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  1. bitch, u fat ❤️

    1. EmmaStone


      Bitch please go play paintball.

  2. When did you ever get unbanned you little cunt
  3. Wishy

    Long tiem no c

    Hai. Long tiem no c everybodie. @Lord @JKetelaar I still love u guis
  4. As title states, Cheaper is better, must work. If it stops working you must refund me in full Cheers
  5. Wishy

    Im not dead. RIP

    Not sure to be honest A lot of Alcohol has corrupted the last few brain cells i still have.
  6. Wishy

    Im not dead. RIP

    As the title states. Im not dead So lets have a party tldr; im busy right now in life
  7. Hey Everyone Just to let you know PkHonor has been updated! Clear your cache and get ready to bot! Regards The Parabot Staff Team
  8. Wishy

    Pkhonor needs update?

    Perhaps this is why. ill chase it up -Wishy
  9. Wishy

    Pkhonor needs update?

    Hi there. What Parabot version are you currently using?
  10. Wishy

    Help with bot please

    Hi there. Can you tell me what you have purchased? As our bot is free for anyone to use. -Wishy
  11. Wishy


    Who even r u kid? Ellloooo
  12. Deleted Files due to security reasons. Please re upload via GIT
  13. Now this is strange. There must be some code within the client searching through your files. Perhaps there is more files than you first thought?
  14. If you are using windows. Open it using CMD. Then if there is any errors they will be within the CMD
  15. Wouldnt it be worth grabbing all spawned Randoms ID codes? E.g. Genie had however many but there are only 2 within PKH. One thats an actual random and one thats a legit forced that a mod will be with (normally invis) Just a thought. If this is completely wrong. Ignore it
  16. Wishy

    Banned on pkh, help pls!

    Sorry for a late reply. As Scriptss said its a file ban over 3 files. You just need to locate these. I cant remember what theyre called.
  17. Wishy

    Banned on pkh, help pls!

    When this happened to me i ran through Sandbox once and used a vpn at the same time and changed my mac. Logged in no bother. Then i restarted my pc and ran it like normal no probs.
  18. You got me as a tester. Just need to figure out how to run it on Mac lel.
  19. Please use the correct account selling format.
  20. Wishy

    Anyone go to the gym

    No lol. I meant im supprised they let me deadift with a bad back
  21. Wishy

    Anyone go to the gym

    Was already in a relationship with her lol.
  22. Wishy

    Anyone go to the gym

    Fell down old stone stairs in Edinburgh. 45 stairs... Moral of the story: Do not drink and try to run down stairs
  23. Wishy

    Anyone go to the gym

    Cant do squats. Due to a back injury. Physio offered me a compromise. Get rid of squats or deadlift and i got rid of squats. Before i was doing only 100kg for 6 reps 3 sets. And that was horrible. Been told that in 12 weeks i should be able to squat again. Fuck knows why they even let me deadlift
  24. Wishy

    Anyone go to the gym

    For example, bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman is featured in videos wherein he leg presses 2,300 pounds (1,043 kg) for a full eight repetitions. World recordholder William Silva has leg pressed 1,000 pounds 60 repetitions in 1 minute unequipped. You where saying? But i forgot you know exactly who i am and how i work out. If you want me to be precise its actually 431 kg. Including the weight of the machine. Also head over to google and type in "400Kg Leg Press" you fud
  25. Can you PM me all the details! Including Transaction ID
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