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Hello Everyone,

We at Parabot are proud to announce that after continued hard work, we are the first to bring our VIP+ members a beta release for Ikov!
They have an extremely intensive banning system, so please make sure you are using VPNs and avoid botting on your main-accounts.

What's next?
If you would like to support us and bot on Ikov, please purchase VIP or greater ranks at our store; https://www.parabot.org/store.
We will continue to work on improving the stability of Ikov, while this is a time-consuming matter, we ask that bans and crashes are reported with all the information you have (location, stack traces, what were you doing, etc).
We will also continue to publish more and more scripts. Please suggest all kind of scripts to our script-writers, so they can be the best of their support to you.

Thanks for you continued support! If you would like to join in with the conversation feel free to join our slack channel to get the latest

The Parabot team
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