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  1. How do you bot on it? when i load parabot it says client needs updating?
  2. Question, How do you even get elkoy client to load in parabot? Mine keeps saying client has been updated
  3. Hi, i am selling an origin account. The games that it has is: battle 1942, battlefield 3, battlefield 4, dead space, deadspace 2, dragon age origins, fifa 14, fifa world, reckon 2, mass effect, mass effect 2, mass effect 3, medal of honor, medal of honor warefighter, mirrors edge, need for speed the run, need for speed world, sim city 2000 special edition, syndicate, theme hospital, and wing commander III Its well over $200 in games. I accept IKOV GP or CSGO Items OFFER PLEASE! thanks!
  4. ohhworddd

    iKov bot logs out

    How are you even botting? Isn't the bot not working ?
  5. Ghost-Mouse doesn't have a loop option..
  6. title says it, i need a ghost mouse that doesn't have a virus and can be played on loop.
  7. ​Too late, im ip banned.
  8. Looking for $3.00 Cannot take pictures as i'm ip banned. It is level 107 or something 99 thieving and everything else 1 except combat. Will be using MM unless 10+ feedback.
  9. 300m isn't fairly slow.
  10. ohhworddd

    [Ikov] Ip Banned

    Can anyone help me? I'm trying to figure out how i can change my IP without using a proxy or VPN to get unip'd.. Thanks!
  11. Same is happening to me! ​I dont understand, i spoofed my mac address and it still is happening?
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