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  1. These people are making huge anti-bot changes and they don't even know how the largest bot company runs, even though its open source. SMH. I wonder which script writer blahblahdie was.
  2. It's not as simple as supporting just another server. OSRune is a good server, but the client isn't based on the 317 revision. Unless Parabot decides to make major changes, I don't see it being supported. With that being said, I think these new old school servers can bring in a lot more people and a lot more money if they were VIP+.
  3. Menu#sendAction(id, action1, action2, action3)
  4. hey i download the bot and it does not have runiqque server do you no how to get it ?

    1. purplehaze


      Pretty sure you need to be VIP + to bot runique

  5. Minimal


    It looks pretty cool. From taking a quick look at it, it uses a loader kind of like how SoulSplit used to. Its pretty promising for being a day old.
  6. I'd like to see OS Scape added too but the problem with servers that use OSRS's cache is that they're always shut down super fast.
  7. It isn't fixed yet. There's pretty much only one thing that is stopping Parabot from working but it's a very annoying thing.
  8. Yeah, I played it yesterday.
  9. Isn't this the server that got split into two when drama started between the owner and former owner? It used to be called OS-Veldahar.
  10. Minimal


    SOON™ INSIDER INFO™ Also, that error is because of the script.
  11. I just tried this method and its very slow money. Not only that but its limited to one person per pile of logs so if a script was made for this it would fill up very easily.
  12. It'd probably be much more complicated than that. I think the main server everyone wants to see scripts for is Runique so I'm waiting for that to be fixed then I can start making scripts again. Crandor seems very dead at the moment so I don't see it being prioritized by anyone right now.
  13. I was wondering if you could update the Minimals Runecrafting script

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