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  1. But in reality it takes 5 minutes xD
  2. Hey ParaBot, I don't know if any of you own modded PlayStation 3 consoles or anything, but recently I have been working a lot with Java, and found out that the new CCAPI (Console Control via VSH SPRX) added a hidden REST hybrid on the PS3 side, allowing us to send commands from our local network. Knowing this, I created a library for Java that utilizes the API and allows PS3 modders to mod multi-platform now. Before, PS3 programs were basically locked to Windows based operating systems (with full optimization) due to the use of C# and C++. Anyways, I put the lib on GitHub, and wanted to share it here just in case there is something in the source that you can use in other projects. jCCAPI on GitHub I also created an Android app using this library for modding BattleField 4, here is a screenshot of it:
  3. I apologize for the inconvenience some have caused you guys. I know the feeling.
  4. Thanks man, appreciate it.
  5. Hold on, ill give it a try. My client doesn't freeze, it just doesn't print anything to console. Weird.
  6. Everything except SceneObjects form what I saw works fine.
  7. Hey guys, I tried to use debug objects and I got an error, I tried writing my own debug and came to the conclusion that all SceneObject functions in the api seem to be broken on GrinderScape. Just thought i'd let you know.
  8. Good news! No rush though man.
  9. ZeroBot

    Money making methods

    What store do you sell them to?
  10. Title says it all; Been looking for this for a while since I need it for a script I am working on. I am unsure of how to use the Reflection explorer to find things like this, so any help would be appreciated :)
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