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  1. Diabl0

    Am I missing something?

    Back when I used to code scripts for Parabot, We had the parabot jar in the folder along with a "server" "scripts" etc folder and a run bat file. When I put the new parabot.jar in the folder and click run in dev mode, Only the servers in the "Server" folder show up. which is 1 server. I want to code for Ikov but I cannot find the server download. Am I too high, or am I just doing something wrong?
  2. I used to write scripts for Parabot had script rank and everything lol. I am downloading Eclipse because I was about to make some Private Ikov Scripts for myself. If you are wanting one, I will make somethin.
  3. Well, If you were going to do one for premium. Just release your for premium. Don't combine them, because when the script gets too big it will bog the bot down. I like skill's script, because it is not going to be just premium. Not everybody has premium maestro, you gotta think about those people too.
  4. I have one made, but I will not be releasing it. I get around 800 pc points in about 1 1/2 - 2 hours if there is a decent amount of people there. I may end up releasing it sometime.
  5. Download the PkHonor api and put it in the servers folder. Make sure you have the run.bat. PkHonor will show up.
  6. Diabl0


    Well, Welcome to Parabot, glad to see new members every day
  7. Adding this into activate Npc[] sandwichLady = Npcs.getNearest(3117); if(sandwichLady[0] != null) { if (sandwichLady[0].isOnScreen()); && sandwichLady[0].distanceTo() <= 5 && sandwichLady[0].getDisplayedText().contains)) } Adding this into execute Npc[] sandwichLady = Npcs.getNearest(3117); if(sandwichLady[0] != null) { sandwichLady[0].interact("Talk"); }
  8. Diabl0

    importing the parabot jar

    http://www.parabot.org/community/topic/4951-ultimate-guide-to-running-parabot/ There is already a guide, just look up the section "Eclipse and Parabot"
  9. Diabl0

    Random Crashing

    I figured it out, I meant to post that a while ago
  10. Lmao, Hmm, That looks really similar to the one I made today and sent to Paradox.
  11. 1. Begin VB.Form = Tells you right there it is VB.Form Meaning it is Visual Basic 2. Yes it should 3. It is compiling, it is just not compiling to an EXE. You have to compile it as an EXE and not a project. Through the projects tab at the top, or Build Tab EDIT: If you google Visual Basic06, it will allow you to open the Form1.frm and the Main.frm. Allowing you to actually compile it as an EXE via through VB.
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