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    [Release]Ikov provider

    Dear lovely members, Ikov (ikovps) has been added to the supported list of private RuneScape servers. You can get it if you're donator+ Ikov will be added to non donators once we're sure all issues are taken out. (This might take a few weeks) Ikov is free! Do note that this is still in beta and some hooks might be broken, due the fact that they have an high end obfuscation. Please report all issues. Sincerely, The Parabot Team
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    Fryslan Fighter [Most Servers]

    Fryslan Fighter This AutoFighter Should work for every Server that uses the mini API so that should include Every Server Except Soulsplit. The Script is easy to setup just start the script it can take a while to load the User Interface this is becouse it's written in JavaFX wich has an better look but it takes longer to load so be patient pleas. The Loot and NPC ID's should be split by an ',' so Id1,Id2,etc. There is no Paint for this script yet maby somone can make me something for the fun of it. Change Log: 11-1-2015 v 1.0 -FIrst Upload. 18-1-2015 v 2.0 - Completely overhauled UI. - New Framework. ​19-1-2015 v 2.1 - Bug Fixes. 19-1-2015 v 2.2/2.3 - Bug Fixes. - Parsing fxml file by URL. - Parsing Stylesheets by URL. 23-1-2015 v 2.4/2.5 - Changed UI to Swing instead of JavaFX due to problems loading. - Fixed Errors. 31-1-2015 v 2.6 - Added Jackl Random for 2006scape (Untested but should work). - Added Loots Distance Support. - Added Loot Burrying Option. - Fixed Bugs Including Combat Interacting.
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    Infinity's PkHonor Goldshop

    Hello Parabot users! Struggling to train those levels? Want to have some fancy and strong gear? Going for a maxed account? And ofcourse you need the money for it? You are at the right spot!! Welcome to my Goldshop, I'm currently selling alot of Pkhonor Gold! The rates are as follow: Paypal: $1.50 - 1B PkHonor Gold SALE: $1.25 - 1B PkHonor Gold BULK: Can be discussed. RS3: 5M - 1B Pkhonor SALE: 4M RSGP - 1B PkHonor Gold RS3: BULK can be discussed OSRS: 1M - 1B Pkhonor SALE: 600K - 1B PkHonor Gold OSRS: BULK can be discussed (NEW&CHEAP) Gold Packages: Package 1: 30B PkHonor Gold - 40$ - 1,35 per Billion SALE: $1.20 - 1B PkHonor Gold Package 2: 50B PkHonor Gold - 65$ - 1.30 per Billion SALE: $1.10 - 1B PkHonor Gold Package 3: 100B PkHonor Gold - 120$ - 1,20 per Billion SALE: $1.00 - 1B PkHonor Gold Package X: X-B PkHonor Gold - X-$ (Bulk under discussion) Don't have RSGP, but you have PayPal? You can buy RSGP from several websites and contact me when you have gotten some RSGP. Skype: infinity.goldshop Current Stock: 700Billion Terms Of Service: - The buyer will always go first, unless Parabot Staffmember - I have all rights to decline any transactions with you if I find you suspicious (PkHonor staffmember) - Vouch for me after a transaction has been completed - Enjoy the wealth you have bought Contact Information Skype: infinity.goldshop You can always PM me on ParaBot or reply on this thread! - Most vouches are in my thread, some transactions were done private. Those are quoted. VOUCHES: ddpker, on 22 Jun 2014 - 4:08 PM, said:
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    It's on the SDN now Really basic, no features yet When starting up, just fill in the id of the monster and click on submit Might add features soon
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    LordMine [PKH] [ALL ORE] + [ESS]

    Hey Everyone! The Script: The script is capable of mining all ores at the mining teleport. You then have the option to PowerMine if you do not select Banking. There is also a feature if you would like to drop just the Gems then select Gem dropping. If you would like to mine Ess then Select "Ess" from the drop down menu and DO NOT select banking or gem drop. This will bank using the Deposit box. If you have any problems with the script then please let me know below. If you would like updates on the script then select follow thread at the top right. Updates: Suggestions: Ess Miner Crafting guild support Fix Log: @progamerz Fix error in the bank line 54.
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    PKHonor Walking Fix

    This Uses reflection to fix the PKHonor walkTo Method. public static void walkTo(Tile to) { RefClass refClass = new RefClass(Loader.getClient()); RefMethod method = refClass.getMethod("walkTo"); method.invoke(false,false,0, 0, 0, 0, Players.getMyPlayer().getLocation().getRegionY(), 0, 0, to.getRegionY(), Players.getMyPlayer().getLocation().getRegionX(), true, to.getRegionX()); }
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    There's been a decent amount of people requesting a guide on how to write scripts for Parabot. There's one thing I will put out here before I start the tutorial though. If you do not know Java, so for example writing a script for Parabot is the first thing or one of the first things you will ever do in Java, stop here and learn Java. I won't help you when your Java knowledge isn't good enough.I would still explain some Java parts, but you'll need to know the basics Table of contents: 1. The basics 1.1. A basic skeleton 1.2. Setting up a strategy 1.3. Adding strategy to the main class 2. The basics of the API 2.1 About the API 2.2 SceneObjects 2.3 Inventory 2.4 Camera 2.5 Time 2.6 Item In this tutorial I will use the following ID's 100 - rock ID 50 - ore ID 25 - pickaxe ID 1.1. A basic skeleton Before creating a script, you have to add the Parabot API/Server provider and the Parabot itself to your libraries. Since you should know Java good enough, I'm not gonna explain how to do that. Start with creating a class It should look a bit like this /** * Made by: Paradox * Copyright (c) $today.year. */ public class Main { } To make it a Parabot script, extend Script.It should look like this now import org.parabot.environment.scripts.Script; /** * Made by: Paradox * Copyright (c) $today.year. */ public class Main extends Script{ } To make the script appear in the script list, add the following line above the class @ScriptManifest(author = "Paradox", category = Category.OTHER, description = "Tutorial skeleton", name = "Tutorial", servers = { "DeviousPK" }, version = 1)So after implementing it should look like this import org.parabot.environment.scripts.Script; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.Strategy; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.Category; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.ScriptManifest; /** * Made by: Paradox * Copyright (c) $today.year. */ @ScriptManifest(author = "Paradox", category = Category.OTHER, description = "Tutorial skeleton", name = "Tutorial", servers = { "DeviousPK" }, version = 1) public class Main extends Script{ @Override public boolean onExecute() { return false; } @Override public void onFinish() { } } Because we're returning the strategies, we have to change return false, to return true. import org.parabot.environment.scripts.Script; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.Strategy; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.Category; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.ScriptManifest; /** * Made by: Paradox * Copyright (c) $today.year. */ @ScriptManifest(author = "Paradox", category = Category.OTHER, description = "Tutorial skeleton", name = "Tutorial", servers = { "DeviousPK" }, version = 1) public class Main extends Script{ @Override public boolean onExecute() { return true; } @Override public void onFinish() { } } Now we need to create an array list for all the strategies we're going to addTo do that, I'd recommend to create it a private final arraylist. private final ArrayList<Strategy> strategies = new ArrayList<Strategy>(); Good to know//////////// You can name strategies to anything you like, but in this tutorial I'm going to use strategies, but you can also do private final ArrayList<Strategy> blabla = new ArrayList<Strategy>(); And then to call the strategie, just do blabla.add(new Test()); Instead of strategies.add(new Test()); ////////////Your code should now look like this import org.parabot.environment.scripts.Script; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.Strategy; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.Category; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.ScriptManifest; import java.util.ArrayList; /** * Made by: Paradox * Copyright (c) $today.year. */ @ScriptManifest(author = "Paradox", category = Category.OTHER, description = "Tutorial skeleton", name = "Tutorial", servers = { "DeviousPK" }, version = 1) public class Main extends Script{ private final ArrayList<Strategy> strategies = new ArrayList<Strategy>(); @Override public boolean onExecute() { return true; } @Override public void onFinish() { } } So this is actually the basic skeleton of a script with strategies. 1.2. Setting up a strategy Before we get too far, I'm going to explain how strategies works. That is the basic of a strategy. Circles on the left and the right side indicate the entry/exit point and the arrows are the program flow. When the script starts the strategy checks if the active is true, so it's like an if statement. Depending on the return of execute (true or false) we have two options here: - active returned false - program flow exits the strategy /skips strategy - active returned true - program flow calls the execute method and then exits the strategy In other words, a strategy is like a big if statement system. You have to use the strategy system for every action. So if you're going to mine, make a strategy mine and if you're going to bank, make a strategy bank. You should even put walking into a seperate strategy. In this tutorial we're using the strategy system, since it's easier to use for most of you and make everything more organised. Heads up: I won't add all strategies to the same file as the main file, that doesn't mean you have to do it too. To add a strategy, you'll have to create a new class first, as mentioned here above, you can create a new file, like I do, or put it in the main file, before the last bracket ("{") I will call the strategy Mine, this also means that I'll create a mining 'skeleton'. Since we're creating a new class in this tutorial, it should look a bit like this /** * Made by: Paradox * Copyright (c) $today.year. */ public class Mine { } Now we have to implement the strategy system, you could do that like this public class Mine implements Strategy { So it should now look like this import org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.Strategy; /** * Made by: Paradox * Copyright (c) $today.year. */ public class Mine implements Strategy { @Override public boolean activate() { return true; } @Override public void execute() { } } Mind that I already changed 'return false' to 'return true'. This is a basic strategy. 1.3. Adding strategy to the main class We just created a strategy in chapter two, so we have to add it to the main class, so the strategy system will add it to it's array list. It is pretty easy, you can just do it with strategies.add(new Mine()); But we also have to provide all strategies, so we also add provide(strategies); Since I'm using a new class, not in the main class, you'll have to import it.Your main class should now look like this import org.parabot.environment.scripts.Category; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.ScriptManifest; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.Script; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.Strategy; import java.util.ArrayList; /** * Made by: Paradox * Copyright (c) $today.year. */ @ScriptManifest(author = "Paradox", category = Category.OTHER, description = "Tutorial skeleton", name = "Tutorial", servers = { "DeviousPK" }, version = 1) public class Main extends Script{ private final ArrayList<Strategy> strategies = new ArrayList<Strategy>(); @Override public boolean onExecute() { strategies.add(new Mine()); provide(strategies); return true; } @Override public void onFinish() { } } That's it, you now added your strategy, Mine, to the main class.If you now run the script, it will check the active and if the active is true, it will do the execute.
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    Well, seeing as the PkHonor client is currently outdated; I found a cheap-fix which will make you able to play nonetheless. https://gist.github.com/RandomKendal/bce2bfb18d1186949cc8 Save as ChangeVersion.java Just run it and it'll show result immediately. You will have to re-run the script every time you open a new client. What it does is it changes the clients version-ID, so PkH's Servers thinks you are up to date, and lets you get on. You might not be able to see a few small tweaks made in the past client update, but nothing major that will ruin your botting experience. Have a wonderful day!
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    Hello, So it's finally time to announce to you guys, we've potentially fixed Runique for every operating system! A few days ago we fixed Runique on Windows, our next step was to do the same for the other operating systems. As far as we know, there are no bugs that disable you from botting on the Runique server. There is a bug that causes the mouse to click incorrectly, you'll just have to move the mouse a bit up to get the correct location Some might experience issues with running Runique, simply follow http://take.ms/NYjrO on how to open Runique correctly. You basically don't close the first GUI, as that needs to be open - it gets rid of that gui when you login anyways. Do note, Runique is VIP(+) only - so get your rank here! Now we've also released a new version of Parabot, version 2.5.4; - [BUGFIX] Solved issues with clients that don't have a webclient - [CLEANUP] Added debug for local servers - [BUGFIX] Solved an issue that causes JavaFX not to be parsed correctly Download the latest Parabot version here! Enjoy this version! Sincerely, The Parabot staff
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    Yes we are slow, we know it...

    Hello guys, Here's my sincerer apologies for not being active, at all... I'm very sorry! This has to due with the internships both Milette and I have to do. These internships make me have to wake-up at 6 AM and be home at 8 PM. Due these times I only have an hour or two of free time, which I prefer to spend with my family until I'm getting used to waking up so early (always woke up at like 1 PM, yes I'm a "pussy"). The weekends will be fully used to improve Parabot. No worries, we're not alone. Matt is sort of back in the game and added an insane-load of new features to block the bans of Ikov. We've tested our new functions and we haven't been banned for the past few days yet! This client will also be released in this weekend (5th or 6th of September) As I said before, both Milette and I are very sorry for this late update and our inactivity, I hope you guys accept this. PS. An insane thanks to Matt! <3 PS2. Script writers might take a look at the script writer section for information about my new chat-application PS3. If you left me a message through quoting me, please send me a message or quote me once more. Got way too many notification to go through... Sincerely, The Parabot team
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    Ultimate guide to running Parabot [updated for Parabot v2.06] Table Intro Downloading & Installing Java Download & Running Parabot Setting up Parabot for Scripters etc Eclipse & Parabot Setting up Parabot for Normal Users Compiling Scripts and Running Scripts Intro Hello Parabot community, I still see people having the same problem over and over again and it's kinda annoying me. So in this guide I will try to cover all the things that will help you to set-up Parabot so you won't have to ask anybody for help If you see a then be sure to click it ( The spoilers will contain Pictures&Information ) Downloading & Installing Java This is fairly simple * Most of you guys will know how to do this, but for those who don't here it is * Simply go to this link : http: //java.com/ - remove space and download java. You should get something like this * Mine says ChromeInstall * because I'm using google chrome ofc* Now, you want to install java. You can do this my double clicking on the downloaded file. Congratulations, you have just installed Java Download & Running Parabot Click Here to download the newest Parabot.jar Once you have downloaded the newest Parabot.jar You need to go to the directory Parabot.jar was saved So, for me it's in the *Downloads* folder Now, Simply double click Parabot.jar it should come up with a login screen like this This is a good sign* Okay, once you double click Parabot.jar for the first time it'll create a folder in your documents folder. as you can see there is now a Parabot folder. Inside the folder should look like this The two most important folders you are going to use the most are *Scripts* & *Servers* but these are more for *Script writers & Developers* to use. Nobody Post * I will request a admin to remove your post so I can finish off this guide.
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    Banned on Any Server? Look Here

    Are you banned on a server that you used to play? Want to know how to bypass it? Look no further. Three types of bans can occur 1. IP Ban 2. MAC Ban 3. UUID Ban Now what are these bans? 1. IP Ban - This is a ban to your own IP. 2. MAC Ban- This is a ban issued to the MAC Address of your PC/Laptop. 3. UUID Ban - This is a ban that is stored within your Registry's. The three types of bans can be bypassed by anyone. BUT COMPLETE THESE STEPS BEFORE SELECTING THE SERVER How to pass the IP ban; How to bypass the MAC ban. How to Bypass the UUID Ban. And that Parabot members is how to Bypass the 3 ban types.
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    Hello lovely users, Today we're (as promised) releasing our new client to get around the bans of Ikov. Ikov had a nasty system to get all kind of information from you (username, OS version, location, screenshots etc). We wouldn't be Parabot if we haven't fixed this. So here it is, our new, even more secure client! So what does it actually do? Well it simply overrides all functionalities in any server, so it sends fake data so you look like a real person instead of a botter. Next to those updates, we also published our latest version for PKHonor! Simply download the client here and enjoy! For the developers, we still need a few hooks for Ikov: messageListenerHookgetMenuAction4getCurrentStatsgetSettingsgetMessagePlease find those and send them through Slack (see script writer section). A huge thanks to Matt for all of his work, take that in mind! Sincerely, The Parabot team
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    Selling 10 bonds - for pkhonor

    Since i quit runescape will be selling my bond's. Rip splashing. So i'm swapping them for PKhonor money or item offers. Bond's are 2.1m atm. Leave offer down below or skype me. Ikvindgeenusername
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    Your welcome.
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    DNAIOFighter I have decided to start working on a new AIO Fighter for all servers that uses the minified 317 API. Features (Green is completed, red is incomplete): - Attacking NPCs - Eating food & selecting a eat interval - Looting (This one should be no issue) - Item re-equipping (Reflection to get the equipment field seems to be working fine for all servers I have tried it on) - Special attacks (This one goes under the equipment) Since it seems that the special attack configurations are not stored in the client configs for PI servers I won't add special attack - Prayer - Proper kill count - Loot tracker - Potions - Bone burying - Settings saving - High alchemy - Custom paths where you can record paths & plot in your own teleport actions (This should make it being able to bank for all servers) Script pictures:
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    Ikov and Parabot

    Dear Members of Parabot, This will relatively be a long post, if you want a TL;DR, read the end of this post. You might have seen all the latest updates of Parabot to have a secure client for Ikov. Today changes will be made into those actions. Ikov has been putting the most sketchy stuff in their client since I've started Parabot - and believe me, I've seen weird things... All these actions of Ikov have been blocked by us, making Ikov a safe client to use. Yes you heard that correctly, we're adjusting Parabot to make Ikov safe. Not safe to bot, but safe to use in general... In the past few months, Ikov has been putting stuff like screenshot functionalities, clipboard copy and loading (basically viruses) jars within their client from out of their cache or any other method. Parabot is now basically adjusting their client to provide users a safe way to use Ikov. All those past updates took so much time, we had to limit our own personal lives and put more time into these issues. To make it more clear, this is the process we had to do: De-obfuscate the whole Ikov clientGather all locations Ikov reads and writes to and keep track of themGo to every class and their work-process to find all the sketchy stuffEither get rid of the sketchy stuff or add it to our own sandbox systemTest the new systemDeploy and publish the new client with adjustmentsAs you might see, this takes an insane amount of time for us to do, whereas we basically don't have this time... So what is gonna happen? As Parabot is a client to provide the ability to bot on servers and not a client to block things like viruses from servers, we decided to focus on the botting ability and not the safety of a certain server. Ikov seems to be botting-worth server due their amount of players, but after some research we figured that out of their 502 online players (as of 18 oct. 14:45), 338 players are basically botters. A basic calculation will result into "502 - 338 = 164 legit Ikov players". TL;DR Starts here Parabot will be focussing on new upcoming servers and more functionality in the client itself. This doesn't mean that Ikov will be removed from our list of servers, but we will only push out updates for new client and not focus on their banning method. We do not focus on their method anymore, as we keep finding other "sketchy" things, we then also have to block. New servers will come out as Parabot moves on in the following weeks, whereas we take a good look at the suggestions of our users and the popular (fake, vote-botted) site RuneLocus. What else is going behind the scenes of Parabot? - Parabot is currently focussing on more abilities within the API, this will include a new BDN (V3), whereas the base can also be found on GitHub (this is still in the Slim Framework, will be ported to Symfony ASAP). - We're also working on a new two-factor authentication system that will work smoother than ever and is also bonded within the community website. - The rollout of our Maven system is going very smooth and better than we expected. Unfortunately not all script writers are using this yet, which causes that some scripts on the BDN are not visible in the script selector. Please ask them to port their script to Maven instead of having them blaming Parabot. - To provide a better local working place, we're also introducing a new system to run local servers. This makes it so easy that you just have to place a hook file, a settings file and the server jar into your local environment and you're good to go! - Our GitHub was always a bit messy, we never had multiple branches and we didn't push out a lot of updates to our GitHub. This changes as of today, we're now focussing on a better overview of our repositories and making it easier for others to read the source of Parabot. A part of this change is the commit guidelines for Parabot, which can be found in the tutorials section of the development section within this forums. - A new beautiful, new user interface for Parabot, together with Fryslan. That's basically it, Parabot is still going as you can see - but due the lack of time we had with Ikov, updates seemed to be slowly. These changes should create a difference in that. Feel free to ask anything or provide suggestions. Sincerely, The Parabot team
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    PkHonor Update "Temp Fix"

    Ok guys, it is taking a while for the Parabot Devs to update the bot so @Random created a quick but it is no longer updated. The script below is to be ran upon the opening of PkHonor. It will change the version to "108" which is the current version. With this you will be able to login, all you do is run the script-login-start botting afterwards! Every time you log out, you have to restart the client and repeat the process. Compile the script below and follow my guide: Name the file: ChangeVersion.java or you will receive an error when compiling! https://gist.github.com/anonymous/6ece322c4bfca4a6e613 Props to @Capslock for finding the version of the client! Thanks for this man, I couldn't find it my self ;(. It does not matter if you are on mac or windows, it will still work. If you have any problems please take a minute and take a screenshot and show what the problem is so I/we can handle it faster :D BELOW IS THE TUTORIAL IF YOU ARE NEW TO MANUAL SCRIPTS! DOWN LOAD THIS AND REPLACE YOUR FOLDER IF YOU ARE LAZY!: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9qVtXJrIt31bnQxdFc0YWZMbUk/view?usp=sharing Step 1: Download the Parabot and rename the client to Parabot.Jar https://www.parabot.org/download.php Step 2: Download the Minified Api from: http://bdn.parabot.org/data/providers/Parabot-317-API-Minified_old.jar and place both of these clients into the parabot folder located in: My computer-Local Disk (C)-Users-"Your login username"-Here there should be a folder named Parabot. Step 3: Make the run.bat file by opening notepad and pasting the following code below: @echo off java -jar -noverify Parabot.jar -loadlocal pause Then save this file as "run.bat" and make sure you save it as "All Files" instead on *.txt file. Step 4: Download my code and save it as ChangeVersion.java Step 5: Go to http://www.innovation.ch/java/java_compile.htmland the source file should be "ChangeVersion.java The Jar File 1 should be Parabot.jar and Jar File 2 should be Parabot Minified Old.jar(or whatever it is :P) Change the JDK version to 1.7 just to be safe and hit compile! After this you should download AllClasses.zip and extract it to your Parabot folder under Scripts-Compiled. Open the Run.bat file and Parabot should open. Run PkHonor client, let it load then run the script. The script will be located under cooking. As soon as you do this you should be able to login because I am using this and it currently works at 11 pm -5 GMT. Your original Parabot folder may also be at: C/User/"Your username"/My Documents If you do not find it, click on your C: Drive and Search for the folder "Parabot" You do not make the folder, when ever you open up the Parabot client, it creates the folder and the contents within!
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    Progressbar API

    import java.awt.*; /** * User: Fryslan */ public class ProgressBar { private Color color; private Color borderColor; private int x; private int y; private int width; private int height; private int percentage; public ProgressBar(int x, int y, int width, int height, int percentage) { this.color = Color.BLUE; this.borderColor = Color.BLUE; this.x = x; this.y = y; this.width = width; this.height = height; this.percentage = percentage; } public ProgressBar( Color color, int x, int y, int width, int height, int percentage) { this.color = color; this.borderColor = color; this.x = x; this.y = y; this.width = width; this.height = height; this.percentage = percentage; } public ProgressBar(Color color, Color borderColor, int x, int y, int width, int height, int percentage) { this.color = color; this.borderColor = borderColor; this.x = x; this.y = y; this.width = width; this.height = height; this.percentage = percentage; } /** * Draw the Progressbar. */ public void draw(Graphics graphics) { graphics.setColor(borderColor); graphics.drawRect(x, y, width, height); graphics.setColor(color); graphics.fillRect(x +1, y +1, ((width / 100) * percentage) - 1, height - 1); } public Color getColor() { return color; } public void setColor(Color color) { this.color = color; } public Color getBorderColor() { return borderColor; } public void setBorderColor(Color borderColor) { this.borderColor = borderColor; } public int getX() { return x; } public void setX(int x) { this.x = x; } public int getY() { return y; } public void setY(int y) { this.y = y; } public int getWidth() { return width; } public void setWidth(int width) { this.width = width; } public int getHeight() { return height; } public void setHeight(int height) { this.height = height; } public int getPercentage() { return percentage; } public void setPercentage(int percentage) { this.percentage = percentage; } }How to Use: ProgressBar bar = new ProgressBar(Color.cyan,Color.blue,10,50,300,20,75); @Override public void paint(Graphics graphics) { bar.setPercentage(99); bar.draw(graphics); }
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    Java Homework HELP PLEASE!

    1. ArrayList index values are integers. trueArrayList can change their size, getting larger or smaller. trueArrays can change their size, getting larger or smaller. falseArrayLists can only hold object types. true (can get nit-picky when talking about wrapper classes like Integer or Double, technically they're objects that represent a primitive, but not a primitive themselves)If you set an element of an array to null, the array reduces its size by 1. falseIf you pass an ArrayList to a method, what is actually passed is a reference to the ArrayList, so any changes you make to the list will be seen by the calling routine. trueIf you pass an Array to a method, a reference is passed, and not a copy is made. true, arrays are considered objectsTwo elements of an array of String can point to the same string. trueArrays, ArrayLists, and Strings all use zero-based indexing in Java.. true2. Arrays.sort(q); 3. Collections.sort(z); 4. ArrayList<Integer> vals = new ArrayList<Integer>();ArrayList<Double> vals = new ArrayList<Double>();5. double squareProduct = 1.0 for (Double d : list) { squareProduct = squareProduct * d * d; } System.out.println(squareProduct); This is all rather simple stuff though, you should be able to figure this out on your own (with some help from google)
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    buying Ultimatescape gold

    Hello i'm buying ultimatescape mony and items, i can pay osrs gp. Thanks
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    [V2.1.2] Parabot update

    Hello lovely users, Today we're pushing out the updates we've been working on. What does this include, you might ask, well here's our changelog: - PBPreferences added - PBPreferences#updateSettings - PBPreferences#adjustSettings - PBPreferences#getSetting - PBPreferences#removeSetting - PBPreferences#addSetting - Script#getPreferences added - Debugging messages - Debugging near players - Debugging ordered on alphabet - Logger improved (error still occurs) - Added debug client view for inventory Item ids will now show up in the client instead of the in the console - Improved algorithm for checking a valid version of Parabot - Added certain methods to WebUtil to improve the stability and make life easier - Login random has been fixed - Game#dropClient added - Random solver to relog the user when the client detected a fail in packets - Improved logging in - Improved security on logging in - Interfaces added - Interfaces#clickOption - PKHonor updated As you can see, we haven't idle in our vacation! You can download the latest version here. Next to that, we've some great plans coming up for Parabot. - A totally refreshed BDN (BDN-V3) - BDN V3 open-source web API - BDN page to compile your scripts yourself (without any hassle) - Improved approach to interact with objects, items and players/npcsI hope you guys are tuned in for these updates. Feel free to ask any question or provide feedback. Thanks in regards. Sincerely, The Parabot staff
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    buying Ultimatescape gold

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    Parabot preferences & more

    Hello everyone, You might have noticed our inactivity, sorry for that! Both of the admins, Everel and I are on vacation. Though we're working hard to provide updates for you guys, which is why we introduce a new system, the Parabot preferences. With the preferences, script writers are capable of saving information for scripts, based on your account. So let's say the script writers wants to save what kind of armour you want to wear while fighting, he can simply save it into the Parabot preferences and read it next time you start your script. With this method you're not required to fill in the armour information once more! We also added the option to debug messages, you can now enable messages debugging and it will simply show the messages on your screen and even print them into your console. This makes development a lot easier and improves the speed of debugging for most developers. We also solved some major bugs within the client and the API. All of these updates will appear as soon as possible, probably when one of us is back from vacation! Bear with us. Sincerely, The Parabot support team
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    Hello! This is a short update to fix a certain issues. We also added the option to let us clear your cache when we have pushed a new update regarding server providers or randoms. In this way you do not have to clear the cache yourself! V2.1.13.4: This update contains a new feature for upcoming two step authentication support, stay tuned! Sincerely, The Parabot support team
  26. 6 points

    ikov loading fix [06/06/2015]

    For anyone who is reading this, and it's not working, do the following: Download the cache files from http://www.scriptss.net/cache.zip, as stated in the OP. Load the Parabot.jar file FIRST. When you're at this login screen: You'll want to drag the cache files into your cache folder, as stated in the OP. Now login via your Parabot account, and you will pass the Interface.dat loading. Enjoy.
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    [DEV] OSRS+ Provider

    OSRS+ Provider The idea of this provider is to get us beyond supporting the 317 revision servers. OSRS servers are becoming popular (aside from ikov) and we need to be able to support them! The provider will use the current minified API format and still use the processAction/doAction method so we don't need as many hooks to keep it updated and working. Currently I have my updater working for the following servers: Alora Novea Battle-Scape OSRS Zenyte ( when it releases ) Alora is the first intended to release since it's the biggest OSRS server out at the moment. Others will follow quickly. Currently working on Alora: All debugs work as intended
  28. 5 points

    [PKHonor] LordWoodcutting Pro

    Lord Woodcutting Pro Features: Cut's Tree's: Normal Oak Willow Teak Mahogany Yew Magic Dispose Options: Deposit Drop All Auto: Buy's a rune axe at level 50 Uses Deposit box at level 80 Supported Locations: Woodcutting Teleport Anywhere(if not Dispositing) User Friendly UI Paint which shows: Time Run Logs Cut Status ETA Script On BDN
  29. 5 points

    [Open source] DNAIOFighter

    I have decided to release my fighter open sourced since I won't be working on that particular script anymore. I give permission to use this script in other free scripts & open source releases if credit to me is given and the script name is mentioned. I do not give permission to use this script as a base for a premium script. Features: - Attacking NPCs - Eating food & selecting a eat interval - Looting (This one should be no issue) - Item re-equipping (Reflection to get the equipment field seems to be working fine for all servers I have tried it on) - Prayer - Proper kill count - Loot tracker - Potions - Bone burying - Settings saving - High alchemy - Custom paths where you can record paths & plot in your own teleport actions (This should make it being able to bank for all servers) Images: Download link: http://upx.nz/8cXWQw
  30. 5 points

    [MM] Lord Middle Man [Free]

    Lord MM I am becoming a MM as I have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment if you need a MM then I am happy to assist. My one and only skype lordg.mage Trades i have made:
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    Rant about the staff

    Honestly I'm gonna agree with him. I bought VIP twice, and I have yet to even run Runique once. Everytime some staff member claimed it was fixed it wasn't, and it never was. It's gotten to the point where I check Parabot once or twice a month to see if anything changed, yet it's still the same dead forum, with the same dead servers working. It takes no economic expert to see Parabot is taking it's toll. Also, to the people saying "We don't get paid for this" or "We don't benefit from this", let me tell you why this is an improper way of looking at the problem. First of all we, the costumers of VIP and Sponsor at least, pay for something, regardless if you're getting a cut or not. If I'm doing grocery shopping, I don't care if they pay the cashier, the supplies or even send my money to Africa. I honestly don't care. I just want the product I'm paying for, which is not what we're getting. "We'll refund anyone's VIP when Runique gets back up" is like saying "I'll give everyone on this forum $200 when Gordon Ramsey stops scolding people". It's most likely never going to happen, and if it does, it'll be in who-knows how long. Second, if the servers had good up time, and the forums are kept clean, more people will come to Parabot. It's as simple as that. That being said, I know Ikov for example had a huge amount of people and quality scripts. Some of which were premium, others were Sponsor only. I know for a fact that you do get a share of premium script sales, and they take a couple hours a week maintenance, at most. Next on the list, as this never was a rant about VIP or Runique at all, the way the staff treats the "costumers" is.. laughable, to say the least. I can quote you within minutes to threads complaining about Runique or VIP and the staff replying 'yeh, u paid for vip u got vip lmao'. This isn't costumer support, this isn't helping, this is just immature problem solving avoiding. At least pay a little attention to your user base. Not even to start about @Lord his first reply on this thread. I'm sorry.. is that supposed to be the answer of a moderator? Please. If you can't even behave yourself, how do you expect to maintain an entire costumer base. Or what about @Kozs reply? "All this drama over a botting site lmao". If that's the mindset within the staff of Parabot, I can see why this is going the way it's going. Now, before I'm getting the "all this drama over a botting site" directed at me. No. I don't care about Parabot anymore, I don't care about my VIP I bought, I don't care about the scripts for Near Reality I wrote, which are just rotting in my library as Near Reality hasn't had an update in 2 months. I'm just here to point out you're actually wrong. Now I'm going back to my full time job and have some real life. Cheers! TL;DR: I gave up on Parabot a long time ago. Take my 'rant' or leave it, I don't care.
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    Runique script

    You people simply have a fetish for negative responses :~)
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    ok this is my first post but i though this could help some ppl... My setup: i run a virtual win xp with Oracle Virtual box my VPN is SoftEther VPN Project When Client 2.4 came out , i tried to bot thieving(dont bot theiving whatever u do) just to test and ofc ive been banned. After switching mac/ip, ive been banned again withing 5min and i didnt even move, I tried without parabot, normal client, and BAM banned again. Thats where i realized it leave a flagg on ur comp... (FROM NOW ON I ASSUME YOU ARE USING VIRTUALBOX+VPN) any will do 1rst thing i tried : ( DOESNT WORK ) I tried to delete any IKOV cache/file on my pc (u can type %APPDATA% on command prompt to see cache)but still banned within 5min using normal client. So i figured the client leave a flag in registry... 2nd try : ( WORKING ) Since i didnt want to check every registry one by one..All i did was ,Start>Control Panel>User> Create New User. Now log off from this user and go to the one u just created, every program should be installed already so all you need now is IKOV/PARABOT You can find them easily in Computer>Hard Drive C>Users>(old session name)>Desktop Copy those to ur new user and launch with VPN+New Mac address ENJOY I know its not the best trick, theres prob a better method to do that but this is for most users who doesnt know how it works. This is only to REMOVE FLAG, this will not help u with ip/mac ban or if parabot is detected. If you get ban again , repeat all these steps before making another account. HOPE THIS HELPS
  34. 5 points

    Ikov - Be aware

    So was talking to David on Ikov and out of nowhere he quoted someone from a private Skype convo he had no access to. In other words, he is able to see your screen. So this drew my attention and looked into his client, where I found this piece of code: public void l() { try { Robot localRobot = new Robot(); double d10 = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize().getHeight(); double d11 = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize().getWidth(); int i = 0; int j = 0; BufferedImage localBufferedImage = localRobot.createScreenCapture(k()); new Thread(new H(this, localBufferedImage)).start(); } catch (Exception localException) {} }So the staff of Ikov is able to create screenshots and use them for any purpose, this is terribly against the rules. In other words, he is capable of seeing what you are doing (called a RAT) and interact based on your screen. It would have been possible that a staff member requested your screen and then sees the passwords you just opened on that moment. Of course we would not want that the staff members are capable of seeing your screen, so we are working real hard as of now to get rid of that nasty method and make sure you are good to go. But in the meantime, stay safe and make sure you don't have anything open that is worth something. (They probably use this as ban method too...). Oh and: Take care and stay safe! EDIT: Parabot removed their method and their client has no ability to create screenshots anymore (as for now...) - make sure to clear your cache and you're good to go (with Parabot then!)
  35. 5 points

    buying Ultimatescape gold

    still open...
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  37. 5 points

    [Ikov] Logging back in

    Press the enter button.
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    Two factor authentication

    Hello everyone, As you might know, Parabot takes security as their highest concern and tries to improve their security with each day. Today we're coming with a major function that allows you login with two factor authentication. What is two factor authentication? It's fairly simple, instead of just filling in your password you also have to fill in a every-30-seconds-generated code. This code could be saved somewhere in a password vault or on your mobile. Where can I get apps for two factor authentication? The best mobile app would probably be either Authy or Google Authenticator. For the computers, I would recommend to have 1Password whereas you can also save all of your passwords! Even though I would not recommend to get an application that also works on your computer, just be safe and only use apps that are mobile only (hackers are not able to get into your mobile, most likely) Do I need to put in my two factor code every time I login? Short answer, no. If you've put your two factor code within the past 30 days, you will not have to worry about that. We detect your PC and allow a direct connection without requesting such a code. Where can I enable two factor authentication? As you might know, we have an account page. Now there's a new row to enable this, simply click the disabled link and it will confirm if you want it enabled. Once you've confirmed so, it will show a code. This code is used to fill in on your two factor authentication application. This code will only be shown once and cannot be gathered again. Can I disable it? Yes you can, for now you have to contact an administrator but in the near future we're planning to have this automated too. You can also request an administrator to remove your code so that it clears all devices that are allowed to login. Feel free to ask any question! Sincerely, The Parabot support team
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    Reputation is not the same as FEEDBACK

    Hi Parabotters Please note, REPUTATION is not the same as FEEDBACK. Reputation is gained through liking posts. For the time being we currently do not have a feedback system. So please use a Middleman!! Some are Empathy Wishy Lord Botterino
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    Do NOT trade with list.

    Dear Parabot users, I decided to create a thread with skype lists you should not trade with without a MM orhim going first cause user has scammed off-site or on-site. This list is huge, I will be starting + gathering skypes from now on. Note: If you have proof that somebody scammed, feel free to pm me and I will put user skype here. Note²: Some may have been retired from Sythe. Note³: You may find this thread helpful: http://www.sythe.org/market-discussion/1653933-known-skype-scammers-do-not-trade-list.html (All credits goes to Yousuckv2) Skypes: Regards The Parabot Staff Team
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    Ikov Auth Bot [RAT] [WARNING]

    don't purchase or even download the ikov auth bot that was originally sold on HF. It's a half FUD rat with anti sandboxie. The only legit auth bot on the market is paradox's. If you have downloaded and ran it I suggest you run a full scan on your pc with whatever anti-virus you have and change all your stored passwords. Update - to remove it run a full scan on your pc with malwarebytes (can be found https://www.malwarebytes.org/) and use one of these keys to activate premium ID : 3FL75 Serial : QWME-8PFU-PURM-A2VY ID : 5IO49 Serial : D132-CK59-AL6B-VVBK ID : 6WS94 Serial : 523L-WYWN-5FC0-9R0X ID : 8OY47 Serial : 9JM1-85BG-4NG7-MKEX ID : 4PP34 Serial : DU6N-74PN-8QTK-0PL0 ID : 5QA64 Serial : RX61-R6QM-1VQN-8U7U ID=4QQ78 KEY=HC5L-7N1F-9CAX-RA15 ID=6KG69 KEY=BCKG-DR8A-C80H-F7RD ID=8CQ12 KEY=P85L-YW1W-3WGE-7HLX ID=2GD77 KEY=A7QR-V1Y2-PAJE-PM3E ID: 6DB45 Serial:8256-Y11M-DTEQ-V4EB ID:2KS55 Serial:5W1C-4UA3-GY67-C0XE ID:5QI81 Serial:19BG-P6XN-E004-PLHV ID:8WQ44 Serial:VWN8-GW2P-HXDV-NRJ9 ID:7UW81 Serial:V6MJ-MVCT-F6QD-F6Y4 ID:9BU21 Serial:RXGP-9B5D-38EU-NPRX ID:7BP98 Serial:RLEK-6GKJ-388Y-LMWA ID: 6OF94 Key: HGUM-E1K9-HL2T-LCRD ID: 6QA82 Key: C43A-5P9Q-UP6V-N12W ID: 5BC74 Key: A82V-N7A6-05KW-JTY3 ID: 9VB42 Key: 9TGY-RF94-VTUE-YTP8 ID: 4OJ51 Key: GVK3-MX91-5H3P-qCP93
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    [Release]Ikov provider

    Thanks For this post Guys <3
  43. 5 points

    How to get your password working

    It's pretty simple to get your account working, but most of you are too lazy to search the forums as I've stated how to fix this like 10 times already. This is why I created this topic to clarify all the issues and should resolve yours too. First of all, clear your cache or go incognito.Login to Parabot (http://www.parabot.org/community)Then go to http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/ and login with the username you see on the forums (right top - http://dl.jketelaar.nl/files/4OOPd2HX.png)It might give an error when logging in the first time, just press the login button again This should now resolve all issues and should log you into Parabot.
  44. 5 points

    [Preview]Parabot v2

    Dear members, NEW ETA: June We are making great progress on parabot v2. The bot is open source and can be found here. For developers it will be easy to add a server to the bot, but they will need the hooks for botting support. The client could also be used for a swiftkit type of client. Here's an example of how a server can be added (load only). package org.parabot.recklesspk; import java.applet.Applet; import org.parabot.core.Context; import org.parabot.core.asm.ASMClassLoader; import org.parabot.environment.servers.ServerProvider; public class RecklessPk extends ServerProvider { @Override public Applet fetchApplet() { try { final Context context = Context.resolve(); final ASMClassLoader classLoader = context.getASMClassLoader(); final Class<?> clientClass = classLoader.loadClass("client"); final Applet applet = (Applet) clientClass.newInstance(); applet.init(); applet.start(); return applet; } catch (Exception e) { throw new RuntimeException(e); } } @Override public String getJar() { return "http://www.recklesspk.net/client599.jar"; } } Developers and scripter are free to pull request on github to help developing parabot v2. Here are some images Greetings, Clisprail
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    Hello, We've updated the hooks of the following servers Crandor Grinderscape Zamorak This should allow you to bot again. Please do note: There might be some extra hooks missing. So please report any error and we'll see if it's related to the hooks. To make sure you have the latest server client, clear your cache before playing. You can do this by clearing the cache-folder in the Parabot location: C:/Users/YOU/Documents/Parabot/cache Enjoy! Sincerely, The Parabot team
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    [Release] Parabot V2.4.3

    Hello Guys, Today we're announcing a new version of Parabot; Version 2.4.3. But that's not all! Website updates: We now have a new online map for most servers this allows you to create paths incredably easliy for script making. You can find it here and the open source here. I'm proud to say we now have active social media you can follow for all the latest updates. Most of this is being managed by @Lord, so feel free to send him some of your suggestions. You can follow our https://twitter.com/ParaBotOrg and like our Facebook. We're working hard on the latest BDN version, BDN version 3. This is an open source project that everyone can contribute to. We made the decision to base this on Symfony, so everyone with knowledge will be able work on it! Just like any other repository we have at Parabot, you can make commits to this one as well. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to post them here. Parabot now uses CI to build their versions, this will soon be made public to have nightly builds. This will give VIP's and Sponsors the ability to downloaded beta versions of Parabot, to already have the awesome features we work on. Join the Slack group for release information. As you might have read before, you can now join our Slack group. Simply send @Lord, @Wishy or/and me a PM with your email and they'll invite you! The changelog for Parabot V2.4.3: Deprecated org.parabot.environment.servers.LocalServerExecuter Added Library#requiresJar Added JavaUtil#getVersion Finished local server loading - https://github.com/Parabot/Parabot/issues/23 Improved the Server loader Added Directories#listFilesWithExtension Added Directories#listJSONFiles Added Directories#removeDirectory Added filters for bugsnag Redid the caching system Only creating custom home directory when client is secure Resets out and err to solve issue #37 - https://github.com/Parabot/Parabot/issues/37 Added moneymaking icon - Thanks to @TheKushStyle - https://github.com/Parabot/Parabot/issues/41 Disabled JavaFX downloading for users with Java 8 or higher - https://github.com/Parabot/Parabot/issues/31 And a lot of minor changes to improve the performance A special thanks to @thekushstyle for his contribution! The new server loading Parabot V2.4.3 brings a new version of loading servers local. This makes it way easier and comfortable for testers/contributors. Simply create a json file in your Parabot servers folder (like grinderscape.json) and put the following content into it: If you've anymore questions about this system, feel free to message me on Slack! { "name": "Example server", "author": "JKetelaar", "version": 1.0, "client-class": "Client", "locations":{ "provider": "/Users/Jeroen/Downloads/317-api-minified-V1.14.jar" "server": "/Users/Jeroen/Downloads/Grinderscape.jar", "hooks": "http://bdn.parabot.org/data/hooks/carmeuses/Grinderscape_hooks.xml" } } I hope this updates brings some happiness into you guys! You can download this version here. Sincerely, The Parabot Team
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    [Update] Ikov update & Feedback

    We've updated the ikov provider to support their latest client. But be aware of their sketchy steps, as some of their classes make no sense and they used to have the intense to see all of your screens at any moment. This could be seen as a RAT. We do not support such actions from Ikov but there's not a lot we can do for now. We're investigating their client and try to remove the sketchy parts they have, stay safe. Next to the Ikov update, we've also implemented the new feedback system, this allows users to leave a feedback after a trade so that other users can base trust on such feedback. Enjoy! Sincerely, The Parabot staff
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    Alright, thanks. That was a good....Solution. Trolololol
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    It is illegal to take a screenshot of someone else computer system, uploading it to another site for someone else to look at without the end users consent or knowledge. Look up international privacy laws.
  50. 4 points

    Ikov update

    Yes there has been an Ikov update and no we were not able to process their new client yet. Please bear with us while we try to support the latest update. Thanks. PS. If anyone makes a new topic about this, please refer them to this topic. It can be real annoying for staff members to control those stupid posts. Thanks!
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