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  1. hey ive never been able to log into the BDN and it keeps telling me to contact an administrator can u help?

  2. fryslan

    bAIO - Parabot's First Max Cape Script BETA

    @Bears You cant clean herbs since there arent grimy herbs ingame.
  3. Hi, I have a small favor to ask. Do you think you could help me by implementing a feature into this script: https://github.com/dickersonkyle/NRMagicCutter/blob/master/script

    I basically need the script to either walk a square (randomly) every 2-3 minutes, or to type a random message (or just a letter like "x") every 3 minutes. Thanks!

  4. fryslan

    [Requests] Taking script requests!!!

    The farming script that is in the making is written much better and also will include trees
  5. fryslan

    [Requests] Taking script requests!!!

    PKHonor Farming script is being worked on and its almost finished
  6. fryslan

    Server status

    @JKetelaar and parnassian
  7. fryslan

    Server status

  8. fryslan

    Server status

    As mentioned before i'm not the one who can update servers.
  9. fryslan

    Rant about the staff

    They are fixed and will be added to the bot in tomorro's update so shhttt.... pls
  10. fryslan

    Rant about the staff

    You clearly have no idea what is and has been done these past weeks and months, its not up to me to update the servers. I'm here to work on the API, Randoms and stuff @JKetelaar can use my help with.
  11. fryslan

    FPestControl $5.99

    I mean like physically provide them, pkhonor is so poorly coded that i manually have to add every single one.
  12. fryslan

    Rant about the staff

    Lol you only joined since March how can you even say something about parabot and @JKetelaar, we have been developing parabot for years now, you punk dont know anything about what happens on parabot so please STFU and leave. We don't need kids trolling like you in our community.
  13. fryslan

    Rant about the staff

    All i have to say is that '''we' (The staff) all have our lives besides Parabot, you clearly have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. If you not satisfied with how things are being done on the forums then please leave.
  14. fryslan

    FPestControl $5.99

    if someone can provide these other spec eapons ill add them.
  15. fryslan

    FPestControl $5.99

    Thanks to @JKetelaar Dynamic signatures are fully working