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  1. jakethesnake

    [$50] Hook my client

    aint no one hooking a server and making 3 scripts for $50
  2. jakethesnake

    Deobfuscating a jar

    a brain
  3. jakethesnake


    Anyone who can identify obfuscated fields and methods can definitely write their own scripts
  4. Yes, I have used tmac, it just re writes the registry file with your hardware address stored in it. Which is why I am skeptical that parabot's methods to change mac aren't actually doing anything. No file writing, no network settings reset + update. Which is why I am asking here... So how is parabot communicating the fake mac address to the private server?
  5. I ported all the network methods over to my private client and they don't seem to do anything
  6. I was testing it externally, didn't seem to do anything. Is there any way I can actually verify that it is spoofing my mac address?
  7. I ran a few tests and NetworkInterface.setMac(); didn't seem to do what I thought it would. I could be wrong though...
  8. jakethesnake

    Private simba script

  9. jakethesnake

    All Ikov scripts to Elkoy??

    Fucking leechers
  10. jakethesnake

    RSPS computer ban

    You were probably file or hardware banned. Some things to try ~ - Clear game cache - Clear %temp% files - Take out RAM for 5-10 seconds - Create a new PC user and try playing on that account OP was probably using Simba
  11. jakethesnake

    Problem logging into BDN

    alright thanks wont let me change password either lol