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  1. Rah

    what servers work atm

    The client is open source, pick up a book and learn how to do it yourself. No one owes you an update.
  2. Rah


    I signed in just to say, you are mean. Might I suggest http://villavu.com @bigpker
  3. I minimized my client while I was sitting in the bank to type that comment, brought the screen back up, and b&.
  4. I too have been running around on the client, doing misc. things. Still no ban after roughly 20 minutes. Edit: Just got banned, rip. xD
  5. I will gladly test. I think you have my Skype, but if not, I'll send you a PM.
  6. Rah

    BDN down time

    Quit bitching, nobody forced you to purchase anything. In fact, most of the servers provided are FREE to use, meaning the developers spend their own time making this client work. It's just little bit of downtime, not to mention, it's a private server BOT... not like you're playing the servers anyways.
  7. Kept my word, purchased the script. It's running smooth. Is the best way to level from 49 to 91 catching the razor back kebbits?
  8. Will purchase once the bug has been corrected. :D
  9. Rah

    Runique Auto Voter

    I got an idea to get around this garbage update. Bear with me a little... So, the timer for a vote is now 3 minutes. But that 3 minutes is bound to only that account that has originally voted. Why not have a system that would load up a certain set amount of accounts, and when it does one vote, it logs off that account and logs in the next one. That one then votes, logs off and repeat this process until there is no more accounts. Then, have it loop through, and start voting on the first one again. If you still don't understand what I mean, maybe this can help. This example is using 3 accounts. Account 1: Votes, logs out. Account 2: Logs in, votes, logs out. Account 3: Logs in, votes, logs out. - One 'cycle' of voting has been completed, nine left. Account 1: Logs back in, votes, logs out. Account 2: Logs in, votes, logs out. Account 3: Logs in, votes, logs out. - Second 'cycle' of voting has been completed, eight left. Etc.
  10. Rah

    [Crandor] rGloryHole

    Okay, pretty sure any bot on any server will get you banned. PKHonor is fully aware of all the different types of bots that run their server. Like I said, it's something you risk by doing it. The eGloryHole was my mistake, I accidentally fat fingered the post while I was typing it. The exiting shop thing might be due to the random check, but I'm not too sure. I'll try to look into it.
  11. Rah

    [Crandor] rGloryHole

    That's the risk you take when running a bot. It's not a bad idea to babysit.
  12. Rah

    [Crandor] rGloryHole

    UPDATED: Compile the new link provided. Enjoy, once again thank you @agrodon & @EmmaStone for the randoms fix. :) EDIT: Who is paradox @JKetelaar
  13. Rah

    [Crandor] rGloryHole

    Working on an update. Hang tight.
  14. Start in the area with all the shops with only a cash-stack, and a chisel. 63 CRAFTING IS REQUIRED. Report any bugs! Makes a decent amount of cash. I've been running it for about 15 minutes on a fresh account, and I already have 25m+. UPDATE: SOLVES RANDOMS V1.1 http://pastebin.com/k7bUz4ep <- Script link SAVE AS: "rGloryHole.java" CREDITS TO @AGRODON & @EMMASTONE FOR THE RANDOM FIX. <3
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