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  1. Kozs


    I feel that Good times on this forum
  2. 5 years too late to answer but arrogance is timeless 🙂 A lot of people benefited from this tutorial
  3. Kozs


    5 scripts lol. I'm not having a pissing contest with the website I spent a lot more time than you working with/on. I just don't want to make PKHonor Scripts or what else, DreamScape. I've made a lot in my day. You got some ego problems you need to workout. Try working out, helps a lot of people. ~ Enjoy your day
  4. Kozs


    Narrow minded thinking- You could try to push new ideas, for example give people reasons to make scripts. Push activity on this forum by influencing it, rather than making no attempt. I am sure you could even start something where people would pool in a few bucks each for someone to release new servers for SW to create on. Forums where never this dead with active bots, so I simply assumed we didn't have any that worked. We have competition now.
  5. Kozs


    august 16th - 2 weeks - lol i didnt know you were CapsLock xD well if I was still a mod I would be giving weekly, 2 updates a week just to let the community know. Quit taking shit personal, trying to help this forum. I haven't seen it I used to check the forums daily, then weekly, then bi-weekly and always saw just random posts about PK-Honor people complaining about it not working. Literally an OG here
  6. Kozs


    Can you guys keep us updated on server status on the forums? It's the official way of communication. Ik you guys post on slack we've been over this months ago. Take initiative if Jereon wont
  7. Nah this is basically dead. I want to make scripts but I dont see any updates on forums. I'm not joining Slack. Use your forums to talk to your people as much as you guys waste my time reading meaninless shit in slack.
  8. Yeah, they will work if you're properly linking the classes/fields. They have the right idea, just not properly hooked...
  9. Kozs

    ETA on OSS?

    I am not sure how much I would trust Parabot with an Old School Bot, if you're talking about actual OS. That being said I don't trust any botting site, because you can get banned on all of them...
  10. You're probably not going to get a RSPS from scratch. You're going to get a modified base, which is how most RSPS's start.
  11. That's not true. Theoretically, what I assume the Server does it wait for a specific response from the updated version. It might be as simple as an int passed from the client that they update each time. (Like PKHonor did) You'd just need to somehow figure out which variable (if my theory is the case) is the CLIENT_VERSION = version; since the code is obfuscated it makes this tricky.
  12. No servers work rn anyways.
  13. Should release, gives us SW's something to do
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