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  1. You can join Slack; https://join.slack.com/t/parabot/shared_invite/zt-804z2kfr-XyXc_nLUMBZX7RIH3f834Q
  2. Heya! We're migrating the BDN, which should solve this issue. Will report when it's fixed :) Apologies
  3. Does this work? http://v3.bdn.parabot.org/api/bot/download/client?nightly=true
  4. JKetelaar

    account not working?

    Hi there - we can help you through our Slack channel: https://join.slack.com/t/parabot/shared_invite/zt-804z2kfr-XyXc_nLUMBZX7RIH3f834Q
  5. JKetelaar

    account not working?

    Please ensure you're using your username and password filled in on this website.
  6. You can use the same username and password as you use to login to this forum!
  7. Feel free to join our Slack community!
  8. Feel free to join our slack!
  9. Dreamscape Update please?

  10. We usually have it up within the same day, some people just like to rant about stuff they can't reach.
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