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  1. long time no see (happy)

  2. monib33


    It will be announced when it will be updated. god damn so much spam over shit that has already been posted.
  3. Do you ever get bored with all the "server needs updated plx!" threads? 

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    2. Lord


      Haha do you mean me? Active on any others? 

    3. monib33
    4. Lord


      Nah i don't have time for others

  4. I want a e-whoring bot for Pkhonor. PLXXX!!! come on Lord, i need ways to sell my noodz! Jokes aside, Would be nice to have a zombie mini game bot for pkhonor.
  5. What was the reason song behind the ban?
  6. Yup. please have this done.
  7. Hey everyone. I use to buy/sell plenty of PKH Accounts back I think 2 yrs ago. As oh now due to the low traffic to this site sales of almost all sorts have stopped. I have around 8 Pkhonor accs, most are maxed or close to maxed. Most are empty in the sense of Value. I am only selling these accounts in Retrospect to their total skill, unlocked quests, ancient, and NAME. I would like to know from the few soul active users or leech that happened to see this thread, what would you price maxed skills accounts or accounts one-two skills away from max? -Thank you
  8. monib33


    I'd have to say, since 2013 I have been on here on and off partly due to the inability of staff members updating the users of this forum. As aperson that is active on 4 forums, it is vital that the staff members communicate with its users if an issue arises.
  9. monib33

    [S] Pkhonor Ticks

    Hey guys I can easily pm you when I get some stocks!
  10. monib33

    [S] Pkhonor Ticks

    Updated again!!! at 270b!
  11. Thanks for dropping that fire mixtape! Sorry i meant script
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