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  1. TheDesigner

    Dreamscape Update [10/08/2018]

    Friendly staff A++ ❤️
  2. TheDesigner

    Roast Me.

    You was touched as a kid.
  3. TheDesigner

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Happy Hanukkah! Look, monkey on the car :) ..... Fuck off.
  4. TheDesigner

    Yo bet 5 bucks less than 5 people remember me here

    Who da f0ck are u m8?
  5. TheDesigner

    Television's old "universal" provider

    Well considering it wasn't aimed at you, nor Parabot itself. I think you need to calm down, not everything I say is about you or Parabot. I was actually aiming it at Caps.
  6. TheDesigner

    Give me your Thoughts.

  7. TheDesigner

    Give me your Thoughts.

    Drinking just for the heck of it? :P
  8. TheDesigner

    Best osrs Bot?

    Dreambot & Runemate My personal fav bots :)
  9. TheDesigner

    Id like to explain..

    can u lik my bowl?
  10. TheDesigner

    Let the real elo hell begin..