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    [DEV] OSRS+ Provider

    OSRS+ Provider The idea of this provider is to get us beyond supporting the 317 revision servers. OSRS servers are becoming popular (aside from ikov) and we need to be able to support them! The provider will use the current minified API format and still use the processAction/doAction method so we don't need as many hooks to keep it updated and working. Currently I have my updater working for the following servers: Alora Novea Battle-Scape OSRS Zenyte ( when it releases ) Alora is the first intended to release since it's the biggest OSRS server out at the moment. Others will follow quickly. Currently working on Alora: All debugs work as intended
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    it's being worked on!
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    Zenyte RSPS

    Server name: Zenyte Server URL: https://zenyte.com Direct client URL: https://zenyte-launcher.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/com/zenyte/client/launcher/0.6.0/launcher-0.6.0.jar Average amount of playing: 350+ A good reason to add it: This server is new and has massive potential. 400 players online as I type this, on day 2 of server launch. Tons of content, could very easily sell Zenyte GP for IRL cash. Would definitely be worth adding to the BDN.
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    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    @VeryDank @randomtd
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    Super Simple Fighter - Any Server

    Source code: https://github.com/dginovker/Parabot/tree/master/Simple Fighter It's very minimal. Find the id of the npc you wish to attack and fill it in the first textbox. If the attack option of the NPC is not first, enter which one it is in the second field (i.e. 2 if it's the second). Images: (same image https://i.imgur.com/5HZ8nNO.png) I'll probably make at least the GUI better at some point, but yeah it's "functional" right now so enjoy it for those who need it.
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    HELP: DS Script

    I'm uncertain if there's a rule where if you place loot[0].interact(2); into a boolean if it'll even run that. Also I believe for this line of code if (!Players.getMyPlayer().isInCombat()) { if (loot.length > 0) { if (loot[0].distanceTo() <= 15) { loot[0].interact(2); Time.sleep(500); } } } return !Players.getMyPlayer().isInCombat(); } Instead of if (!Players.getMyPlayer().isInCombat()) {, just have public boolean activate() { return !Players.getMyPlayer().isInCombat(); } Because what this says is if !Players.getMyPlayer().isInCombat();, it'll run the execute() code, if it's false it'll do nothing. You'll want to make a separate class file for looting. For example, public class Loot implements Strategy { public boolean activate() { } public void execute() { } } Then back at your main class you would add strategies.add(new Loot()); to it, to ensure it runs the code and is provided by the main class your using to run the strategies. So for your loot class file it would look like, public class Loot implements Strategy { public boolean activate() { for (GroundItem b : GroundItems.getNearest(217, 211, 219, 2485, 985, 988, 987)) { return b != null && !Players.getMyPlayer().isInCombat(); } return false; // So in this instance, the code above would return true for when b != null and when your player is not in combat. B != null meaning it can see the item is there on the ground and has a value not equal to null. } @Override public void execute() { GroundItem[] loot = GroundItems.getNearest(989,6199,20343); if (!Players.getMyPlayer().isInCombat()) { if (loot.length > 0) { if (loot[0].distanceTo() <= 15) { loot[0].interact(2); Time.sleep(500); } } } } I hope this helps somewhat. If I said anything wrong I hope a experienced programmer corrects it 😝
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    keep getting this message

    oh wow that was pre fast thank you for the update 🙂 you guys rock
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    [Ikov][VIP] EThiever

    Hello Parabot, Today EThiever makes a return and it is FREE for VIP members! If any of you used the old EThiever, it had mule support and creating new account support. Unfortunately, this version has those features disabled, it may be re-enabled in the form of a premium script. It'll thieve stalls from Ikov based upon your level. There's currently a bug, which will make the script switch stalls after a few levels rather than the right level, I am looking into it. You can restart the script to thieve the right stall, or just wait and it'll do it itself after a few levels. If you have any issues, please let me know! Link to script: http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/script.php?s=1000174-EThiever Regards, Empathy
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    How to use proxies with Parabot

    1. Go to your documents on your computer. If you don't have a Parabot folder inside, create a folder called Parabot and run the Parabot.jar within that folder. It should look like something like this in the folder 2. Next create a notepad file and you're going to want to use the command lines, -DsocksProxyHost= -DsocksProxyport= within the .bat file. After that, save the file as a .bat file. Whatever the name of your .jar file is, rename it to what you have. Don't use the proxy I put in there because it will not work. If you have multiple proxies to use, create multiple batch files for each one. 3. You will need to find yourself some Socks4 or Socks5 proxies. I recommend to use a proxy scraper or to look them up. You could also buy them but who wants to spend money? If you have any questions leave a post or pm me 😄
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    pm me once ur online ill fix for u
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    IKOV Bot release

    It's updated!
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    [Server Update] Dreamscape

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for being patient while we fixed dreamscape for their latest update, The Server should now be live! Please clear your cache! Parabot folder -> Cache (delete contents) reload server. OR by adding -Clearcache to your run file. Regards, The Parabot Team
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    LordKilling Pro

    @Lord Same here
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    LordKilling Pro

    Hello, not sure if this problem has come up on here before But i'm stuck in a loop, after everything is completed and I hit start, my character just drinks all the super restores in the inventory, banks them and then starts again Any help on this would be great!
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    Anti-Ban Bot

    Thing is, they are "secretly" on this forum so even if it was a valid strategy (which it isn't because it has been tested) it's not anymore 😛 Don't underestimate them, haha.
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    Hey guys! I just started using parabot but I am sad that it has almost been a week since I have been able to use it for dreamscape 😞 Was going to pay for some scripts but probably wont now because Im not paying for something I cant use a lot of the time.
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    Ive noticed a real turn of the community here in the last year or so. "leave me alone" "ill get too it". First off. SOMEONE needs to be making posts to keep people updated, i havent used or been using parabot in a long time. however every time i do come back its still not updated, or waiting to updated again with you guessed it, no page saying. Get a forums mod to cleanup forums and post updates/ posts when bot is not working. i would also like to point out that "its a hobby not a job" mentality only works if you don't charge for your scripts. which well, you do. (i own 2 of them) -im not upset as idc, im just throwing it out there. second point, every other client updates within 24-48 hrs, all osrs bots, competitors bots ALL of them.
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    Dreamscape has been updated, a new parabot update is required. When you try to login it says "The server has been updated, please update and restart your client" If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated
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    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    Should be fixed! Sorry for the delay been busy.
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    Dreamscape update

    You need to delete Documents > Parabot > Cache, not C:/Users/YourProfile > .ds_cache.
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    Dreamscape update

    Update is now live, Please clear cache :)
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    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    Feature added! Thank you for your feedback.
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    Thanks man you help me 😄
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    So before the bots came, you could get a rate of 15-20 nests per hour. Now with all the bots, you're limiting to 3-5 nests per hour per character. Until they add more trees there's no point in sharing a bot, as it would absolutely saturate the zone. There's also a very good chance that the admins are going to act on the botting issue that was highlighted by the new trees, so the script makers are waiting to make sure they don't screw people over by selling a bot that would get auto banned. Hope that clarifies why the script makers aren't releasing anything as of yet!
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    Go to your parabot folder, which is located at C:\Users\youruser\Documents\parabot If there isn't a folder there, make one called parabot then put your .jar file in there an run it. Next open a notepad and make it similar to this https://gyazo.com/e9523f56963a31d0520a9d639ac9eeaf For the Parabot.jar in there, rename it to your client .jar. So for say your client's name is client3-39.jar you would rename Parabot.jar to that. https://gyazo.com/0074c1077595ddd5f859711ebefab638 Then do File save as, and make sure you put .bat at the end and save it as "All file types". Next make sure your bat file and jar file are in the parabot folder and click the .bat file you made. It'll run the parabot client. https://gyazo.com/89a846726ab1c574a8d922637ede8221 Click on debug->npcs Then it'll show you some Ids in the cmd console. https://gyazo.com/e31633de26ed87497fb8bef50eac96de Like this The ID is the npc and Distance is how close to your character. If you have any more questions feel free to asK
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    i also support this roat pkz is a good server and stable
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    IBlue Dragons [ikov]

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    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    ok i will not Buy
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    Anyone go to the gym

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    Anyone go to the gym

    100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10k-run. the guide to becoming one punch man.
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    Be careful on IKOV

    i Trained 3 accounts didn't make a difference. Parabot is broken atm for IKOV. Not worth botting at all.
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    Hello, this is my script which I threw together very quick, gotta get used to the structure of Parabot (different than I'm used to) I used an counter, but it's mis-placed and I noticed it works fine without lol. Either go to Skills -> Thieving or at Edgeville. Auto-progresses stalls. Source - https://github.com/UhWatchMe/Parabot-DreamScape/tree/master/Thieving
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    [DEV] OSRS+ Provider

    Ikov is being constantly worked on by the staff on here. It literally just released days ago, and afaik scripts are being worked on right now, you should see lots of previous scripts being updated and new ones being released in the following days.
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    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Farmer

    A simple Farming script for Dreamscape. Get it here http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/script.php?s=1000159-Emmas-Farmer Features: Auto Progression Simple paint that displays the XP/Levels gained and herbs collected Checks if the user is Super Donator(if so it will do ::bank) Auto login if disconnected Open-Source: http://git.parabot.org/SandroC/Farming-Dreamscape
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    Update the Hook Tutorial

    Can we please have the hook file update links no longer work and its hard to learn from something without the information along side it.
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    Dreamscape update

    Same problem, just be patients they'll push the update soon, theyre busy and work hard for us 😛
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    Dreamscape thieve

    Post this as a reply on the topic of the bot in question, now no one knows which bot you are talking about.
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    wondering if this supports sponsor zone yet?
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    [Server Updates] PkHonor and Dreamscape

    Try again now
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    [Server Update] Dreamscape updated!

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for being patient while we fixed the issue with Dreamscape, The Server should now be live! Remember to clear cache! Parabot folder -> Cache (delete contents) reload server. Regards, The Parabot Team
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    Client is laggy

    Try running with -Xmx1G -Xms256M This will set your minimal ram usage to 256Mbs and 1Gb of maximum ram. You can always increase these values if the clients continues to lag. Reference: https://stackoverflow.com/a/14763095
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    what could be the issue

    Go to File and Disable Dialog, to enable clicking just enable dialog. It's a java issue with MacOs.
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    Hi ya'll - Public Discord Server

    Very awesome.
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    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    You're the only one complaing about this issue, I've ran the script for 2 hours without any issues. Can you try running with -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M to limit the memory usage of Parabot & Dreamscape, I'm already giving 15 seconds of delay which should be plenty for most modern computers.
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    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    Should be fixed, and not really as it's faster to just relog than to teleport really.
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    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    Looks awesome.
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    dreamscape error:null

    think it has to do with them updating the server. Have the same error.
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    If you're launching Parabot using CMD, your .bat file should look something like this: cd ./ java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar Parabot.jar -loadlocal pause The addition of '-Xmx1024M -Xms1024M' should allocate the proper memory. There are a few more commands that I've found helpful that you can add to the second line of code; I'll list them below. Just add a space after load local then add the other commands (Ex: -loadlocal -mac random). Ignore the #, they're just explaining the commands. -mac random #randomized your mac address -server Dreamscape #automatically selects Dreamscape as a server -login username password #add your Parabot username and login to automatically login If you're not running Parabot through CMD using a .bat file, there are a few explanations of how to do it on the forums.
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