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  1. Ayo swag demon, by chance will the update include Runique?
  2. Ayo,

    Script Idea- Since we cannot bot anything with npcs, why not make a script that makes pots? Such as making the extreme pots and then making them into overloads? As long as you buy the mats for the pots before botting, it should work as long as you stand next to a bank? And perhaps supporting lower level pots aswell so that people could level up herbalism in order to make overloads. Such as prayer pots.

    1. One Subject

      One Subject

      Talking about Runique.

    2. Lord


      It would be a great idea but unfortunately the inventory and bank don't work at the moment so we can't script sadly.

  3. So runique is not fixed? I know to download the manual one from runique instead of nr. I was wondering if this worked for runique aswell.
  4. What would I rename the folder if I was doing Runique? What would I drag into the runique folder?
  5. Ayo where can I find the tutorial for runique that everyone is saying is yours?

  6. When can we expect for Runique to be back in working order? (No rush tho, you do your thing, swag demon.)

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