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  1. Bears


    Bump edit: RIP lifetime sponsor title
  2. Added to the list :') I'll message you on Skype/slack about it when I upload it Please message me, need Skype or some form of contact
  3. I know, this isn't pkhonor specific, it's to be compatible with every server supported under the current API Why thank you <3
  4. Ill have another look, but I'm 99% sure it's a no ;) Meh I have no plans on adding minigames at the minute as they're generally not required for max cape.. Maybe in a completionist cape version in the future :')
  5. Actually I looked at making a jad script before started this, but on pkhonor it turned out to be all 64 waves like real runescape, so I was instantly put off..:(
  6. Hopefully it'll bring a lease of life back to this place.. any suggestions?
  7. bAIO Parabots First Max Cape Script - by Bears Design solely around PKHonor, Yet working on every server! No need to ever suggest anymore scripts, this provides EVERYTHING! Script Currently Supports AIO Combat - Any NPC's (Several at once), Prayer, Eating, Looting AIO Prayer - Burying & Using on Altar AIO Magic - High Alchemy AIO Runecrafting - All Altars AIO Thieving - All Stalls AIO Mining - All Rocks - Banking/Powermining AIO Fishing - All Fish - Banking/Powerfishing AIO Woodcutting - All Trees - Banking/Powerchopping AIO Herblore - Finishing ALL potions, Making ALL (unf)'s, Cleaning ALL herbs AIO Crafting - All Gems - Banking/Buying from X Npc AIO Fletching - Headless Arrows, Tipping Headless Arrows, Tipping Bolts, Shortbows/Longbows (All Logs) AIO Cooking - All Food AIO Smithing - ALL Smithables, All Bars, Supports X Coal used with certain Ores Agility - Spam Clicking Obstacles Only (for now!) Hunter - Implings & Butterflys only AIO Construction - All Buildable Objects - Butler Banking To-do List: AIO Firemaking - All Logs - Several Set Locations AIO Farming - All HERB Seeds/Patches Other - Auto Clicker/Auto Typer/Shop Buyer - Suggestions? Script GUI Script Specific Data/Colours Currently looking for 3x dedicated testers for BETA BDN access, Please apply in the comments... #1: Wishy #2:............................... #3:...............................
  8. Bears

    Server Request

    Server name: OS-Scape Server URL: http://os-scape.com/ Direct client URL: http://os-scape.com/launcher.jar Average amount of playing: 300-500 A good reason to add it: Stable playerbase/Server & it'll tempt me to comeback/make scripts + Yu Luf Me <3
  9. Nah it's an API change since i last used it, considering the errors being thrown are on pieces of error-less code from around 4 months ago?
  10. Nah you're just shit at scripting.
  11. I'm not releasing the source yet, Worked to long on this
  12. Opening a Middleman Thread. Post below if you need me.
  13. Releasing a small GrinderScape Cheat Client, Just the simple things, Semi-Noclip, wildy bugs, Just the simple things. Enjoy :)
  14. My profile picture is just for you mate <3

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      where is mine? :'(

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      Link me a pic bae.

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