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  1. An update was pushed out, you can buy the plate from the summoning vendor now.
  2. Whur that virus scan you goober
  3. Yeah already know that.
  4. wowfreak0123

    Selling Ikov GP

    Whats the going rate?
  5. Well I was able to bot on a vm for about 5 minutes before getting banned on agility lol.
  6. I agree. It's not safe to bot on Ikov. They already detected it or how the script works i guess. Not sure, im not a coder lol
  7. Legit just got banned on a new account. Maybe if i grinded instead of a fresh account. Lol. Did agility for 6 minutes went ot the jail, there was a mod, i instantly spoke said dafuq mang then banned. Saw other levels too 3-120ish so yeah.
  8. Hi, Sorry if someone else has already posted this :C I have this issue when I load Ikov on parabot. I'm running on a win 7 vm with a vpn.. https://i.gyazo.com/dd257025bb04a8cd3f1df40d2a5a2f4a.png
  9. Just like every other server its against their ToS, never bot on your main, you will always have the risk of a ban.
  10. Buying in bulk, got pp and btc
  11. Paying via paypal, verified buyer.
  12. Anyone got any idea on if this is being worked on and if so, whats the eta?
  13. Okay I'll try this, thanks
  14. This is what happens when I run.bat http://gyazo.com/19a1f02fddd1fa7258d046dfc33f1c7b.png
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