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  1. before

    Roat pkz

    +1, ScriptFactory is compatible with it so we could have scripts
  2. I definitely feel you on the inadequate guide thing 😕. Hooking servers is a super tedious and burnout process, so after doing it and it's fresh in your mind it's hard to then go write a guide.
  3. It's possible to add. This thread is a request to the demigods who are capable so we can all bot and squeal like 13yr old kids.
  4. Learn scripting or don't, but I'll make ScriptFactory available for it and you'll be able to create tons of scripts & exploits for free
  5. It used to be added, but died out. Server has been popping lately, could be a lot of fun to bot.
  6. RuntimeException: This means there was an issue with the actual client.jar you loaded ---- java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to parse hooks java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: InputStream cannot be null This error is caused by your server.json not being able to read your "hooks" correctly. Two solutions: 1. Make sure you can open the hooks file by full path, in your browser: "hooks": "file://home/user/path_to_hook_file.xml" 2. Use a pastebin URL for your "hooks" ----- More to come!
  7. Requirements: - Basic ScriptFactory knowledge - Kate or Notepad++ Step 1: Go to https://explv.github.io Step 2: Click the "Path tool": Step 3: Start clicking around for your path - try to keep each step 10-20 squares max (most servers can handle 40+, but this allows for it to recover in case of error): Step 4: Open Kate/Notepad++ and paste it in Step 5: Do a Find and Replace and switch " new Position" (note all 4 spaces!) with "Walk-to": Step 6: Do another Find and Replace to get rid of all spaces: Final step: Replace all closing bracket commas ")," with a closing bracket ")" (so that we get rid of the last comma). Then you should have a code snippet that looks like: ``` Walk-to(3224,3217,0) Walk-to(3233,3216,0) Walk-to(3235,3221,0) Walk-to(3235,3226,0) Walk-to(3241,3225,0) Walk-to(3246,3225,0) Walk-to(3252,3226,0) Walk-to(3257,3226,0) Walk-to(3258,3229,0) Walk-to(3258,3231,0) Walk-to(3259,3236,0) Walk-to(3260,3243,0) Walk-to(3256,3244,0) Walk-to(3253,3247,0) Walk-to(3250,3255,0) Walk-to(3250,3261,0) ``` Paste this into your ScriptFactory script and Voila! This was used to generate paths from Lumbridge to Tree Gnome Village in the Agility script.
  8. Parabot might be eligible as a non-profit from Globee, and be able to get 0% commission: https://globee.com/pricing This is probably the best option, since the money can be withdrawn without cryptocurrency involved. It makes it super easy for people who aren't 18/don't have Paypal/don't want extortionate fees to pay and has no real affect in how Parabot conducts business. But mainly, it's a much cheaper alternative. Thoughts?
  9. Source: https://github.com/dginovker/Parabot/blob/master/IpChecker/src/Core.java Images: It also logs the IP to paint and terminal, but I can't take a screenshot of that since my paint is broken. If compiling locally, you can change the IPs by modifying these lines here: https://github.com/dginovker/Parabot/commit/eaa4290345ce5e05e2e48bf72dd3e0566c19ac77 BDN pls 🙂 ?
  10. Yeah pretty easily. Next release I'll include a bunch of scripts like that too.
  11. Update: Fairly large update coming soon. 1.2 brings a lot of changes. Stay tuned 🙂 Hello everyone! Welcome to my first release of Script Factory - a program that will help you create your own custom scripts, so you don't have to rely on scripters to do it for you! This is greatly ideal for new servers and people who don't know how to code. After a couple rounds of testing, it will hopefully be released to the BDN so you don't have to know how to compile either! How to use: Compile: https://github.com/dginovker/Parabot/tree/master/ScriptFactory Load: Details: This is your scripting consolely thing. Down the middle, you have the 3 main buttons: Add Action Begin If-Action End If-Block Short tutorial: A login script Hi
  12. Can we get a relay to discord :d
  13. Source code: https://github.com/dginovker/Parabot/tree/master/Simple Fighter It's very minimal. Find the id of the npc you wish to attack and fill it in the first textbox. If the attack option of the NPC is not first, enter which one it is in the second field (i.e. 2 if it's the second). Images: (same image https://i.imgur.com/5HZ8nNO.png) I'll probably make at least the GUI better at some point, but yeah it's "functional" right now so enjoy it for those who need it.
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