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  1. exhausted


    Not trying to buy much just a few bil to get my realist started. Thanks idk prices yet of the bils or mils.
  2. Haven't been on this forum for god knows how long but getting back into it. Why is alora not a focus? Large pvm/skilling based server lol almost seems perfect. I'm just now getting into scripting with autoit as it's a bit easier for me bc new kid.
  3. https://gyazo.com/016d579a9db5747eeb52e283f7240e9a wtf??? man wtfing fuck
  4. yeah when will it be updated??????????????//
  5. It doesn't even load the fucking client for me wtf how long have people been playing
  6. i am buy dat gold pm me
  7. I just realizeD I totally meant Elkoy l0l
  8. Looking to buy alora gold if you have some lmk ;)))
  9. Yeah that was kinda fucked, hope you get out bid.
  10. I guess I got macced.. Haven't really tried to log in since ban lol. I thought it was just my phone's IP but I've connected to a few vpns and says my account is disabled.
  11. Don't want to assume that immediately but as soon as I started to do something else on my computer, I got banned. I'll try again.
  12. Literally same, not even kidding.
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