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    Near-reality remake

    Server name: Near-Reality Server URL: http://near-reality.org/forums/ Direct client URL: http://near-reality.org/assets/NRClient.jar Average amount of playing: opened a week ago, 200-500+ people playing at any time A good reason to add it: Stable economy, nostalgia ;)
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    [Request] Zamorak

    Server name: ZAMORAK Server URL: https://zamorak.net/ Direct client URL: http://zamorakfiles.net/downloads/ZamorakClient.jar Average amount of playing: 375 A good reason to add it: Great server with active base of players
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    any ETA on elkoy?

    Now! Enjoy!
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    LordKilling Pro

    LordKilling Pro This script supports all servers, the idea of the script is that you can use it on any server and still have it working without having to change a single thing! If you have any suggestion then please let me know I will look to adding this for you. Have something server specific, no problem let me know and I will add it to the Tabbed GUI for ease of use! FIX Log: 1. Fixed error with banking Dreamscape. DreamScape Features: Banks restores and refills when out Uses restores when pray points hit < 30 Will bank loot if you have access to the command ::bank (select bank option) Can toggle soulsplit Bot Features: Attack multiple NPC's Loot anything you like Eats food based on a value you give it How to use: First, make sure ALL fields are complete if you are not using then food then please still fill with a number I use "10". If you would like to loot and kill more than one NPC then please write them out as shown "11337,11338" With no spaces and a single , separating them. How to find loot, go to http://pasted.co/577f9978 use ctrl + F to find the item you want. The ID is the one that says i == 1337 (1337 is the id you use in the GUI) Screenshots <- Main GUI Dreamscape Customs Video https://vid.me/eip0 Updated and working as of 23/03/2019 11:57.21
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    AIO Voldermort

    KIlls voldermort in his lair start the script in the middle of home with soulsplit disabled. make sure you have super restore potions in the second bank slot of your first bank tab. the script will also allow you to type the command ::noclip and run anywhere on the server. Probably made the best part of 400t over the last week running this script on and off, will be released more OP free scripts soon. Link - http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/script.php?s=1000106-AIO-Voldermort make sure you post some proggys
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    Server: Alora

    Server name: Alora Server URL: http://www.alora.io/ Direct client URL: http://www.alora.io/downloads/alora.jar Average amount of players: Billions and billionsss, actually 450 + average A good reason to add it: Im a millionare.
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    Left click stops working

    Jump keep spamming the friends tab and it might work there's no fix. The issue is caused by bad coding. OT: Woo 2000 posts.
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    Hello everyone, Today we're releasing a new version of Parabot! This time it's version 2.6.3. This is basically a minor version update, whereas we've updated a lot regarding the security system of Parabot, which is used to avoid bans on Elkoy. As we've moved our documentation to Confluence, we'll only link the update files here and let you know there's a new update. Would you like to get notified instant about new updates, join our Slack! In this update we've release: Parabot V2.6.3 Please see the links for the changelog of each type. You can download the latest release here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Slack! Sincerely, The Parabot Team
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    You need to run with -loadlocal in your bat file. java -jar -noverify Parabot.jar -loadlocal Which will grab the local files and attach them to the Script loader mechanism.
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    Elkoy bot release

    Dear all, Today we're releasing the first beta of Elkoy. This beta includes an unstable version of Elkoy, might having some trouble with bans and stuff. What does this mean? Well, don't bot on your main account and avoid botting on your IP, simply use a VPN or a proxy. We don't have a lot of ban reports, although botting on thieving gets you banned quite fast, either due to mods checking on your or due to some other system. Please report any ban or error, both with all information you have (location, stacktrace, what were you doing etc). Thanks for you support! Sincerely, The Parabot team
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    Hello all, Today we're back with a new list of updates to improve the Runescape Private Server Bot. As we've moved our documentation to Confluence, we'll only link the update files here and let you know there's a new update. Would you like to get notified instant about new updates, join our Slack! In this update we've released: Parabot V2.6.2 317 API Minified V1.202 Randoms V0.22 Please see the links for the changelog of each type. You can download the latest release here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Slack! Sincerely, The Parabot Team
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    We're working hard on a solution, though we're not releasing a version which gets you IP banned. Please bare with us!
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    way to bot until server is updated.

    well I know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for the bot to be updated, probably more patiently then I have. after about a week of not being able to bot I decided to start doing Ghost Mouse, Jitbit, Autoit and many other macroing methods. until recently none of them have been able to run long enough without fail until I stumbled a thing called "Simba". it's pretty much like a ghost mouse on steroids. it clicks colors and bitmaps on your screen instead of just coordinates. leaving very little room for error. anyway im not here to explain all about what Simba is or does. Just thought I would share this information I have already made a few scripts if you would like to try them out message me on skype: "[email protected]" remove quote
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    Just qurious

    Automatic message This topic has been moved from "Scripts > Parabot > Other" to "Scripts > Parabot > Requests". The client is currently outdated as soon as it is updated again I will release some Elkoy scripts don't worry and I know a few other SW's will be making scripts for Elkoy as well.
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    Elkoy problems

    Quick update: We found a few other ways of detecting us, which we've already disabled and it seems to be running fine now. Though they banned my IP and computer, so I'm waiting for some staff members to review my actions. Stay tuned!
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    All Ikov scripts to Elkoy??

    We're working hard on the update. You can follow the live updates on Slack!
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    [ELKOY] thieving

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    Can't wait for pkh to be back!
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    LordPeng [Penguin Killer]

    Okay I have just pushed an update with a new GUI and Charm Options!
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    Days hopefully :)
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    [RELEASE] New Parabot releases (V2.6.2)

    PkHonor and we're working to have Oldschool Runescape servers (mostly 474)
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    Eyyyy long time.

    Can't tell if sarcasm or nah
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    DreamScape UFOS AIOKiller progress

    Just so you are both aware, Cyanic use to be a script writer for us. His is able to script and knows what is needed to make a script work well. However this was just a comment to say people should do what they like and not care if I release my script. Please stop fueling the fire.....
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    They do not have any way of reading if the Client is through Parabot or not, if they did; we would know a lot more. What they can do is look in our Friends/Ignore list and notice the massive char spam of friends added/ignored and that's a clear indicator that the account was used for botting at a point. I guess they simply made a command to print out someone's friends list/ignore list. They check the account and assume they've botted on it. Ways to prevent this: More Sleep delays in your scripts, these usually happen when the script is spam clicking an object and lags out, the packets get funky and I guess it decides to add people to your friends list(I'm not sure on the magic behind it) But I have experienced this first hand, and I believe this is the actual issue. Just make your bots less speedy and test your scripts on an alt, perhaps with a VPN. This isn't spam, trying to help. Good night.
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