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  1. A couple quick comments to improve your code: Use constants. They are a life saver when it comes to updating code. The Timer class will do the formatting for runtime for you. Activate should not always return true Other than that, looks pretty decent for a first script.
  2. Kmodos

    Mims7099 pkhonor

    I would prefer not to release names as they are still active and staff.
  3. Kmodos

    Mims7099 pkhonor

    I have written scripts for some staff as well. They are corrupt as fuck
  4. Considering the Parabot DeviousPK client is broken, it probably won't happen.
  5. Again another leeched script with no credits. Credits should go to MinecraftFTW for
  6. Well, I feel like a complete ass. The fix to the error was sitting right under my nose the entire time. GG. I just uploaded the fix to the SDN and it should compile soon. I apologize for any inconvenience.
  7. Lol. I honestly could not figure out what the hell the issue is atm. Im getting some random error with no stacktrace leading back to my code EDIT: Holy shit, I just found it. Turns out some old hooks broke and I misread some info on the stacktrace. Uploading to the SDN ASAP
  8. Would anyone be interested in an Ikov AIO Hunter? Would support 1-5 traps based on level, all working creatures. It would not be free though. Either monthy payment or 1 time fee.
  9. No, you can use them on any tab. IE, you can alch from the invy.
  10. Lol, selling a script with what appears to be no DRM, hope you enjoy having it leaked in like a week.
  11. Maybe you should at least credit him in more than the comments you were too lazy to change. You did almost nothing to this script yet are taking all credit.
  12. I was made aware of this today and will work to resolve it tomorrow as there were unforeseen difficulties.
  13. It is barehanded only, the TilePaths are broken atm.
  14. http://www.parabot.org/store/
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