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  1. Sowwee. We IPBanned Kory for a similar reason. He was unbanned after he removed every one of his bots/bot scripts from other websites.
  2. Eater

    CTRL+V Game

    1392736643 Trade logs..
  3. Logically speaking, if you're not AFKing, we can't catch you botting anyways. You would be able to respond and prove that you are there, giving us no reason to investigate further.
  4. Not if you're using ::invisible. The Staff command is not the same as how honors do it; we are completely undetectable if we're invisible. The only way to see us is if we reappear, or a higher rank does ::unhide on us. Essentially what is done for the staff command.
  5. Well I can't tell you exactly (or else It'd be harder for me to catch bots). But basically, there's a simple way around this for moderators.
  6. Not as effective of a script as you would think.
  7. Where have you seen me before?
  8. Hey guys, I'm Eater. If you recognize my name from somewhere, yes, I am that guy. If not, here I am. I'll be in and out, I might post in the graphics section now and then. Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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