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  1. i do not know how to code watsoever much less bot can u teach me via pm on pkhonor




  2. Xunn

    Terrorist attacks

    It's horrible what is happening, I heard that there are atleast 30 dead, 10 killed at the airport, and another 20 in a metro station. And apparently he belgian police found an unexploded suicide vest (or something similar) at the airpot. i struggle to follow the news as there are so many rumours and so many things happening. I think it'll be a few days till there is some oversight on what happend today
  3. UPDATE: Added Teletab support and a nice simple paint:
  4. Hence the smiley face @plasts I wish you best of luck!
  5. This, seeing as most people here already use a service (a computer based service, also called bot) to do their dirty work ;)
  6. Did you include the minifed API and the normal .jar file in your buildpath?
  7. Xunn

    xMiner [PKHonor]

    Go it, could you explain why it worked? public static String getPlayerName() { try { Field field = Loader.getClient().getClass().getDeclaredField("hR"); field.setAccessible(true); Object value = null; try { value = field.get(Loader.getClient()); } catch (IllegalArgumentException {sodEmoji.|} IllegalAccessException e) { // TODO Auto-generated catch block e.printStackTrace(); } String s = value.toString(); s = s.substring(0, 1).toUpperCase() + s.substring(1); //Used to capitalize the first character return s; } catch (NoSuchFieldException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } return null; }
  8. Xunn

    Website Helper

  9. Good :) Nice find! EDIT: does not seem to work at the nature altar, so it is highly unlikely that it works somewhere else.
  10. Xunn

    xMiner [PKHonor]

    The method getName() is undefined for the type Player Eventhough the docs do list a function getName() for the interface Player?
  11. Xunn

    xMiner [PKHonor]

    Im going to H4x0rz all of you :) Well I decided to comine both a paint and GUI in turn that valuable information about the script is visible without having the complete client open. However when running multiple clients it is dificult to keep track which client relates to which GUI. Adding a player name to the GUI solves this problem (just as OSBuddy).
  12. Xunn

    [PkHonor] RDM Farmer

    Yeah that's what I was reffering to. I guess he must have stumbled upon it by accident?
  13. Xunn

    [PkHonor] RDM Farmer

    Runs smooth awesome so far! Nice find with the teleports ;), how did you find it? Ps. Why not use conditional sleeps?
  14. On PKHonor, and most RSPS there are no "bot-detection systems". Often they (administrators) are able to detect autoclickers/mousemacro's but that's it. The rest of the "bot-detection" is done by online moderators/administrators or random events.
  15. Xunn

    xMiner [PKHonor]

    xMiner, Mining all ores at amazing speed! Feel free to suggest Changes or help me improve my code. xMiner GitHub How to Use: - Start near resource of choice and a bankobject -Run the script To Do: -Find a way to get current player name. -Find a way to detect if a pickaxe is equipped Change Log Change Log [13-3-2016] First Release FAQ 1. Why do I have weird names in my friendlist? TLDR; Parabot and the servers run in different threads, this might lead to wrong packet ID's which the (RSPS)client might handle as an AddFriend packet.
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