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  1. Anyone know of any good runique money making guides or methods? i would greatly appreciate the methods and if you want to privately tell me, pm me your Skype. If you don't want tot give it for free, i will pay if its a good one. Will discuss on Skype, so leave Skype name or pm me it. Thank you
  2. buying all runique gold post your skypes and rates as well, will get moderator on here to mm of course unless you're trusted
  3. I can test out, can run on multiple accounts and computers to test out everything thoroughly. pm me if i can test
  4. @Wishy has @JKetelaar been on to talk about this?
  5. you should release an npc fighter for now until you find a good money making method, doesnt have to loot just kill any npc and log when admin come @scriptss
  6. wow that blows man @scriptss Know of any other methods at all? like 500m+ an hour?
  7. how it coming along @scriptss
  8. @wishy Thank you. If not sometime in the near future will be fine.
  9. @Wishy has @JKetelaar got back to you at all about this?
  10. Thanks @cyanic, will add you but hope you have the patience to teach me some basics :P
  11. Of course! i was active long time ago then i quit playing private servers and now I'm back @Wishy I need to try and learn the basic of coding as well so i can be more of a help to the community
  12. I only got to use it but one day because i bought @scriptss voting bot and i ran it for a day and they runique voting went down for weeks. I tried running the lord killer bot and it wouldn't work so i could not run any bots on runique. Then the server updated 2 or 3 times and took atleast a week+ each time to get fixed. I am not complaining and i would not like a reimbursement for another month of vip but instead i was wondering if i could buy sponsor for $35 and use that $10 i never got to use but for a day towards sponsor. So when runique updates or bots don't work i won't have to keep buying VIP or getting another month for free, instead i would have VIP forever. I hope you can take this into consideration @JKetelaar Thanks for your time P.S. I did not know where to post this, so sorry if it is in wrong forum
  13. so releasing your other bot? @scriptss
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