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  1. Try what i said with a bash file instead of batch. Gl Best regards Pgag str
  2. Never been on a mac. But you could try to make a notepad document and place this into it. java -jar Myjar_file.jar And replace Myjar_file.jar With the name of the parabot file. Make sure to remove the .jar aswell. Last but not least. Click save as and name the file run.bat and place it next to your parabot file then run the batch file. Let me know if this works. Best regards Pgag str
  3. pgag str

    SpawnPk Gold

    Hello. I got a few hundred bills on spawnpk that i would like to sell for runescape gp. Pm me for more information! Best regards Pgag str
  4. Make a notepad document. Add this. @echo off java -jar -noverify parabot.jar pause click "save as". Name it run.bat and choose "all files" at the file type. Place it at the same folder as ure parabot.jar launcher and make sure parabot is called "Parabot" Not parabot.jar or parabot-2.6.4. Best regards Pgag str
  5. Im looking to buy a few b of pkhonor gold. Add me on skype selner11 or send me a pm here. Best regards Pgag str
  6. 1. Open notepad. 2. In the notepad enter this @echo off java -jar parabot.jar -noverify pause 3. Save it at the same location as the regular client is saved and name this file Run.bat. 4. Rename client from client-2.6.4 to Parabot.jar. 5. Run the Run.bat and everything should be working fine. Best regards Pgag str
  7. Nevermind, still says its outdated. *EDIT* It was the -noverify that made me load the client anyways.
  8. Not sure if i did it right but i addad this to a Batch file " @echo off java -jar -noverify parabot.jar -verbose pause " And ran it then it worked fine lol. *EDIT* Still says the server is outdated.
  9. Hey! My Dreamscape client gets stuck at downloading pom.properties. Another question. When will pkhonor be updated?
  10. pgag str


    When will Pkhonor bot be updated? :) Best regards Pgag str
  11. pgag str

    This song...

    Its actully rly good music Never heard of them before... Thanks for sharing
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