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  1. Long time no see, what servers are currently working? 😁

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  2. Fuck off you little shit stain, if he wants a refund he'll request one, I didn't realise you were his mother who speaks on behalf of him. Last thing I want is moderator because I'd have to deal with people like you lmao
  3. Parabot is currently outdated on all servers, you'll have to wait for Lord to finish his exams before he fixes anything. Just have to be patient :)
  4. Werkit


    I don't have OS-Scape on my launcher, and I just tried dreamscape and it doesn't get past "Downloading: org/apache/commons/lang3/tuple/Pair.class".
  5. Werkit


    All current servers on Parabot are down. Lord has been busy and will begin updating the servers in the next month or 2, so just be patient and wait for Lord to finish his internship so he can dedicate some time to re-hooking the servers for everyone.
  6. Werkit

    Mahogany Planks

    It's alright, still made around 4b using your script
  7. Script has been working perfectly fine for me so far, nice work
  8. Werkit

    Mahogany Planks

    Yeah, I use it all the time now haha, you and Kush are the only devs I use scripts from :P Yeah, I hope they rise bc with your script im bringing in around 4.5k logs an hour which is ridiculous
  9. Werkit

    Mahogany Planks

    Well I currently use your Woodcutting script to get the logs, then Kush's to make the planks, you guys made my life much easier ;) But yeah, prices are crashing hard by the looks of it, hopefully they stabalise themselves somehwere in the 120-150k mark atleast
  10. Werkit

    Mahogany Planks

    Prices currently crashing? A week ago they were 200k apparently, currently just sold 8k of them at 120k each, yeserday they were at around 95k each. Kush's script is doing crazy things to the plank prices
  11. Script works flawlessly in POH with Mahog's, cheers for the help yesterday too Kush.
  12. Does this script have an anti-mod/admin feature implemented in it at all?
  13. If they actually pull this off it'll be interesting to see how it goes for them, wait until the playerbase realises that there has been no updates other than "We changed some shops around and added customs".
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