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  1. Sean

    How To Fix This Error?

    http://imgur.com/WCWfX8E Error I get when loading Runique on a Mac.
  2. Sean

    [Release] Parabot V2.4.3

    http://imgur.com/WCWfX8E Error I get when loading Runique on a Mac.
  3. Sean

    Os-Alianor - The nostalgia awaits!

    Are we allowed to bot?
  4. Sean

    Runique doesn't work.

    Just out of curiosity, what is the issue?
  5. Sean

    Ikov Account Creator! [Vouch/paid]

    Will you level up my current account for the same rate per 99 skill?
  6. Sean

    Small Change Needed

    When I clicked run on a script, and was in the GUI for the settings/what not, I hit the "X" button for the settings menu and the entire client closed. Forgot what the correct terminology for this type of bug is, but it shouldn't shut the client down? Small API change needed.
  7. Sean


    Looking to buy enough gold for two donator scrolls. I am unsure how much that runs for, so I will purchase according to your best judgement, looking to pay via Bitcoins. I prefer to deal on-site only, so when you read this message, I kindly request you contact me.
  8. Sean

    ikov loading fix [06/06/2015]

    ​ What do you recommend botting to get a decent amount of GPs with?
  9. Sean

    ikov loading fix [06/06/2015]

    ​ I meant Ikov GP's. I can provide Bitcoins provided my bets go as planned tonight!
  10. Sean

    Ikov update

    ​Thank you, so, so much X2147M^2147M!
  11. Sean

    ikov loading fix [06/06/2015]

    Holy shit. You're amazing; do you accept donations?
  12. Sean

    Ikov update

    ​ Where did you get the "few days" from?
  13. Sean

    soulsplit window too small

    As long as your bot runs, don't worry. The whole point of botting is so you don't have to watch the screen lol.
  14. Sean

    ETA on telos server support?

    Update on this?