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  1. 143kk

    Dreamscape Updated

    Hey Parabot community. Dreamscape has had an update and needs to be updated within Parabot. Just a heads up!!
  2. 143kk

    Does this still work?

    Not currently i have messaged an admin about it needing to be updated tho
  3. 143kk

    Does this still work?

    It is, Dreamscape just had a recent update and it needs to be updated within Parabot itself.
  4. 143kk

    LordKilling Pro

    @Lord Same here
  5. 143kk

    Diglet help

    I am, it just spawns out of reach. You have to walk around to find it. Which LordPro doesn't do. Maybe a Diglet script?
  6. 143kk

    Server: runex

  7. 143kk

    Server: Zamorak

    Server name: Zamorak Server URL: https://zamorak.net/ Direct client URL: http://zamorakfiles.net/downloads/ZamorakClient.jar Average amount of playing: 100+ A good reason to add it: It's a pretty big server, active community, pretty rare drop rate tables and it'd be helpful to have a bot for people who have to work quite a bit.
  8. 143kk

    AIO Voldermort

    They fixed voldemort safespots. It keeps moving back and forth and doesnt attack. keeps saying spot failed
  9. 143kk

    UFOS VoldemortFarmer

    Could someone help me get this compiled so i can use it? Would really appreciate it :)