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  1. Excah

    I wish for...

    I wish for a kebab
  2. I remember seeing you around.
  3. Excah

    I get the ladies...

    now I just need to find myself my 10/10 qtpie.
  4. Excah

    Requesting " dreamscape317 bot "

    Shame, I would have liked to see this added. at like 10tril on this rsps but it's boring af now.
  5. Excah

    The Parabot year awards

    There should be a sexiest user award strictly for me.
  6. Excah

    MADE MY FIRST SCRIPT! [Soulsplit]

    wow man u leaking my code, where is my credits?
  7. Excah

    MADE MY FIRST SCRIPT! [Soulsplit]

    wow man teach me ur ways
  8. Excah

    Parabot 2 years old!

    I'm proud to say I have been here over a year c;
  9. Excah


    May the best bot win.
  10. Excah

    Requesting a script

    Adding a little more information may help you, which server?
  11. Wow, ur exactly a member for 1 year!

    1. Excah


      Oh yeah :D #Been a member for 1year+

    2. JKetelaar


      Now you're member for 1 year and 3 days :D

  12. Excah

    [Release]Soulsplit provider

    Member Since 04 Dec 2012 gtfo leecher all the newfags be bitching.
  13. Excah

    Pkhonor alcher

    Ik, I was being sarcastic. Why are you re-posting it then?, newbie.
  14. Excah

    Pkhonor alcher

    yes, yes we should.
  15. Excah

    Pkhonor alcher

    When he goes to sleep auto click profit?????????