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  1. Go to File and Disable Dialog, to enable clicking just enable dialog. It's a java issue with MacOs.
  2. EmmaStone

    fix update dreamscape

    Clear your cache.
  3. Depends... I used to get 10-15 ish when I botted this. Don't know at the moment.
  4. Should be fixed! Sorry for the delay been busy.
  5. Should be fixed, pushed the update 13 minutes ago!
  6. Script now teleports to ::wc instead of relogging. Appreciate the feedback!
  7. Might be caused to due to excessive amount of login requests being sent to the server. Pretty sure that would be a server sided issue and nothing I could do until they fix the respawning of trees 😕 Thank you for your feedback though!
  8. This script is free, there should be an option to add the script not buy it.
  9. Can you give more information about the issue? What server are you running, can you show a cmd log, what's your java version.
  10. You're the only one complaing about this issue, I've ran the script for 2 hours without any issues. Can you try running with -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M to limit the memory usage of Parabot & Dreamscape, I'm already giving 15 seconds of delay which should be plenty for most modern computers.
  11. I'll be adding sponsor support once I get hold of a sponsor account. At the moment the script only supports the regular area.
  12. Should be fixed, and not really as it's faster to just relog than to teleport really.
  13. Script should now relog when out of trees, thank you for your feedback! Also according to some sources this is a bug, if this gets fixed please post on the forums so that I can remove the relogging code.
  14. Should be fixed! Also make sure you don't select "Auto Progression" since it will change the ore depending on your level.
  15. EmmaStone

    Prayer Points

    /** * Reads the Prayer Interface message to get current points * * @author Emmastone * @return the amount of prayer points */ public int getPrayer() { String prayer = Interfaces.getInterface(687).getMessage().substring(0, 2); if (prayer.contains("/")) { return Integer.parseInt(prayer.substring(0, 1)); } else { return Integer.parseInt(prayer); } }
  16. Added both items to the drop list so they now will be dropped.
  17. You can get a ring that's worth 20q+? Not to meantion Row(i) that's super common...
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