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  1. Added to the list :') I'll message you on Skype/slack about it when I upload it Please message me, need Skype or some form of contact
  2. I know, this isn't pkhonor specific, it's to be compatible with every server supported under the current API Why thank you <3
  3. Ill have another look, but I'm 99% sure it's a no ;) Meh I have no plans on adding minigames at the minute as they're generally not required for max cape.. Maybe in a completionist cape version in the future :')
  4. Actually I looked at making a jad script before started this, but on pkhonor it turned out to be all 64 waves like real runescape, so I was instantly put off..:(
  5. Hopefully it'll bring a lease of life back to this place.. any suggestions?
  6. bAIO Parabots First Max Cape Script - by Bears Design solely around PKHonor, Yet working on every server! No need to ever suggest anymore scripts, this provides EVERYTHING! Script Currently Supports AIO Combat - Any NPC's (Several at once), Prayer, Eating, Looting AIO Prayer - Burying & Using on Altar AIO Magic - High Alchemy AIO Runecrafting - All Altars AIO Thieving - All Stalls AIO Mining - All Rocks - Banking/Powermining AIO Fishing - All Fish - Banking/Powerfishing AIO Woodcutting - All Trees - Banking/Powerchopping AIO Herblore - Finishing ALL potions, Making ALL (unf)'s, Cleaning ALL herbs AIO Crafting - All Gems - Banking/Buying from X Npc AIO Fletching - Headless Arrows, Tipping Headless Arrows, Tipping Bolts, Shortbows/Longbows (All Logs) AIO Cooking - All Food AIO Smithing - ALL Smithables, All Bars, Supports X Coal used with certain Ores Agility - Spam Clicking Obstacles Only (for now!) Hunter - Implings & Butterflys only AIO Construction - All Buildable Objects - Butler Banking To-do List: AIO Firemaking - All Logs - Several Set Locations AIO Farming - All HERB Seeds/Patches Other - Auto Clicker/Auto Typer/Shop Buyer - Suggestions? Script GUI Script Specific Data/Colours Currently looking for 3x dedicated testers for BETA BDN access, Please apply in the comments... #1: Wishy #2:............................... #3:...............................
  7. Bears

    Crandor Outdated

    Update pls
  8. Bears

    Server Request

    Server name: OS-Scape Server URL: http://os-scape.com/ Direct client URL: http://os-scape.com/launcher.jar Average amount of playing: 300-500 A good reason to add it: Stable playerbase/Server & it'll tempt me to comeback/make scripts + Yu Luf Me <3
  9. Bears

    Game.isLoggedIn() broken? maybe idk

    Nah it's an API change since i last used it, considering the errors being thrown are on pieces of error-less code from around 4 months ago?
  10. Bears

    Game.isLoggedIn() broken? maybe idk

    Nah you're just shit at scripting.
  11. Bears

    GrinderScape CheatClient

    I'm not releasing the source yet, Worked to long on this
  12. Opening a Middleman Thread. Post below if you need me.
  13. Bears

    GrinderScape CheatClient

    Releasing a small GrinderScape Cheat Client, Just the simple things, Semi-Noclip, wildy bugs, Just the simple things. Enjoy :)
  14. My profile picture is just for you mate <3

    1. Lord


      where is mine? :'(

    2. EmmaStone


      Link me a pic bae.

  15. Bears

    Who's Excited!?

    Get out of this.