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  1. f3rsport

    Compiling scripts

    Can someone help me to compile some scripts? Idk why, but https://www.innovation.ch/java/java_compile.html not working anymore any other methods?
  2. f3rsport

    Simplicity GoldSmelter [Patched]

    sir, can you help us with compiling? i downloaded intellij but i dont know how it works ;(
  3. f3rsport

    Crandor won't load

    Mine on 50%+ :/
  4. f3rsport


    Delete pls
  5. f3rsport

    Crandor won't load

    I got this http://prntscr.com/c6zovf http://prntscr.com/c6zqoy can someone help me?
  6. f3rsport

    Best server with around 100+ customs | Need staff

    you kidding right??
  7. f3rsport

    RS is shit.

    for what?
  8. f3rsport

    [PKHonor] Gold Miner @ Crafting Guild

    I'm getting error's (SceneObjects)
  9. f3rsport

    Scripts won't compile. REP++

    Solved. Thank you Lord!
  10. f3rsport

    Scripts won't compile. REP++

    Hello every1, I tried to use this tutorial But I'm always getting these error's http://prntscr.com/9zp8vk Can someone help me? :) REP++
  11. f3rsport


    Server name: GrinderScape Server URL: www.grinderscape.org Direct client URL: Average amount of playing: 300~ A good reason to add it: Very popular server, alot of money makings, btw good base to make a bot
  12. f3rsport


  13. f3rsport

    cant login on bot

    checked twice, nothing .
  14. f3rsport

    cant login on bot

    dude, i dont even get any code to my email. dude, i dont even get any code to my email.