't say anything.
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    Dreamscape Updated. Parabot Update Required

    @Jimt Cyber is correct in saying that do not PM me, then spam all devs. It is not the job of 90% of the people you tagged and is very inconsiderate spamming them when it simply doesn't involve them. I will get around to it as soon as I can. People are correct in saying that the new update is obfuscated, so it will take some time as please also remember that Parabot is a hobby for us and not a job.
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