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  1. vixen


    50B+ in stock, Pm me with your rates and skype if interested.
  2. vixen

    [S] Selling pk honor gp for osrs gp

    BUMP, Still selling
  3. Hiya mate. If your still selling 07 Gold. PM ME

  4. could I buy some pkhonor gold, around 25b your rates, paypal?

    1. bossman25


      Ill sell like 10b for $8 if you want. You got first sense I am giving a deal. Tbh could get more if I wanted to wait.

  5. vixen

    Pkhonor drink pot (interact)

    So, interact(Option.DRINK), is gone..? Anyways, I want to use interact(id) to drink a pot, but I don't know the id, I tried 0-5 and 74
  6. Can I purchase runique auto voter with 07 gp? Don't have paypal yet :/

    1. scriptss


      you would have to contact @JKetelaar or @Wishy 

    2. Wishy


      You should be able to set up a paypal and sell the gold that way

  7. vixen

    Pkhonor [Update]

  8. vixen

    Pkhonor prayer

    Why isint it in api already? Too hard to add or just lazy? Also who created parabot?
  9. vixen

    Pkhonor prayer

    Prayer.PIETY.enable(); Prayer.PIETY.disable(); if(Prayer.PIETY.isEnabled()){ //method } None of them work... How am I supposed to detect if prayer is on/off and send command for prayer? I know Menu.sendAction works but if I use it it will just keep switching on off the prayer obviously
  10. vixen

    Timer in one strategy cause other strategies to wait

    Either one strategy works, but both don't work together.. can't fix it can you tell me the problem in the code? Attack.java int dragon_id = 6811; // 6811 @Override public boolean activate() { return true; } @Override public void execute() { if (Players.getMyPlayer().isInCombat()) { Time.sleep(600); return; } Npc dragon = Npcs.getClosest(dragon_id); if ((dragon != null) && (!dragon.isInCombat())) { dragon.interact(Option.ATTACK); Menu.sendAction(169,54,117,25036); Menu.sendAction(169,689,107,25050); Time.sleep(new SleepCondition() { public boolean isValid() { return Players.getMyPlayer().isInCombat(); } }, 3000); } else { Time.sleep(600); } } } Pray.java int[] pray_pot = {144,140,142,2435}; @Override public boolean activate() { if ((Skill.PRAYER.getLevel() <= (Skill.PRAYER.getRealLevel()*0.6))){ return true; } return false; } @Override public void execute() { Time.sleep(500); Item[] praypots = Inventory.getItems(pray_pot); if (praypots[0] != null){ praypots[0].interact(Option.DRINK); Time.sleep(1500); } } }
  11. vixen

    Timer in one strategy cause other strategies to wait

    If I do that, won't it infinitely drink the potion when I start the script everytime? Yeah I thought to do that but i am new and, thought to do it with what knowledge I have atm. Also why won't other strategies work simultaneously?
  12. So this is the code to drink antifire and sleep for 5.5 minutes, but when sleeping other strategies like attack don't work. @Override public void execute() { Time.sleep(200); Timer potted = new Timer(330000); // 5.5 mins = 330000 Item[] pot = Inventory.getItems(firepot); pot[0].interact(Option.DRINK); Time.sleep(new SleepCondition() { public boolean isValid() { return ((potted.getRemaining() == 0)); } }, (int) potted.getRemaining());
  13. vixen

    2 strategies not working together?

    When I do //Strategy.add(new Teleport()); in my main class, only then the huntingExpert Strategy works? Please help and also suggest if I need any corrections in code, I'm new ImpCatcher.java package impCatch; import java.util.ArrayList; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.Category; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.Script; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.ScriptManifest; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.Strategy; import org.rev317.min.api.methods.Npcs; @ScriptManifest(author = "vixen", category = Category.HUNTER, description = "Hunts Imps", name = "Perfect Imps", servers = { "PKHONOR" }, version = 1) public class impCatcher extends Script { private final ArrayList<Strategy> Strategy = new ArrayList<Strategy>(); @Override public boolean onExecute(){ Strategy.add(new Teleport()); Strategy.add(new huntingExpert()); provide(Strategy); return true; } @Override public void onFinish(){ } public org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.Npc getNearestNpc(int id) { try { org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.Npc[] nearestNpcs = Npcs.getNearest(id); if (nearestNpcs[0] != null) { return nearestNpcs[0]; } else { return null; } } catch (Exception e) { } return null; } } Huntingexpert.java package impCatch; import org.parabot.environment.api.utils.Time; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.Strategy; import org.rev317.min.api.methods.Game; import org.rev317.min.api.methods.Menu; import org.rev317.min.api.methods.Npcs.Option; public class huntingExpert extends impCatcher implements Strategy { public final int expert_d = 2480; org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.Npc expert; @Override public boolean activate() { expert = getNearestNpc(5112); if ((expert.distanceTo() < 10)) { return true; } return false; } @Override public void execute() { expert = getNearestNpc(5112); if ((expert != null)) { expert.interact(Option.TALK_TO); if (!(Game.getOpenBackDialogId() == expert_d)) { Time.sleep(200); } else { Menu.sendAction(315, 1252, 5, 2483); Time.sleep(100, 200); Menu.sendAction(315, 318160896, 293, 2495); Time.sleep(2500); } } } } Teleport.java package impCatch; import org.parabot.environment.api.utils.Time; import org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.Strategy; import org.rev317.min.api.methods.Inventory; import org.rev317.min.api.methods.Menu; import org.rev317.min.api.methods.SceneObjects; import org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.SceneObject; public class Teleport implements Strategy { public String getStatus() { return "Teleporting to Imps"; } @Override public boolean activate() { SceneObject[] bankBooths = SceneObjects.getNearest(2213); SceneObject bank = bankBooths[0]; if ((Inventory.contains(562)) && bank.distanceTo() < 15) { return true; } return false; } @Override public void execute() { Menu.sendAction(1027,10387456,462,62); Time.sleep (500,1000); Menu.sendAction(315,10387456,391,1170); Time.sleep (500,1000); Menu.sendAction(315,628,500,2498); Time.sleep (500,1000); Menu.sendAction(315,628,37,2498); Time.sleep (500,1000); Menu.sendAction(315,628,503,2495); Time.sleep (3000,4000); } }
  14. vixen

    [PKHonor] ePKHunter [Premium]

    Too many bots @ pk honor, would like to see this scrip get prem.
  15. vixen

    Click an item in inventory

    Got it, Menu.sendAction(74, 8013 - 0, Inventory.getItems(TELEPORT)[0].getSlot(), 3214);