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  1. iTunes

    Dreamscape Ironman instance runner

    Will take a look at it today, can any of you guys msg me on slack please?
  2. iTunes

    Any requests?

    I would have to check out the difficulty on DS... Not sure what an instance is and barrows not sure about armour and stuff..
  3. iTunes

    Any requests?

    Anyone got any requests?
  4. iTunes

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Woodcutter

    So when you open up parabot and load DreamScape it doesn't show up in scripts?
  5. iTunes

    Dreamscape update

    It'll be in it when you download parabot, it's always in there 😛
  6. iTunes

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    Nice 50k tokens, must have some good gear then... @OMGWTFISTHIS
  7. iTunes

    rocktail food id

    Debug > Inventory After that the id will pop up when you have the item in your inventory.
  8. iTunes

    PKH is out of date.

    @SawSweg When the server get's hooked...
  9. iTunes

    Dreamscape RSPS Bot

    It is still working for me?.... Have you deleted your cache?
  10. iTunes

    Dreamscape lagg

    Updating/upgrading java to 64 bit solves the problem for me aswell!! Thanks @Skillyh
  11. iTunes

    Dreamscape Killingbot

    So your goals for this is only to reach max combat the quickest possible?
  12. iTunes

    [Dreamscape Request] Mithril Seeds Clicker/Bot

    Well the problem is in order for me to create a script for a extreme+ feature I would need an extreme+ account to create and test the script...
  13. iTunes

    [Dreamscape Request] Mithril Seeds Clicker/Bot

    As I have mentioned on slack :p I'll be looking into it the next couple of days... Had a 'fairly' busy weekend lmao
  14. iTunes

    [Dreamscape Request] Mithril Seeds Clicker/Bot

    Can you PM me on slack or discord: PintjesBier#7162
  15. iTunes

    NPC ID on a mac

    What program do you use? Because I don't think they're talking about the real windows CMD... In inteliji there a built in CMD...