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  1. LOL didnt even notice that it was there tbh :P
  2. lol......myturtles is super sexy is misleading o.o
  3. myturtles

    Blank Map On Runique

    Try this tutorial:
  4. myturtles

    PkH Premium Skillzone Bar Maker

    Could someone possibly make this? A bar maker here would be incredibly useful due to the distance from the furnace and the bank! :D @Capslock @[email protected] @Lord @Kozs
  5. myturtles

    PkHonor Update "Temp Fix"

    use a vpn such as cyberghost since it is free :p
  6. myturtles

    PkHonor Update "Temp Fix"

    Mate...that is a ipban :l I was wronly ipbanned today its self :C I am unbanned now but that is what an ipban looks like :l
  7. myturtles

    PkHonor Update "Temp Fix"

    just reply here if you can login with a reg pk honor client
  8. myturtles

    PkHonor Update "Temp Fix"

    Thats the parabot client, i mean like the legit pkhonor client lol, have you been banned or ipbanned on any accounts before...that is what causes this :L
  9. myturtles

    PkHonor Update "Temp Fix"

    Yes their client and hit the "prntsr" button on your computer then go to imgur.com and hit the keys "ctrl and v" at the same time.
  10. myturtles

    PkHonor Update "Temp Fix"

    Can you hmu with a screen shot? Can you login with the regular client?
  11. myturtles

    PkHonor Update "Temp Fix"

    When you open the client, top left corner click: File-Network Get a proxy fro below: http://proxylist.hidemyass.com/
  12. myturtles

    PkHonor Update "Temp Fix"

    Try changing the mac address or running a proxy, that normally comes up when you are ip banned :P
  13. myturtles

    A joke?

  14. myturtles

    PkHonor Update "Temp Fix"

    Ahhhh :P that was my 2nd thought ;P