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  1. ok running 64 bit tried to change file to .bat but keeps as a java file any help freezes on load up at home
  2. thanks man i really appreciate it :) Please let me know how it goes really need one :) Im not looking to sell scripts i just need a rune bar maker lol they had one on bdn but it doesnt work anymore might be beneficial to the community considering rune bar prices are on a rise and are usually always in high demand
  3. Was wondering if anyone had or would be interested in making a pkhonor premium skilling area rune bar maker if so would be very helpful and I appreciate everyones support thanks
  4. rob231k

    Pkhonor needs update?

    Thanks everyone working great now :)
  5. rob231k

    Pkhonor needs update?

    Just wodering if everyone getting this says pkhonor needs update again dont wanna bother anyone just wanna know whats up thanks guys
  6. I load up pkhonor and tells me needs update again is it working for you guys?
  7. I cant seem to load Runique thru parabot it doesnt show in the list of servers upon launch any help please and thank you :)
  8. rob231k

    Help please!

    I dont see runique when loading up parabot in the list of servers any help please and thanks guys :)
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