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  1. Did you ask for verification that it was the user? From what I can see @chocolatecheese01 hasn't shown his discord tag on Parabot. I'm not a mod or admin so I can't really help any further, but it does appear you've been scammed by an imposter, are you sure you haven't got any evidence linking @chocolatecheese01 and the discord tag? All I can suggest is next time you trade with people ask them for a PM to verify it's them etc.
  2. So after a bit of digging I've found a few accounts on multiple websites with use of the discord username https://www.sythe.org/members/maxgoldnmz.1255820/ https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/18291-cheapest-nmzburstingpowerleveling-available-now/ https://osbot.org/forum/topic/156081-cheapest-nmzburstingpowerleveling-available-now/ Can I ask how did you originally get in contact with MaxGoldNMZ#5453? Was it through Parabot or another website?
  3. My bad, I should of been more clearer with what I meant. Please make a new thread here: https://www.parabot.org/community/forum/93-disputes/ Follow the dispute template
  4. Please move the post to disputes section and follow this: I've messaged a mod to see if this can resolved
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  7. Happy Hanukkah! Look, monkey on the car :) ..... Fuck off.
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