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    Zenyte RSPS

    Server name: Zenyte Server URL: https://zenyte.com Direct client URL: https://zenyte-launcher.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/com/zenyte/client/launcher/0.6.0/launcher-0.6.0.jar Average amount of playing: 350+ A good reason to add it: This server is new and has massive potential. 400 players online as I type this, on day 2 of server launch. Tons of content, could very easily sell Zenyte GP for IRL cash. Would definitely be worth adding to the BDN.
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    How to use proxies with Parabot

    1. Go to your documents on your computer. If you don't have a Parabot folder inside, create a folder called Parabot and run the Parabot.jar within that folder. It should look like something like this in the folder 2. Next create a notepad file and you're going to want to use the command lines, -DsocksProxyHost= -DsocksProxyport= within the .bat file. After that, save the file as a .bat file. Whatever the name of your .jar file is, rename it to what you have. Don't use the proxy I put in there because it will not work. If you have multiple proxies to use, create multiple batch files for each one. 3. You will need to find yourself some Socks4 or Socks5 proxies. I recommend to use a proxy scraper or to look them up. You could also buy them but who wants to spend money? If you have any questions leave a post or pm me 😄
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    Dreamscape has been updated, a new parabot update is required. When you try to login it says "The server has been updated, please update and restart your client" If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated
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    [Server Update] Dreamscape updated!

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for being patient while we fixed the issue with Dreamscape, The Server should now be live! Remember to clear cache! Parabot folder -> Cache (delete contents) reload server. Regards, The Parabot Team
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    Dreamscape update

    You need to delete Documents > Parabot > Cache, not C:/Users/YourProfile > .ds_cache.
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    some of the servers will be updated soon, were all really busy at the moment with school,exams,work,etc
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    Left click stops working

    Jump keep spamming the friends tab and it might work there's no fix. The issue is caused by bad coding. OT: Woo 2000 posts.
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    way to bot until server is updated.

    well I know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for the bot to be updated, probably more patiently then I have. after about a week of not being able to bot I decided to start doing Ghost Mouse, Jitbit, Autoit and many other macroing methods. until recently none of them have been able to run long enough without fail until I stumbled a thing called "Simba". it's pretty much like a ghost mouse on steroids. it clicks colors and bitmaps on your screen instead of just coordinates. leaving very little room for error. anyway im not here to explain all about what Simba is or does. Just thought I would share this information I have already made a few scripts if you would like to try them out message me on skype: "[email protected]" remove quote
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    [ELKOY] thieving

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    #1 Dreamscape Account for sale

    Have you found a buyer? I'm interested but payday isn't until Friday so if it's still around then maybe we can make this happen 🙂
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    Our official Slack channel

    love this
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    Anyone go to the gym

    100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10k-run. the guide to becoming one punch man.
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    After -verbose same error And i appreciate you replying so quickly on this. I would love to be able to make a valuable tutorial based off of my mistakes.
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    Hello, this is my script which I threw together very quick, gotta get used to the structure of Parabot (different than I'm used to) I used an counter, but it's mis-placed and I noticed it works fine without lol. Either go to Skills -> Thieving or at Edgeville. Auto-progresses stalls. Source - https://github.com/UhWatchMe/Parabot-DreamScape/tree/master/Thieving
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    [Open Source] OSRS Provider

    we want the old ikov provider like it was, + the scripts of minimal, and dung, frost dragon looter, thieving etc
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    [Server Update] Dreamscape updated

    new update would be appreciated ❤️
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    With the DMM Spring Final going on heated, every skilled DMM play wants to last in game as long as possible. But for Torvesta, who’s been disqualified from OSRS DMM Tournament for Muling, will never make it far. Let’s check what is happening. Who is Torvesta? For OSRS fans who know Torvesta little, here is a brief introduction to this man. Torvesta is a popular Old School RuneScape YouTuber and Twitch streamer with 28.2 thousand Twitter followers, 57 thousand Twitch followers, and 3.14 million YouTube followers. He is a excellent player at player killing (PK). He is the winner of the Golden Gnome Award for Best Old School RuneScape Video Maker in 2018. Why’s Torvesta disqualified from DMM Tournament? As is shown in the official notification, Torvesta has been disqualified because of muling. If a player has secondary accounts used as scouts to assess Wilderness dangers, storage in such accounts can be referred to as mules for some tasks. Though muling is a legitimate in regular mode game, however, mules are not allowed in Deadman Mode. The player has expressed his surprise and disappointment for such incidence, for he already has his account checked in advance before, and the Mods did find nothing suspicious. How do fans think about Torvesta’s disqualification? Though the reason has been given to Torvesta’s disqualification, most fans are not satisfied with the consequence. Since the announced reason for his disqualification seems to be a widely spread phenomena among clans in the game. They also have people in the GE constantly flipping, getting gear and other items. According to them, in this case the Torvesta’s disqualification is unfair, and will give them no reason to watch the upcoming DMM Spring finals. What do you think of Torvesta’s disqualification from the DMM Spring finals? Give us your ideas. If you need more news about RS game or cheap RS gold, you can always come to rsorder.
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    Dreamscape needs updated

    im not an owner i get nothing for helping you mine is working im up to date on my client i dont understand how macs work ive also payed for my scripts instead of crying educate yourself
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    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    I somewhat agree; due to the overpopulation of the area, the trees fall swiftly. I am not one to complain as I appreciates the scipter's hard work, but, faster searching, clicking, and teleporting would definitely be a huge quality of life improvement.
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    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    Is there any way to speed this up? I mean I mean it will literally click a tree, the tree falls before you even get to it and then it waits like 7 seconds before it seems to even search for a new tree. In its current state I don't think it's worth the price. Hoping for a tune up. Thanks Emma.
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    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    Should be fixed, pushed the update 13 minutes ago!
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    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Miner

    Should be fixed! Also make sure you don't select "Auto Progression" since it will change the ore depending on your level.
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    DS is outdate

    I havent gone, I have changed jobs and been on vacation. Dreamscape is now updated. Thank you for your patience
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    Dreamscape Arcade bot

    Im not bitching in the slightest bit. im telling these inpatient little boys that it takes time to get this shit rolling. how about you gtfo little boy.
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    Hey im interested in this too
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    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Woodcutter

    Amazing script, the paint sometimes doesn't register the logs/nest, but overall its amazing.
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    LordKilling Pro

    Yeah its Working? I have been using it for the last few hours!
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    Dreamscape Script request

    Unfortunately not as it would be too popular and people have paid to keep it private sorry.
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    [Server Updates] PkHonor and Dreamscape

    I'd say within this week. if it takes longer then a month high chance it won't be returning. stay tuned
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    @mengele this topic will show you how
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    SoulPlay freezing

    Put a blanket over it :)
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    what servers work atm

    the servers ive tried loading either dont load all the way or need to update the client so which servers are working?
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    [Server Updates] PkHonor and Dreamscape

    Will be fixed ASAP! Thank you for letting us know!
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    It would be wise to get Lord to middle man this.
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    Msg me if you will consider selling bulk a little cheaper ;)
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    Buying PKHonor gold

    Hello there! I'm buying PKHonor gold for 250k/b osrs gp add my skype [email protected]
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    ELKOY bot needs updating

    I'm afraid it isn't being worked on at this time being
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    pkhonor outdated how to fix

    You answered your own question , it's outdated. Either wait for it to be updated or learn how to hook it yourself.
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    UFOS VoldemortFarmer

    Any suggestions or bug reports, pm me! Update 1.3 -Changed safespot tile to new safespot area that everyone uses. -Fixed interface bug that wouldn't teleport you back to voldemort after getting loot. Thanks to @chocolatecheese01 for report. You can get the latest update
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    Yes , I'll have a look and update it today.
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    UFOS Elkoy WoodCutter

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    LordKilling Pro

    I will add Elkoy support this week!
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    You need to have 10 post count as a min. In the rules? You have to use a MM as you have no feedback. In the rules? Next time you should really read the rules before saying you read them.
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    Brand new server Elkoy!

    "Ikov re-done it basically has like the same coders and stuff" Doesn't mention any were it's the same coders of ikov? Please explain where you saw this thank you
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    Selling VPS's

    @RSCROWNGOLD and @Domantas1 I have hidden your posts as they are irrelevant to the product, this is allowed as he isn't promoting a site yet a service.
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    Dear Parabot members, We've updated the following servers within our bot: Runique Crandor PkHonor Notices: Some hooks might still be missing, so please report any (errors) if found. Crandor still has an issue with verifying the jar, please use the -noverify option for that as explained here. Thanks for your support! Sincerely, The Parabot team
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    Join our Slack!

    Can't I just whatsapp you xxx
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    Dreamscape Updated. Parabot Update Required

    @Jimt Cyber is correct in saying that do not PM me, then spam all devs. It is not the job of 90% of the people you tagged and is very inconsiderate spamming them when it simply doesn't involve them. I will get around to it as soon as I can. People are correct in saying that the new update is obfuscated, so it will take some time as please also remember that Parabot is a hobby for us and not a job.
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