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  1. Lucky_Star

    Hello J

    Don't use the internet enough to do that tbh
  2. Lucky_Star

    Hello J

    Miss you and love you BB
  3. Lucky_Star


    Two things stand out here: 1.) How the fuck are you dumb enough that you actually got into the dispute process and need him to shut it down? 2.) Why the fuck are we allowing encouragement of illegal activities.
  4. Lucky_Star

    So is this random

    I do prefer ex-admin, if only sponsors were allowed to change their own. Luckily enough I only did a short lived stint as dispute mod because I was needed at the time and was requested too. I have more important things to do in life than site around on a private server forum and circle jerk about my mod rank.
  5. Lucky_Star

    Store disabled [Read before buying a script]

    Time for some check holdings boyssss.
  6. Lucky_Star

    So is this random

    How hostile. I guess your mouth would be dirtied by all the cum it's taken while polishing some cock.
  7. Lucky_Star

    So is this random

    Wait, did Wishy finally perfect his dick polishing skills?
  8. Lucky_Star

    Why do you bot?

    Botting is against my religion.
  9. Lucky_Star

    What just happened #raped #2006scape

    Paradox goes balls deep on me.
  10. Lucky_Star

    Java 8 & Parabot

    I remember that the last time I checked Apple forced an outdated Java instead of the most up to date on their users. I rather remember Mac users crying about it on PB.
  11. Lucky_Star

    Java 8 & Parabot

    Only if Mac supports Java 8 now.
  12. Lucky_Star

    Me with Paradox

    I would do almost anything for Bae.
  13. Lucky_Star

    paradox is angry

    paradox doesn't even use his damned skype anymore.