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  1. kavraka

    [Dreamscape] LordRaid

    I was wondering if there was a way to make it join raids faster. or if the Error that im getting is what is slowing it down?
  2. kavraka

    LordPeng [Penguin Killer]

    How do i get to the log thats shows why the script keeps stopping? For some reason it will run for a few minutes then completely stop. Also there is no option to loot the armadyl armor that drops from here. Below shows that ive only done 5 kills and no Mbox's however ive gotten 14mbox's in this time and many many kills. Seems to not be logging properly.
  3. kavraka

    LordKilling Pro

    With this do i have to gather my own NPC id's or does it do that automaticaly?
  4. kavraka

    DreamScape out of date

    Cheers mate keep up the good work. Client was updated again to fix a few bugs. Might be something to look into?
  5. kavraka

    DreamScape out of date

    DreamScape just Had a major update today and is now out of date again. There is talk of possibly another update here in the near future. Is there anyway we can get this updated for now though? Thanks