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  1. boststin

    Client is laggy

    Dreamscape's client uses a lot of memory, Try increasing the amount of memory you allow the client to use. @daddyt
  2. boststin

    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    Got my first ban today, Using this script. Only hit 5 out of 13 accounts though :) That 150 thieving did look good tho :(
  3. boststin

    Common Dreamscape issues

    Thanks @Lord! This will help with the thread-spam.
  4. boststin

    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    Get somebody to buy it for you for in game items..
  5. boststin

    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    Already made 30k 1b Tickets off it, Pretty clean script.
  6. boststin

    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    Ahhh, Yes. All it said was "Buy". Didnt know you click that again to add. Thank you!.
  7. boststin

    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    Bought this but doesnt show up in my scripts. I've p'med you :)