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  1. scriptss need help? getting fields/methods? Give me Hooks.xml No change on it
  2. they are using interface on inventory they make it very nice to check bots lol hmm i think if this interface is on bot should relogin to off it try it maybe it will works
  3. Hmm Maybe it interact menu like that Menu.sendAction(id, action1, action2, action3);
  4. why every thing invisible? characters ?
  5. Welcome the mentalist have fun!
  6. deva

    Interface Help(?)

    i can help u if u want pm me in forums
  7. deva

    Won't withdraw from the bank

    hmm You should make item in the top of bank it will work in first line or second
  8. deva

    Paint wont add variables

    hi no one know it??!?!?! watch Paintable And You should add it like this: extends Script implements Paintable, MessageListener to let bot check messages
  9. Hmm.., maybe u shoud add boolean so that can help u to tell bot when drop or chop, and about skype pm me your account so i can add you Or use teamviewer easier
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