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  1. When launching, add this parameter and it should work: -no_sec There is however, a problem with Soulplay currently that even this argument won't fix, however, Dreamscape does work with this. Best of luck!
  2. Hey man, I really like what you've been doing with the bot. I love the new updates you've been releasing, thanks for being such an awesome admin! I'd love to be a mod someday! I will do everything I can to make this dream come true. 

  3. Any new servers on the radar????
  4. iSully


    Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wussup friends. It's been a while
  5. iSully

    [Ikov] JKPOSeller

    ​Such innovative. Many Wow. Much Amaze. So Hype
  6. Is private scripting something that is still allowed? If so would you be interested in making one? (or refer me to someone who would)

  7. iSully


    It's been a while since I've visited the page. How is everyone doing?
  8. Yeah after thinking about it, I realized that's all it would really take.
  9. Might I suggest adding an item db/npc db to give names to NPC's rather than them picking out the specific ID's? It's easy for scripters to do that, but I'm sure it could be confusing for the average script user. I'd be more than willing to assist you with this too if you'd like. Otherwise, script looks nice! EDIT: I'm sure you could get some people to also gather drop lists for all the NPC's along with their ID's making it easier for you. Possibly exchange access to pro version for those to help gather ID's and drops! PM me if you'd like to work on this idea together!
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