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  2. Ifreakout


    I know at the moment there's no support for RoatPkz but I'm wondering what would it take to get it? I would totally get VIP for that server, and even buy some scripts for farming... Not sure where else to post so I felt bot discussion was a decent place..
  3. After seeing all this frustration, I'll wait until it's stable to consider donating..
  4. yeah lemme know if it's working
  5. Ifreakout


    You love my posts. Wut security? ......
  6. Ifreakout


    Agreed 100%! I just thought this was funny and got a nice laugh out of it. They knew they were next. Of course they wouldn't renew it. xD It's almost like they are saying "bring us people to ban pls, we're really bored over here" haha!
  7. Ifreakout


    Parabot: bot for private servers. Forums: ADS for private servers. Am I the only one who finds this just a little amusing? <3
  8. I try not to, but once the bot is down I get bored of the servers so I quit. :/ Ouchie.
  9. Zzz okay. It seems like every time I start to come back around to bot, everything falls apart. :/
  10. Okay so PKHonor just updated and now the bot's API isn't up to date or whatever I guess. Is this going to be fixed? As well as the issue with like only 2 scripts working for PkHonor.?
  11. Well sob how do I get the old bot? lol
  12. http://gyazo.com/4e6e5943a3b5a1f1ed9758a423c3b492 That's what I'm getting with every script from the SDN. Any way I can fix it? Am I doing something wrong?
  13. http://gyazo.com/4e6e5943a3b5a1f1ed9758a423c3b492
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