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    Dreamscape Update [10/08/2018]

    Hey Everyone! Please note that Dreamscape has been updated, To get the update all you need to do is clear your cache folder and begin botting! Windows - Documents -> Parabot -> Cache folder (Delete folder) Mac - Home -> Parabot -> Cache folder (Delete folder) Regards, The Parabot Team
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    Eyyyy long time.

    Haven't been here for a very long time, busy irl and quitting any PS that existed. Thinking of returning for OS-scape seems like a HQ server and it hit me to check the site I used to frequently visit. Miss u Paradox u and ur shitty Porsche <3. P.S. My Java skillz are still top tier HQ, paradox can vouch.
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    Ultimate Compiling Tutorial for Parabot! The link the video is Here! To watch the First Way (More Simple Way) Just watch the beginning of the tutorial. If you want to compile more than 5 .Java files at once, watch at this time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbJLMEJbnEU&feature=youtu.be If you need anymore help, please post below or add my skype Kozs.parabot Links: Parabot Client Download Parabot API's --- Code --- Run.bat Compilier.bat
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    Two of the biggest PKH Scripts were kGoldMiner and kCoalMiner, and I thought to myself; why not morph these scripts together and add even more features to it! So here I am! Features: - Progress Bar of your Level (Thanks for Fryslan) - Simple GUI, and Paint - Supports Coal Mining @ Mining Guild - Runite Mining @ Legends Guild - Runite Mining/Iron/Coal @ Donor Skilling Island - Supports Runite/Coal/Tin/Copper/Iron/Gold @ ::Skilling zone as-well! Proggies If you're using this script please let me know and if there's any bugs, let me know as-well!
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    Account Settings Constants

    Feel free to post more if you run into missing settings. /** * User: Fryslan */ public class AccountSettings { public static final int ATTACK_STYLE = 43; public static final int BRIGHTNESS = 166; public static final int ZOOM = 168; public static final int MOUSE_BUTTONS = 170; public static final int CHAT_EFFECTS = 171; public static final int AUTO_RETALIATE = 172; public static final int LOOTSHARE_ENABLED = 174; public static final int OPPONENT_AT_DUELING_ARENA = 286; public static final int SPLIT_PRIVATE_CHAT = 287; public static final int SPECIAL_ATTACK_ENERGY = 300; public static final int RUN_ENABLED = 429; public static final int SHOW_MIASMICS_SPELLS = 1273; public static final int WITHDRAW_ITEMS_NOTED = 3536; public static final int TEN_MULTIPLIED_HITS = 3553; public static final int SHOW_FOG = 3573; public static final int SHOW_ROOFS = 3589; public static final int SHOW_TIMERS = 3604; public static final int ENTER_HOUSE_IN_BUILDING_MODE = 3800; public static final int ENTER_HOUSE_WITH_DOORS_OPEN = 3801; public static final int SUMMONING_LEFT_CLICK_OPTION = 4040; }
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    BDN down time

    this is turning into a bitch fourm can you no just give us a rough eta, of whenm its expected to be back up and running instead of shortly or asap, because every one is just gonna keep checking every thinking its gonna come back online because your not telling us much information
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