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  1. aint no one hooking a server and making 3 scripts for $50
  2. Anyone who can identify obfuscated fields and methods can definitely write their own scripts
  3. Yes, I have used tmac, it just re writes the registry file with your hardware address stored in it. Which is why I am skeptical that parabot's methods to change mac aren't actually doing anything. No file writing, no network settings reset + update. Which is why I am asking here... So how is parabot communicating the fake mac address to the private server?
  4. I ported all the network methods over to my private client and they don't seem to do anything
  5. I was testing it externally, didn't seem to do anything. Is there any way I can actually verify that it is spoofing my mac address?
  6. I ran a few tests and NetworkInterface.setMac(); didn't seem to do what I thought it would. I could be wrong though...
  7. https://villavu.com/forum/showthread.php?t=117030
  8. You were probably file or hardware banned. Some things to try ~ - Clear game cache - Clear %temp% files - Take out RAM for 5-10 seconds - Create a new PC user and try playing on that account OP was probably using Simba
  9. alright thanks wont let me change password either lol
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